mk2 vw golf g60 limited i drive
Altair Club Cars Mk2 VW Golf G60 LIMITED – I drive VWs HOLY GRAIL – 1 of JUST 71 ever made

Mk2 VW Golf G60 LIMITED – I drive VWs HOLY GRAIL – 1 of JUST 71 ever made

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Foreign for some reason i have never done a video on a mark ii golf before but we’re going to put that right today and how because today’s video is about one of the rarest volkswagens ever made just 71 were produced in the late 80s by volkswagen motorsports and because volkswagen’s motorsport pedigree wasn’t really that good back then the cars haven’t gained the

Iconic status of cars like valencia delta enterprise or the bmw e30 m3 but that doesn’t make this car any less special it is of course the mark ii golf g60 limited now as i mentioned in the intro the key points with the g60 limited is how rare it is it’s really important to emphasize this just 71 were made that’s a six of the production run of the mark 7 golf

Gti clips but s to give you some perspective they were handmade by vw motorsport as the rate of one per week and the price tells you a lot as well so they will actually double the price of a lot to golf gti 16 valve and half worth much again as a rally and a rally was not a cheap car so you can get the idea of who they’re aiming is that proper car enthusiasts who

Were you know in germany in the late 80s probably had lots of money to spend and they wanted the fastest golf there was a bit of a sense of humor as well because as we’ll show you when we do the tour it doesn’t look like the fastest golf but it was by far the fastest golf in fact it was actually the fastest golfer you could buy for 13 years after it came out they’re

All individually numbered i’ll show you the plaque shortly the colors initially for the first half built up to the end of 89 were a gray color i think it was called schwartz black confusingly black black but it was actually gray and then the second half were a proper black called la-9v which i think going back from the depth of my memories is brilliant black metallic

So yeah there’s slight variations like that but otherwise they’re pretty standard some customers had unique things done to them but by and large they’re all like this fine example we have here today performance wise we’ll get onto that when we go for a drive but there are two two types of ecu that these cars left the factory with volkswagen motorsport admitted this

Afterwards because some people were finding that they dyno higher than the original 210 horsepower and the later batch i think were 230 or 240 so naught to 60 time quoted vary from like 7.2 to 6.4 depending which ecu they got well this car’s been tuned further than that which we’ll talk about again later let’s now have a good look around it well guys they say the

Germans don’t have a sense of humor but why else would they make the fastest customer golf look so plain first thing you notice we don’t have the forehead like grill of the gti we’ve just got the pretty poor halogen headlights there is a reason for that though that’s because the intercooler is so large the inner lamps would restrict the flow to that so there is

A functional reason which i think is pretty cool it gives the car such a different look to the gti’s and this is a late 1989 bill so the mark ii were in the 1990 model year by this point that means the gti got big bumpers and yet this top golf would have stayed with the small bumpers which is really interesting they’re a bit different to normal though we’ve got

Bigger slightly taller indicators there which are us spec you don’t have any color in the bumper we’ve got the blue stripe around the grille we’ve got the vw motorsport badge but if you saw that in your rear view mirror while you’re driving the nut your 911 down the outer bar in 1989 i don’t think you’d get out of its way but you would need to this will do 140 miles

An hour and it kept up with most contemporary porsches it was the fastest production golf for 13 years 13 years until the r32 came out front spoiler will help keep the front end of the car down at high speed but also it ducks air to the brakes i’ve got two 80 mil discs in the front t39 at the back the body shells worth talking about is four wheel drive so we’ve got

The golf synchro which are the 90 horsepower golf mark ii really for farmers it was all-wheel drive but nothing really sporty that’s the back off the front is rally that means we’ve got a bigger wheel arches which can house bigger wheels without rubbing we’ve got six and a half by 15 bbs split rims 195 50 15 tires and like every other marks you’ve got g60 cars got a

Bonded windscreen which increased body rigidity while reducing wind noise the side of the car well there isn’t really much to report apart from the wheels and actually it’s worth looking at the stance of the car so this hasn’t got space that has not been lowered you can see that the tires are really quite far out which will help give it stability so yeah there’s not

Much on the side there no colored stripes above the moldings like on a gti nothing we do have half tinted rear lights though at the back these were first introduced with the 10 millionth edition golf gti in 1988 and then of course they were fitted to the 16 valves with big bumpers later on but it’s a very rare sight just even leaving the factory on a small bumper car

We’ve got the vw motorsport badge there the black badge should be silver we reckon that’s on modification and actually the golf badge may be as well but it’s a bit unclear as to what’s what being a small bumper kites correct that it should have a non-painted tailgate pole there the big bumper cars has that color coded at the back exhaust well this is a stainless

