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Altair Club Cars MODERNISING a Land Rover Defender 90 – Part 1

MODERNISING a Land Rover Defender 90 – Part 1

Hey guys and girls! We’re back with another awesome build! This time we’re lifting this Defender into the 21st Century with some modern features and OEM styling to match!

Hello and welcome to juice motors and in today’s episode you’re going to see me fit a sunroof to a defender 90. i’m going to introduce the new build so uh i’ll go back to past sam and uh we’ll show you this build hey guys welcome back to the channel and thank you for joining us again and uh we’ve got another 90. i don’t know what it is but we seem to only get the

90s i know a lot of you say don’t you like one you know 110s we do but um anyway we’ve got another 90 here and this one’s going to be modernizing it now quite similar to the last one you guys saw which was kind of you know modifying it and making it as fast as possible making it look it make it really fresh and good this one’s gonna be more about kind of refinement

And a lot of kind of nice little bits which require a bit of skill so i’m excited to show you one um show you guys about this vehicle and show you what we’re gonna do to it there’s a couple of things that we’re fitting a genuine sunroof so i’m going to basically get the jigsaw and cut a big hole in the roof could ruin it who knows we’ll find out um we’re fitting

Air suspension big brakes big wheels and tires roof rack kind of an adventure overland to style this one but keeping it very factory now this car has been somewhere previously and they’ve done quite a good job on it actually but it’s come here so we can fit the best stuff possible so uh we’ll show you the vehicle now we’re going to get it washed first as well

And then the first thing to do is going to whip out the interior because it’s having a custom interior and i’m gonna drive over to the trimmers take it to be trimmed and uh then that allows tom to do his sound proofing but i know that i love uh a lot of you love to get it washed first so we’re gonna take it go get it washed have a bit of a look around it and then

We’ll start taking out this interior so when ocean’s not about i’ve got to take the position of chasing pheasants i love being on the farm it’s nice noises that’s awful smell but i’ve become accustomed to it i love the smell of this which one of you is a disgusting so okay guys we’ve just come back from the wash and it’s made it look really nice and

Fresh and it’s the perfect base for us to start working on this vehicle so the first thing i’m gonna be doing is whipping out this interior because we’re gonna go over to lucari i’ve got to get going actually so i’m gonna whip out the three-piece dash piece the uh the front two seats and the rear tumble downs get those out i’m gonna whizz over to lucari and drop

Those things off show you what they’ve got i’m sure they’ve got some cool interesting projects and uh let them re-trim i suppose i’m gonna focus on something else for this so let’s whip those out here perfect so that’s all of our seats removed oh not my head on the old hat there that’s all of our seats removed including the three-piece dash kit which is

The speedo cover housing the little uh glove boxy part and the grab handle two front driver seats and the two tumble downs now i’m gonna pop them in the van go straight up to lucari so guys i’ve just got to lucari and these are the guys who supplied the wheels and they’re also going to be re-trimming our whole interior so these wheels are for this build and

We’re going to be picking these up today we’ve gone for the same ratio tire as the last one we just did but we’ve gone for the cooper discovers there’s slightly more aggressive pattern same wheel so we can have our big brakes shining through they can look absolutely amazing we’ve got these seats here the tumble downs are going to be re-trimmed we’re going to have

Like a silver stitch and a nice black leather and in the front we’re selling to lucari they’re going to buy them office and then we’re going to have two buckets each is similar to this but there are some really really cool builds in here some really nice cars that’s a lovely looking one really traditional kind of styled a really cool factory one eight here v8

Looking really really nice nice patina to it all their interiors here looking really smart this is where we get all interiors by the way either here or exmor this really nice sort of olive green one looking very smart nice bronze little touches to it and again all these cars have all the interiors looking absolutely really refreshed lovely unit here wish mine

Was this big maybe one day but uh yeah back to the unit so i’ve been at lucari and their workshop’s massive it made me feel a little bit grim about my unity because he’s twenty thousand square foot just it’s a dream really but we’ll get there we’ll get there i’m sure of it now what’s a bit away the boy’s been quite busy steve came up here steve he’s he sneaked

In here quite he was gone before i got got a chance say hi but he removed all the glass now steve some of you remember he is our tinting man and he’s just an absolute wizard harry so um so he’s removed all the glass and basically we’re going for a nice tint on this vehicle all around come on over tom we’re having a chat over here now please remove the back class

