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Altair Club Cars Model S vs 3 vs X – Tesla Performance DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & TES PENGEREMAN

Model S vs 3 vs X – Tesla Performance DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & TES PENGEREMAN

Untuk penggemar berat mobil listrik… DRAG RACE TESLA! Kami membawa model paling bertenaga dari Model X, Model S dan Model 3, dan mereka akan saling bertarung dalam trek 402 meter! Tentu kalian berpikir pasti Model S yang menang, tapi dengan Model X menghasilkan 795 dk dan torsi 1140 Nm, apakah hasilnya bisa lebih tipis daripada seharusnya?! Kalian harus terus tonton untuk cari tahu!

Hi everyone matt watson here from carlisle so i’ve clearly got a tesla only drag race here for you today one for the tesla fanboys you’re gonna love this now i’ve got the most powerful version of each available tesla model you can buy i’m saying the tesla model x p 100 d dual electric motors 795 horsepower it’s a lot eleven hundred and forty newton meters of

Torque but it does weigh almost two and a half tons next to me is the model three performance my favorite current tesla that has dual electric motors but just 490 horsepower just i say six hundred and sixty newton meters of torque and it weighs just over 1,800 kilos over there in the distance is the tesla model s performance so that’s recently been up rated and it

Now produces 825 horse max mental room it’s dual electric motors also has 1300 newton meters of torque the model s weighs two point two tonnes what i want to do here is just see the performance between the different cars and how it all plays out in a drag race and various other performance testing now before we get into all of that please make sure you subscribe

To this channel hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you alerted when we make a new upload also follow me on instagram at matt watts and cars alright that’s enough of that it’s going with race this model x and the model s have launch control however the model 3 doesn’t doesn’t matter you just brought throttle it goes it’s going to be interesting to

See how these cost perform in the wet obviously they’ve all got all-wheel-drive but they may struggle to put down their power especially the s cuz it’s got the most power ironically this cars weight could actually help it cuz it should push the tires down into the tarmac that 3 gough well so did this x the s struggled i think polished up will retraction now be in

The 3 that s is going now though but this x isn’t too far behind their hides oh that is that and my windscreen wipers good ol funny let’s come off better stop that stop that stop that that was what so then what exactly happened well the tesla model s performance completed the stunning quarter-mile in eleven point four seconds the model x p 100 d took eleven point

Five seconds and the model three performance did eleven point eight seconds interestingly this is the same time we’ve had out of a model three performance in the dry however the model x and model s were a bit slower than the best times we’ve had out of them in the dried clearly the damp conditions meant they weren’t able to take full advantage of their extra power

Off the line now we can have a rolling race from fifty miles an hour i’m gonna count it in three two one go so close but now yes which is more aerodynamic more powerful he’s going i’m not that far ahead of the three but this is like a brick through the air it’s supposed to be aerodynamic but i’ve got a lot wind noise that’s enough for that i think we know what

Happened it went on power surprise the winner here so far is that three if you ask me lowe’s cheaper half the price of the other two pretty much and it’s not far off in terms of performance get level when you get that change of tarmac it’s quite clear to see full emergency stop is the line well the benefit of the light of three is pretty blooming evident right

There isn’t it what i can’t be sure of those weather i beat the s fortune and will again bloody rain do you know what that is too close for me to call click on the pop-up banner up there to vote which you think broke or braked the best i don’t know english attending my first language is it yes or is it the x you decide anyway i really hope you enjoyed this video

Like i say please subscribe this channel now if you’d like to see some videos of my own personal cars my porsche 911 one mazda mx-5 which i was supercharged when a little fiat won 2-6 then click on the pop-up and the tour iron condor screen right now to go to my personal channel now wat some cars thanks

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Model S vs 3 vs X – Tesla Performance DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & TES PENGEREMAN! By carwow Indonesia

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