Replica of the original but it’s just as normal two-piece eight valve or 16 valve or g60 looking exhaust so yeah overall i’m just bowled over by its sort of simplicity and minimalist look it’s just truly truly beautiful right let’s go to the left hand side and have a look inside because it is left-hand drive now key point with this car was even though it had

A very special engine we’ll talk about in a second it wasn’t a stripped out rally car it might have been built next to rally cars but it was all about the equipment really and it was probably the most luxurious golf you could ever buy it came a standard with the sunroof that’s not really rare but it probably was for germany in the uk every gti had that leather

Was standard very rare for a mark ii heated seats were standard on this dial here we’ve had adjustable headlights there so you could adjust those if you put weight in the boot and you wanted to drop the beam so you went dazzling you did that with that no air conditioning again it’s suspected that was a functional reason because the air conditioning on g60s has

An intercooler on top of the battery which isn’t as efficient we’ve got leather contact area so steering wheel gear knob and handbrake pull four electric windows again not uncommon on a gti but yeah the overwhelming sense especially for 1989 is luxury which continues in the back this has caught my eye it’s really unusual to have the seat adjustment there on this

Black sort of casing right let’s now have a look in the boots so being four-wheel drive boot floor is a bit higher and with the cars you get this of course the carpet which looks a bit more luxurious so yeah not enough to report but the boot is sort of significantly shallower than in a two-wheel drive car but i think when you see what’s under the bonnets you’ll

Realize four-wheel drive is quite useful okay guys unlike modern cars there’s a lot to talk about under the bonnet of the g60 limited let’s start with them with a unique plaque so these were uniquely numbered by vw motorsport they’ve got the logo on there this is number zero three two that’s very important but they weren’t just uniquely numbered like a club sport

S they actually had a different chassis number the vw motorsport chest number rather than a volkswagen one and that kind of confirmed their exclusivity for vw to mess around with their vin system for this car but they were just 71 made it’s still got a vin plate on the inner wing there but it’s still the same vwe it’s a vw motorsport and the whole format of the

Number is completely different and that’s the same with the number on here let’s talk about the hardware then so what makes the g60 limited special is that you have a supercharger with a 16 valve engine in every other car the supercharger was on an eight valve engine so in theory you have super torquey bottom end and then the revy top end of the 16 valve sounds like

You’re an ideal mark ii and this one’s been tuned as well so we’ve got a bigger charger by a company called bbm a well-known tuner so we’ve got a bigger belt there that’s that interestingly the the bracket there for the charger has been machined to allow for this bigger belt we’ve got a canine cone filter simply because it needs more air to work maybe i prefer it

Standard but it’s there to do a job and outside the car looks 100 stock really apart from the odd badge here and there so i’m okay with that the car well on the dyno at amd in vista with the previous owner and recorded 299.1 brake horsepower so to give you some perspective that is really mark 7 golf r levels of performance which is pretty incredible worth noting

We’ve got abs which is very unusual for me to see it with a 16 valve engine because there was no 16 valve that had abs so down there with the big chunky pump and the bulk here reservoir for the brake fluid g60 bottom end torque 16 valve top ends what’s not to like well let’s go and see if the reality matches up to expectations but going and driving this g60 limited

Well guys here we are driving the g60 limited i must remember to keep to the left hand side of the road because it’s left-hand drive but you soon get used to it and this is owner john now john’s had this car for 17 years that’s right yeah andrew i bought the car in june 2005 from uh family that owned the car based in hampshire gary and claire were their names very

Nice people and they ironically owned two of these cars which were in the magazine volkswagen driver yeah back in 2004 which you have yeah they were very famous in the scene because it was a couple that had two g60 limited and one on its own is pretty rare and they were featured in the mag i saw the cars at g10 international as well probably about 2005 six maybe

You know he bought you know in 2005 so it must have been just before then i think that’s right they would have um had great fun showing the car after i think they got it resprayed in their ownership into work and would have been a perfect opportunity to attend the shows before i bought it yeah so 17 years with you though a lot of that time you’ve had it off the

Road because you’ve got another g60 and another mark ii as well you’re a bit of a mark ii yeah as we hinted earlier on there could be a small problem there um but anyway at least it’s a healthy problem all of the cars work and yeah i’m proud to say i haven’t started to collect uh yeah random calves in my driveway that don’t work yeah well your daily castle mark 2

