mod list for my 2019 volkswagen
Altair Club Cars Mod list for my 2019 Volkswagen Jetta Gli 2.0T

Mod list for my 2019 Volkswagen Jetta Gli 2.0T

In today’s video i’m just going over the list of mods and plans I have for my mk7 Jetta Gli!

Go on guys it’s mr. bhushan here aka ellen and i’m back here in the mark 7 gli i gotta make this quick little video anything be quick but you know i mean as you see still enjoying or still loving her i will say i don’t like driving this car up dudes but that’s just me i like my tennis shoes job man’s was the same way with the audi yes she’s still she’s still looking

A little low in the mileage 2265 yes today this video is going to be about the list of mods that i have kind of made ish that i want to do this car and for those of you that stuck around since the audi started getting stuff done to here and if you’re new here that i just want to say you know thank you for clearly on the video if you know if you looking forward to

Seeing some more stuff done to this gli i guess the bright subscribe button so you don’t miss anything anyways yes the audi was the first car i ever did anything to and i don’t want to say i wasn’t knowledgeable i don’t think i did enough research on things the audi uh for those you don’t know the audi has a ko 4 on it 550 cc injectors i think so he’s got a little

Big injectors you know it’s got you know get some nice stuff flowing i’ll say that but not a lot of things to support that so i’m definitely want to do a lot more research on this car before i do this because obviously the 2019 it’s a lot nicer than the audi i mean it is and another thing is the this is the first new car i’ve ever had in the first car i’ve ever had

It even had a warranty on it both white and i guess offers i think they told me it’s like it’s a 70 mm or six year warranty obviously i’m not gonna wait until 70 mm do anything because obviously it’s only got twenty two twenty two thousand two inches five miles on it i’m not waiting on long i can tell you that right now but i also don’t want to do a like see it’s

Very hard because i want to do things but you know some to being a new car you know it could you know every every car is man-made well most of the cars man-made nowadays but i just don’t want to have like a faulty engine or you know faulty transmission differential you know i just won’t have something and then did have something done and they say well you have that

On it so that’s the reason why so now i have to pay for it but that’s not gonna stop me from doing anything i’m just going to be very what’s the word i want to use from here for i just want to be very cautious about what i do this car is not gonna really get any major modifications i’m not gonna get a bigger turbo like the audi i mean it might eventually i don’t

Know like i said i know there’s a i have a list man i’m sure is gonna be some odds and ends like other things like the audi i really only stuck towards engine performance you know i never did anything with suspension i never did anything with you know better brakes you know just or like how have you like the audi you could do this and any gear so i never did you

Know better bushing but i just i want to focus more on stuff like that too with this car so it’s not just all about the engine performance grant it’s gonna be a lot of it but i want to you know do exterior you know appearance mods other things different wheels of course so let’s just start talking i very apologize because i’d like to ramble one a lot and so let’s

Just get started with the list here we’re gonna start with suspension now suspension the audi had a stock suspension on it i don’t mean to compare this to the audi but i’m just comparing what i did to the audi i always wanted to put korolev was in the audi i never did the reason why just most time i had the idea was a broke college student so i really didn’t have

I had to really save up and it took me time to do things to it this office have a job now in a college graduated so yeah i was gonna do coilovers i’m well i don’t want to say i was cuz i i haven’t decided yet i like cold overs so i want this car lower because i feel like i’m driving a monster truck tell us how high it sits i’m i’m leaning towards bags and i know a

Lot of people don’t like bags i mean people do you know it’s it’s like the static were over there you know the bag world it’s pete that’s just it’s like ford and chevy and whatever my reason behind that is a lot of my friends driveways in a lot of places i’d go they’re not very friendly to low cars especially my woman’s driveway because it’s like you go down then

You go up it’s just not my buddy’s house is like the same way so i was like well my baguette i can least still be low and need to be high when i need it to be like coming up a driveway granny i don’t know if i will do bags yet because bags are expensive i think the kid i found on and he was a lift or a rod so like that they had like their kids like 2,000 2,200 so

I mean i i’ve always liked bags personally i think they look cool when you use pull in just bag it on the ground we all have our you know tastes and things but there’s another thing that i’m you know confused on that confused on these this car does ride really good so part me just wants tea lowering springs i don’t know yet said we’re gonna need they’re gonna do

