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Altair Club Cars Modern Motoring – A review of the 2022 Nissan Murano – An oldie but a goodie

Modern Motoring – A review of the 2022 Nissan Murano – An oldie but a goodie

The Nissan Murano is overdue for a new generation but there’s still value to be had in the current one.

And holy what a goodie i’m jay i’m steph and this is modern motoring here we are today in the 2022 nissan murano and why are we driving a car that hasn’t been redesigned since the 2015 model year but you may ask technically i’m not driving right now anyways why are we driving a vehicle that hasn’t been updated since 2015. because for this year nissan is offering

The murano in a midnight edition special edition so yes the fact that there’s a special edition that’s being released now and that we’re being offered this car to drive now so just very strongly that this is the last model you’re in this generation and there’s a new one coming for 2023. maybe 2024 only depending on supply chains right um i think besan has every

Intent to try and get something out as a 2023 but if it’s like a year-long wait to get almost every other car right exactly but for now this is what we’re driving so let’s take a an earnest look at it and think and compare it to the rest of the midsize suv segment and see whether you’re getting your value for your money by choosing the murano uh right off the top

I will say that given that it was last redesigned for the 2015 model year the styling has held up extremely well yeah yeah the exterior looks great with it at all i think it looks just like it looks great it’s got all the curves and it was one of their first vehicles for that new boomerang style um it’ll look good then it looks good now and i think it’s on almost

Every nissan vehicle yeah that’s maybe not the versa note or the verse whatever they came back with for some ridiculous reason yeah i think it looks great it’s got a floating roof thing yeah that’s one of the nicest c-pillar designs in the last 10 years i would say that that floating roof on the murano it’s it’s a really sharp look i’m not you and i have both

Commented through our time driving this this week about the offset handles on the doors and that not being the greatest thing i get it functionality all that kind of stuff but oh come on it’s just like an inch lower yeah i know it’s it’s a bit of a weird detail but um otherwise i think the exterior looks great so this midnight edition comes with 20 inch blacked out

Wheels what do you think wheel guy i think there are too many spokes i like the block i like the overall theme of the midnight edition just blocked out everything in almost every manufacturer has some version of that yeah a little too busy but the bigger wheels fill out the wheel with that the bigger wheels fill out the wheel wells there’s a lot of w’s short version

If you just skip that part it looks really good nice work so when we move inside i think that’s when we find that the styling starts to show its age a little bit um there’s a big sea of plastic right in front of you here now but there’s the curved little part of the inside or just around the edges where it leaves the door i think it’s always look nice i want to

Like the infotainment system because of the nice large screen and the hard touch buttons and the dial smaller things it’s not that large of a screen it’s pretty average standards the way they’ve set it up with the whole assembly it looks so bigger than it is but then we look at the nx which has a 14.1 inch screen which is just almost double the size you’re right

But again it’s also a 2023 model so um the resolution was a little higher on this but the workaround for that for myself is carplay right which is standard wired for both that and android auto but standard nonetheless and so that does go a long way in making this thing more usable than it was when it first came out yeah one thing i don’t like is where the start

Stop button is which is just in front of the gear shift it’s a very heavy traffic hand area in case that didn’t make sense too like it didn’t make sense to me your hands move around there a lot because the hvac steps there and the gear shift’s there yeah and a little slot for your phone holders there so stick it on the column stick it where it’s supposed to be

I’m sure they’ll come up with some kind of solution for that for 2022 sorry 20 20 23 24. this armrest both of our arms could fit on it yes it’s got this nice saw i think it’s leather it probably maybe yeah and i see a cute seated heats heated seats are nicely placed um put to like on your side with the dashboard the steering wheel and uh everything’s good over

Here very like classic nissan but what do you want what do you want the same thing with the instrument cluster it’s you know two two dials in a center screen but there’s nothing wrong with that it works it does everything it’s supposed to do i’ve always liked the big hood i don’t know what the actual name of it is this yeah but um so you don’t get any glare yeah

That is unless the sun is magically reflecting in a dozen different ways yeah and comes on to the dashboard but pretty nice looking interior for me it’s it’s okay like it’s i do find that there’s a big what would you put here well there’s you know in newer vehicles you get some some more layering of material and um where is even the glove box like is it right here

Tucked away ample space yeah um seats seats so this was one of the first vehicles i think to get those zero gravity seats so nissans and they are nice i took this for an 800 kilometer drive to a cottage with some friends this week and uh they held up my one complaint about the seats and this is a consistent complaint that i’ve had with nissan vehicles um is it yes

It’s the middle of summer and i’m using heated seats don’t judge me he does i’m sweating from judging her so yes i use the heated seats even in the summer it’s nice on the back anyway um they’re really inconsistent in this and several other nissan vehicles they feel like they’re not even on and then it’s really hot for about five seconds and then for 10 minutes it

Feels like it’s not on again yeah it’s i would like it to be overall stronger this is a switch with a high and low so two settings and i would like it to be consistently hot or yeah warmer warmer um and to be more consistent in its temperature hold that’s all one thing we haven’t pointed out yet is this midnight edition is based on the sl tram which is one level