8 valve isn’t it yeah you’re right there it’s a it’s a car i bought off my dad when i was a kid uh 23 or 24. with uh 120 000 no 60 000 miles on the clock back then and uh since then i’ve brought the total up to 304 000 miles and it’s still going strong just running now just running well they say they’ve run in at about 6 it has to spend a bit of money to keep it

Going but it’s totally enjoyable and something i love i love driving well this this is a bit different so this has been your high days and holidays car hasn’t it so yeah it’s as i had a family it takes second fit up to the family for that reason it’s been in my garage nice and dry and there’s no evidence of deterioration while my car has been in the garage it’s

A nice original car as well it’s not been restored it’s had a bit of touching up here and there but it’s still you know yeah we’ve tried and tried so hard to keep that original feel to the car which is it’s very noticeable that it hasn’t been taken apart it’s clean and dry very very brave if i don’t really know any rusty parts on the car and it feels so tight as

As a kid factory the whole piece with the 90 000 miles that it’s showing on the clocks yeah most of that was done early in its early years in germany though where somebody used it like a normal car imagine it has been there driven unlike most cars more strongly in the early days up until 2000 uh up until 2000 really um speaker driving strongly let’s um let’s

See if that promise of bottom and torque and top end 60 valve top end is really as good as it sounds so this is let’s get into four let’s try the talk 2000 rpm and it is good to see isn’t it and yeah it’s very drivable if you mix the gears it’s not a light carbo it’s a bit heavier than a rally which was a heavy car already with four-wheel drive so it’s about 90

Kilograms heavy about just under 1400 kilogram i seem to remember yeah it’s getting over modern day levels of weight but we do have a lot of cars so we’ve got four-wheel drive 16 valve supercharger sunroof leather heated seats yeah there’s lots of extras that are built in as standard which is really a high point of this car but it’s still so believe that there’s a

Lot of strength dominion the body shouts from the limited and that’s true yeah vw motorsport you know to give it its own chassis number imagine that in 1989 it’s pretty good now it should be it took me that’s one of the reasons bloody hell from what i can tell that is all that was promised right there steering’s nice as well we’ve got power steering it’s got you

Know it’s a bit weighty at slow speed but on the road now it feels fantastic right so that’s three and a half thousand rpm fourth if you have the six speed barrel all sorts of noise as well chuffing and rumbling and it full of character god knows what it’s thinking it would be like a flat out on the outer bar at 140 something you made no sort of speeds well not

In this 50 mile an hour i believe that uh has very close to what the clocks say yeah some people have said it goes off the clock but peter node from volkswagen drive magazine kind of worked out that was pretty impossible with the gearing so maybe 160 miles an hour is pushing it but it wouldn’t be far off and bear in mind this was 1989. some reason so that’s 200

Agree with you there yeah in germany it would have been a consideration people would have bought it for its autobarn performance and it would have been a hell of a lot of fun maybe not in the dark with those little candles as headlights i’ve discussed with my friend in germany whether we should think about changing those to the modern led lights and these events

Crucial crucial it’s a it’s a very special thing and i’m very privileged to have driven it today i’m delighted that you’ve wanted to come and see monster car and it’s really it’s refreshing to watch you at work at um going around these roads with the perfect weather that we’re having today we’re very lucky yeah whether with a consideration it’s terribly worthwhile

And it’s for sale you can buy this g60 limited today if it’s been sold i’ll put that in the description of the video but um yeah if you want a bit of this get in touch and hopefully seeing it operate in a video like this will sort of give you a better feel for the car than looking at photos because it’s very important to hear the noise of the car yeah there’s a

Lot of exhaust noise happening at the front and the back with the supercharger the um whistles and pups are all coming from where my changing gear and the supercharger is stopping and starting again with the spinning and it’s very impressive it’s very engaging and thoroughly enjoyable to drive it’s got a nice gear change as well the original reports of this cable

Change weren’t that great but i don’t have any problems with it it’s lovely apparently he’s got a motorsport clutch which is quite heavy but it’s not excessive they’re smooth and you’ve got all the traction as well being four-wheel drive one last go one last run through third gear then yeah yeah very special car well guys otherwise thanks for watching this box

With a video if you’ve enjoyed it probably not as much as me but if you have enjoyed it give it a thumbs up and i’ll see you for the next one very soon big thanks to john thank you let me have a go with this car and the lights have turned green second year perfect climbing it goes crazy at five thousand keep it up to six

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Mk2 VW Golf G60 LIMITED – I drive VW's HOLY GRAIL – 1 of JUST 71 ever made! By volkswizard

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