Bags what core levers don’t know yet that’s that’s the spin she dies that the suspension might not come for a while i’m thinking definitely gonna get different wheels so i could have like you know the stock was with winter wheels obviously so thing about getting these wheels that’s really the only ones i’ve seen that i like i don’t know if i really want to do

The red i just think the red would really tie up the right on the outside stuff i’m not see these stock wheels kind of look ricey to me cuz the little red lipstick around it i know it’s not but to me it just kind of does i i like them a lot better now than i did when i first saw it i’ll put it that way so that’s suspension in wheels so let’s move on to i only

Need to worry about brakes because it’s got thirteen point four inch rotors on the front this thing stops on a dime brakes ain’t worried about and it’s not gonna be a track car so i don’t really know about the suspense here i go you know saying is gonna be about all this other stuff and i’m like i’m gonna worry about that but you know if i receive something cool

That i want to do this car make it handle better make it into error i have seen a lot of people i’m going like a group form thing on facebook and people were saying these stock tires are bad on these cars so which i mean if you don’t first gear does spin so anyways so after you i don’t know what i don’t know i’m gonna do first so this is all just this is not in

Any order of what i’m gonna do it’s just a list of things that i have planned out for the car now intake the cold air intake i know why did that gonna be probably the ie i think i like carbon and take out put a picture right there i think ct ct the ccs turbo has it this one i’m probably the ie kinda like the idea the carbon fiber and it just looks bigger i think

I personally personally i like it better exhaust i saw this guy i do like a combination of things it was a lot cheaper than the overall you lost kid i don’t know what i wanted to get the downpipe is gonna stay stock as of now to know if i do change that that will definitely void the warranty but it’s this car she’s so quiet like you know it’s weird to me like the

Audi is so loud and drones so bad but it’s just weird not hearing this car cuz like the audi you know i never looked at the gauge and but i don’t really do in this either but just hearing it is nice so i’m thinking about the awwe exhaust they have like three different kinds but i i think the other three they have or the ones compatible for the stock you know down

Pipe so if i just get that maybe i don’t know you have its exhaust better things like a bigger charge pipe is what it is that thing right there i didn’t like a better and let tube thing right there and i’ve seen a lot of things like turbo it’s like a whole like a turbo muffler delete kind of deal in this like i said i’m new these volkswagen motors so i’m not 100%

Sure on all this so don’t take take with a grain of salt and understand that you know i’m not i mean it’s already and volkswagen they pretty much the same thing but you know what i mean what else done i do probably definitely gonna get a different shift knob i don’t know i i am glad to see that i mean it’s the jetta stop using volkswagens self start stop using

The golf ball-like just the round it’s very round circular shifter like i’m i i like this i just i mean i don’t need to know which gears what but i don’t know might change that excuse me i don’t know uh-huh what else what else dad they gonna do some underglow no i’m kidding i’m not there i’m awesome i can’t decide ecs offers this little spoiler thing for the trunk

Little spoiler thing it’s like a duck tail i think it’s what the call or something like that but it’s that right there i kind of like it but i really want to see a picture i haven’t got to see a picture of it on a car yet i think they have it on the website i don’t know yet i just i don’t know yet what else what else and eventually eventually i’m definitely going

To go with a tune i don’t know if i’m going to go with the top jb4 or apr i’ve heard a lot of good things on both but i think j i don’t know if jp4 is more like a piggyback tune i said of apr being like a flash team i want to do some research on you know what’s good and what’s bad about both uh anything else anything else oh yeah and tint windows the windows are

Definitely tinted i hate driving around in fishbowl i tell you that right now probably she’s like 5% by 5% magic 15% i wanted to punch a five-person brown i want to do a whole windshield temp because all my buddies and i don’t even have that but i guarantee the first time i do it i will get pulled over and get a ticket for it i have no yet haven’t decided anything

That’s all i can really think of right now so sorry if i rambled on so i have it’s not video you lilly expected i just wanted to show you guys what to tell you guys the things i have planned for the car just definitely go to do stuff to it i’m just trying to get things figure out i think the first thing this one get done is the intake i don’t know have an exhaust

Bike i look at the intake done first so i know now we’re just have to see stick around hit that bell in fication so you know when these new videos come out on the gli if you knew the channel please hit consider hitting that subscribe button and like the video if you liked it dislike it if you didn’t like it tell me in the comments why you didn’t like it so i can

Improve and until then i’ll see you all the next one yeah

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Mod list for my 2019 Volkswagen Jetta Gli 2.0T! By Mr. Boosted

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