Below the platinum so there are a couple things that are missing that are available on that platinum trim one of them being ventilated seats which as we know i’m not a fan of anyway i don’t miss them but there you go the power adjusted steering wheel right but uh my only problem with the seats is the seat bottom is too low i realize it’s a very very me specific thing

Yes but if that was the only thing wrong with the seats don’t care right not at all so we’ve swapped so you can have your turn at the driving impressions before we start i feel very tall there’s no height adjustment on the seat on this side which is weird i did it on the s and the sv but yeah you look very nice up there well thanks anyhow uh driving impressions so

We have a 3.5 liter v6 in this which has 260 horsepower 240 pound-feet of torque peaking at 4400 rpm cvt yeah and we’ll get into more detail in a second but in canada at least standard all-wheel drive i love this thing really it is heavy it is pronounced um not heavy as in sluggish but like you feel the turn and the steering’s still a little heavy so i like and

Maybe because heavy is not supposed to be a selling point for me it is okay for me it is because it’s a very i associate heavy but very sturdy and it’s not light and fluffy uh the over understeer stuff doesn’t exist because it’s just it’s very reliable because it doesn’t stare at all if carlo is going ever listen you want something that’s nice looking that stands

Your design test of time is very easy to drive yeah and you don’t have to rely on all sorts of extra things to make sure you’re doing what you have to do this is okay so you’ve jumped right into your conclusions so let me move my run down and then i’ll jump right into my conclusion and then we can compare notes so yes it is heavy to me that’s not a selling point

I don’t love wrestling a mid-size suv around on the road it’s not my favorite thing to do it’s not necessary supposed to get tickets to the gun show um i think the engine the power is fine for the size of the vehicle even the weight of the vehicle everything gets going fine i’ll stop you there for a second okay because you did almost a thousand kilometers with

This yes how was it from dead stops and then passing powers spots it was completely innocuous like yeah you wouldn’t it’s not it’s not something that you’ve noticed which is a good thing in in the size of car people who buy it at the mid-size suv for the most part they just want it to go right they don’t want to think about it they don’t want to have to thump down

The accelerator they just want it to go and not think too much about it and that this achieves that that’s fine so my downsides are the cbt which is okay as cvts go um it’s they have the d-step in this so that it sort of imitates um yeah an automatic transmission and i suspect that when there is if there is because we haven’t had official confirmation as of when

This is filmed but if there is a next generation they might do what they do with the pathfinder and put in an actual geared transmission yeah yeah just keep throwing numbers out you’ll get it eventually that’s the same one that’s in the frontier right the frontier is 10. what are my days of six-speed transmission anyways yeah so anyway i think they’ll pull from

The platform yeah they most likely will um so there’s that and then the all-wheel drive is fine you don’t have any drive modes or anything to really work with here this it just kind of does its thing which is okay yeah very very period to pacific right to 2015. this is what’s the thing you said about the mazda mx-30 it’s a great car five years ago right currently

We’re averaging 8.7 liters per hundred kilometers which is not as terrible as i thought it might be the actual nrcan numbers for this are 12 liters per hundred kilometers of city driving 8.5 on the highway and 10.4 combined now in 2015 numbers that’s right not too bad in 2022 numbers when you’ve got a toyota venza that is a standard hybrid and when you’ve got a

Hyundai santa fe that has an optional optional hybrid and plug-in hybrid options yeah that’s not cutting it i’m sorry i know it’s really not i know but you saying can’t won’t and they sense had a very long runway as far as releasing the material yeah there was three or four years where nothing was due no that’s true so i think they’re going slowly i think they’ve

Got to dump this engine like they can’t keep it but what are they going to put in it they don’t have anything else i hope there’s something new maybe the bc turbo they want to pull out of that uh qx55 maybe maybe i don’t know i don’t know if i see them yeah like you can’t no we’re losing your car with this there’s a buyer sure who’s very nissan loyal maybe came

Out of a 2015 16 17 murano and was the same thing until something new comes along yeah yeah well and the looks are great they are and and they have held up extremely well yep the driving’s not awful um if you put this against the 2022 anything yeah this will probably be at the bottom of the pile well for me i like the heaviness of it sure my few cents from the guy

Whose first car was a 1987 volvo station wagon i like the weight well and let’s also give kudos to nissan for the fact that in a jd power initial quality study last year the murano won the top award for midsize suvs did they really yes what yeah that counts for something right it’s it’s a nissan good job yeah i love to hear that yeah that’s good so it’s you know

It that counts for something it’s being study reliable um you know just like me yeah there you go it’s me i i am a moreno and i don’t know what it is about mid-sized suvs that they so often have less cargo space than compact suvs i guess they prioritize space for the second row versus space for the cargo which you know because they know their buyer better than we

Do i guess but anyway it’s 908 liters behind the second row in this which is slightly higher than avenza off the top of my head thanks so much for watching our review of the 2022 nissan murano and if you haven’t already please take a moment to hit that bell below and subscribe because we would love to have you be part of our community check us out on social media

As well we’re on all the major platforms and we check every comment and respond as much as we can to everything that you every single yes that you get reach out to us so uh please do and we’d love to hear from you and thanks for watching for watching

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