Madman he wasn’t here long no no he was literally smash and grab steve taking out the whole glass he’s taking out all the windows except the sides uh because these ones are bonded so we can do them in situ along with the front two alpine glasses missing come on look at that so all the glasses missing we stripped it it’s ready for tom to do the soundproofing madness

And uh oh making making moves on this one quickly aren’t we yeah well we’re gonna wrap up today and we will see you guys bright and early in the morning okay guys so it’s the next morning and yesterday you saw us watch the car have a look around it we went to lucari saw what those guys are up to uh we took the windows out steve did and tom has fully stripped the

Interior ready for our soundproofing package now it makes sense whilst we got all of this removed to do all the jobs which are going to get in the way of the interior like wiring the summary we’ve got to do we’re going to make a bit of a mess with that so we don’t want it going all over the interior so we sort of categorized it into priority whilst the interior

Is stripped out and we’re going to do all the electricals first because then we can hide all the wiring and then put the carpet on top and it will be hidden away really nice so i then also said whilst the interior is out i should probably cut a big hole in the roof to put the sunroof in there’s a number of ways to do this and you can either unbolt the whole roof

And pull it onto the trestles and do it that way but there’s a lot of previous wiring on this vehicle and i don’t really like getting involved with other people’s work unless we’re totally ripping out and starting again now we’re going to leave the wiring that’s on the roof i don’t want to get involved with it too much now i’m going to climb up on the roof i

Have previously tried to stand on the ramp legs and stuff like that not to kneel on the car but the best honest way to get a proper fit fit and finish is to basically put a load of matting down protect the paintwork and just kneel on the roof it’s a structural roof built for a you know built for weight so providing the load is is split across the roof not gonna

Damage the roof or anything like that and obviously we’ll clean it up after but it’s the best way and i’ve done this multiple times so it is the best way to get a proper cut on the roof so i think the first job of this morning is to start measuring cleaning offer up the sunroof it’s a genuine sunroof and uh basically start getting a massive hole in the roof so i

Think that’s what we’re gonna do we’ll get on with that now and then we’ll see where we end up but we’ll get straight on with that so hey so already done so wow so guys we’ve installed our headliner back in we’ve done this annoying rubber trim which is a little bit of a pain to fit up but everything’s looking absolutely

Perfect we have bonded the glass on sorry we’ve bonded the frame together to the roof because i know that a lot of you are going to say these things like to leak and that’s because the shape of the glass is curved there’s a slow as opposed to the roof which is flat now that bond and obviously a new seal and a brand new summary if this thing shouldn’t be leaking

I know these are prone to leaking but it ends up being about 15 years of course we’re going to water test this but we’d like to let it settle overnight now this looks nothing short of factory perfection we’re really happy with the job and this is really cool the reason i like the genuine ones is because you can kind of put it into party mode if you like you can

Remove these at any point and you can pop them back in as you so please now i think this is a really nice little upgrade for these vehicles and you kind of pop that in there you go back on so you can have a bit of nice little cool drafting it’s not only just obviously having a bit of fresh air above your head as well it’s actually really nice just to have a bit

Of light into the cabin it opens the space up makes it more spacious obviously it does increase the value of the vehicle as well because suddenly you’ve got kind of optional extra fitted and it’s genuine so nobody could ever tell the difference and um oh it’s just lovely really really nicely different so when it’s all closed and watertight we’ve got to make sure

This thing’s watertight as i appreciate these things like delete that’s all done sorted all trimmed up headliner cut to shape looking absolutely perfect and uh well we’ll take it out as well just to make sure everything’s in tip top really nice little features we can flip this thing back kind of weird shape though you kind of need a bit of a fiddle that’s it

See pop that out throw that in the boot you got a nice open top some really fresh air imagine that in kind of cruising down country lane sunny day going to the beach lovely absolutely lovely so guys i think we are going to call get this in there that’s it so guys i think we are going to wrap this episode up here hey guys so i hope you enjoyed this episode we’ve

Obviously introduced you to the build we’ve given the vehicle a whole wash we’ve talked about a little bit we fitted a factory genuine sunroof which looks absolutely amazing and we stripped it out we’ve uh we’ve soundproofed a little bit here and there but i hope you’re enjoying the channel and i hope you’re gonna enjoy this build we’ve got some really cool things

In store for this car i can’t wait to show you guys um please do tell us what you think in the comment section please do like share and don’t forget to subscribe and uh don’t forget to give us a follow on instagram which is juice motors and i’ll see you guys for the next one

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MODERNISING a Land Rover Defender 90! – Part 1 By Juice Motors

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