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Altair Club Cars Mk4 VW Golf GTI: Is the worst GTI really as bad as people say?

Mk4 VW Golf GTI: Is the worst GTI really as bad as people say?

In the car community, the Mk4 GTI has always been an easy target. But because of its reputation as the ‘worst GTI’, they can now be picked up for pennies. So – is it really that bad? Can you buy one on the cheap and then, with a few modifications, make it into the car it should have been in the first place? Check out the video to find out.

This is the second coming when the mark-5 golf gti was released in 2005 it was celebrated as the comeback of the true gti the mark 5 is remembered as the car that rescued the gti badge after several underwhelming efforts speaking of underwhelming this is a mark for gti and it is widely regarded as the worst gti ever in the car world the mark 4 is a bit of an easy

Target people who’ve never even driven one just repeat things they heard on the internet about it being slow and boring people like me in fact mark for obese rock-bottom the worst gti of them all worst gti of them all now ever since i made that remark in my very first youtube video i have suffered the consequences several times a week i receive angry comments

From marked four owners and they always say the same thing they say that i’m wrong and stupid they say the mark four is better than people think and then they usually tell me to go now today i’m going to find out if i was wrong about the mark 4 is it as bad as people say or is it an underrated bargain i brought this car from fellow youtuber brad who is currently

Holding my camera all right brad hey jack i’m gonna take it for a spin and find out if this car deserves it’s bad reputation now before we go any further it is worth pointing out that this car is not stock so let’s have a quick chat with brad about what he’s done to this car and why not great so be honest it definitely needed a few things to get it up to the gti

Standard they badged i think it was three different engines as the gti depending on what country you’re in yes 1.9 there was the 2 liter naturally aspirated engine which had 115 brake horsepower which fish yep just avoid that is what everyone says this is the ones that go for is this one easier to get power out of oh yeah definitely go to a tuner and just tell them

That you want a map on it to give it a bit more power yeah exactly so i haven’t actually keep count off of how much i’ve done le dopey for it will be around 1000 to 1500 it’s a different car now to what it was yeah just from speaking to brad there it’s pretty apparent he agrees that in stock form the mark ford gti is indeed a bit of a wet flannel in fact if we’re

Being completely honest it probably does deserve its reputation as being the worst gti sorry so let’s not keep flogging a dead horse here there’s no point continuing to ask the question is a stock mark for not very good no it’s not very good so there’s not ask a different question is a mark for gti a good starting point right with a few tasteful modifications and

Without breaking the bank can you make this into the car it should have been in the first place that’s a really worthwhile question because these are so cheap the mark fours have a bad reputation and because of that you can get one for 700 quid and if the grands worth of modifications makes it into a really fun exciting car well you’ve still spent half of what i

Paid for my mark fire gti so let’s see first impressions 10 out of 10 for golf enos the seats are very comfy it’s very nice in here it feels well-made blah blah blah it’s a golf course it does handling i was surprised to hear that when brad was talking about what this car was like in stock form the handling was his biggest complaint not the power or lack thereof

Its sluggish obviously around the corners it was very botti i’d say the simplest things that you can really do to make it feel like the car it should be is oil overs or go for lowering springs this car is now on lowering springs and i would say problem solved to an extent okay it’s a little bit bumpy and ratalie but not terribly solid the steering is not very good

I mean that’s not very is it the steering is numb that’s an expensive thing to fix you kind of just have to live with that on to be honest if you want to improve the steering feel i mean money now is it fast yes yes as fast this car has 230 brake horsepower with its remap and i listen to it okay collect yourself it’s icy on the road out by the way so this is

A little bit stressful oh shakes its purpose oh it’s when the boost comes on it’s a bit silly it’s like a ferrari f40 except not i hate how much this thing is making me want to remap my car right now it’s really annoying so what’s the verdict is the mark full golf a bit rubbish yes still it is but what this thing proves is that for less than 2,000 pounds all-in

You can make it into an absolute weapon steering not great not a lot of feel not an awful lot that you can do about that it is what it is but the power that he’s given this thing i mean look if you want a car that’s really competent through twisty roads this probably isn’t for you even with some modifications but as far as poison squirt you can embarrass a lot of

People a lot of sets of traffic lights in this thing you need to be handy with a spanner you need a driveway to work on your car in you need to not mind the fact that no one will buy it off you by the time you get done the worst gti is still a gti and what this car proves is that you really can make these into something very entertaining without the horrendous

Amount of work i think i’ll stick to my nice mark 5 though hi there thank you very much for watching my video i thought maybe i should introduce myself since i’ve not really done that on this channel yet thank you very much to everyone who’s hit subscribe so far we’re on two-and-a-half thousand subscribers after just five videos i did not expect that feel like

Sh me thank you for your support thank you to everyone who’s after i just spat thank you for your support thank you to everyone who’s left a kind and encouraging comment on one of my videos i read all of them and they are amazing they really encouraged me and i’m having such fun doing this i’m going to do lots more for you and if this is your first time watching

One of my videos welcome click subscribe right now do it do it now do it quick channel update for you i’m gonna be 25 quite soon and i’m hoping that that means i’m gonna find it easier insurance wise to get my hands in some bigger engine cars just the other day i had to turn down the opportunity to drive a bmw m5 because no one would insure me on it hopefully stay

Tuned for videos of things that aren’t buried up hatchbacks with loud exhausts but there’ll be plenty of those as well finally if you happen to live in the south of england and you’d be interested in me coming and meeting you having a little go in your car making a dank vid about it get in contact with me leave my email address down below would love to hear from

You thank you so much to everyone that’s already got in contact and offered me your cars i i can’t even tell you how much i appreciate that been in touch with a couple of you i’m gonna meet you soon they’re gonna shoot videos be sick cheers

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Mk4 VW Golf GTI: Is the 'worst GTI' really as bad as people say? By Jack Scarlett

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