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Altair Club Cars Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Ownership Update. Whats it like after 20,000 Miles?

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Ownership Update. Whats it like after 20,000 Miles?

Our marketing director, Jon Corra, just put 20,000 miles on his 2021 Outlander Sport. In our latest video, he explains what it’s like owning this vehicle for nearly a year. He tells you what features he likes, and what he’d change.

Hey everyone john core here marketing director for mcclinton mitsubishi and this is my 2021 mitsubishi outlander sport i bought this brand new in november of 2021 and i have owned this for just over nine months and it just hit 20 000 miles so i want to give you a long-term ownership update on my vehicle and point out some of the things i like and some of the things

That i don’t like about my outlander sport so join me as we take this journey together so here’s a little background i actually had an outlander sport before this i bought a 2018 outlander sport es back in 2018 and over three years i put over 60 000 miles on it and i decided in november of last year to trade it in on this one nothing wrong with my old outlander

Sport it was just a base model and i wanted something with a little bit more features and there was a refresh in 2020 on the outlander sport and i decided to upgrade to this one this is an se it is front wheel drive and it has a lot of features that i really really needed on my vehicle so that’s the main reason why i upgraded in addition in between the time i

Bought my previous outlander sport and by the time i bought this one we had included this new warranty called the mclit million it’s a 10-year million mile powertrain warranty and i really wanted that because i do as you can tell i put a lot of miles on my vehicle every year so like i said nine months this thing has almost 20 000 miles on it i will say i’ve had

No issues whatsoever or as far as like no mechanical issues there’s been a few things that i have caused that have gone wrong and i’ll point those out in just a moment but overall i would say i’m very happy with this vehicle and i’m going to take you around to show you some highlights here now okay so full disclosure this is the second time today i filmed this

Video when i did it originally the vehicle was filthy i’m like you know what i should probably wash this so this is my cleaned up outlander sport one of the first things i want to point out and why i truly love this vehicle is the headlights so this was an upgrade over my previous outlander sport in 2020 they upgraded to led headlights and that makes a world of

Difference with this vehicle uh i will say that i did not love the headlights before to me they were dim but this is great they they set up a lot better of course that’s the headlight it does have daytime running lights too or or the led light strips there at the bottom great style beneath that is the turn signal and this one does have fog lights my 2018 once

Again was an es so it didn’t have fog lights so overall my visibility at night or in poor weather conditions is awesome so that’s one of the things i really like about this one over my previous one i also like the styling quite a bit um it’s more mature look in my mind than the previous one that i had so this one looks more like the eclipse cross at the time in

The previous outlander as we all know the outlander got upgraded for 2022 so the styling is not very similar now this one also has like all new mitsubishi’s ford collision mitigation with pedestrian detection that’s standard on every mitsubishi that you buy uh it wasn’t back when i got my 2018. so it’s an added safety feature uh i haven’t really had to test it

Out much but there’s a few times where it’s alerted me about obstacles that may not have noticed before uh here are or here’s one of the greatest features on the outlander sport if you get any model above the s you get these 18 inch rims uh even the es which is you know one step above the s gets the 18 inch rims one note i will say that my previous outlander

Sport had better looking rims than this one these aren’t bad by any means the two-tone is nice but i did like the previous rooms better one other quick note i will be upgrading my tires very soon i am not a fan of the nexons that come on this vehicle my previous one they were out too fast and they’re not great in the snow that’s just you know my personal opinion

Um this is a front-wheel drive outlander sport so for winter time probably actually by probably by the end of august i’ll be buying new tires for this vehicle something with a little more aggressive tread for daily driving they’re fine i’ve had no issues whatsoever but for you know i do take this mildly off-road and i do have to drive into snow a lot during the

Winter months so i’m going to get something a little bit more something upgraded for the winter time another feature i really like on this one that was an improvement over my old vehicle is the pass key system which right there i can push that button and lock the doors unlock the doors it has the power 40 mirrors too which i really enjoy the reason is i park in

A lot of areas in which there’s a lot of close traffic or pedestrians walking in between the vehicles so it’s nice to have that of course i can just hit it again and that unlocks the vehicle so it’s really great we’ll show you the interior in just a second so i noticed i mentioned before in the intro that there were some issues with this vehicle that are not

The car’s fault one is and you might not be able to see there’s a dent there someone in a parking lot hit my vehicle so it’s got a dent here in the back door i have to get that fixed uh down here on the back room which was on the passenger side before there’s some road rash because i had to curb in athens like a month after buying this uh i’m not the best parallel

Parker in the world so that’s one of the biggest problems and you can probably tell there’s some fender damage here too where i hit a pole also in athens ohio uh it’s minor but it’s there i’m not perfect going around to the back i also want to point out i love the tail lights on this generation outlander sport these are led tail lights they’re really bright now

I believe the reverse lights and the uh turn signals there are incandescent but the actual tail lights brake lights right here are indeed led i also want to point out that i love that it has amber turn signals i mentioned that in other videos of mine i just think they’re safer that’s what i prefer um once again personal preference and let’s take a quick look at

The interior i want to point out some stuff inside that i really enjoy first of all i love that push button start my previous vehicle didn’t have that so it’s nice to have push button start now it does have automatic climate control satellite radio my previous one did not have satellite radio one of the features i use the most here on the infotainment screen is

The apple carplay or if you have an android phone it’s android auto uh this screen is about an inch bigger than the one that i had on my es so it’s much much bigger and it’s much clearer now granted you’re watching this on a video there’s all kinds of reflections but the backup camera is easier to use now that it’s on a bigger screen so that’s one of my favorite

Features there about that it does have like i mentioned before automatic climate control which is great even the base models have that and it has heated seats which is awesome oops i apologize i’m messing with the the zoom there okay there we go heated seats automatic wipers which is awesome i never thought i would use the automatic wipers that often but i

Think they’re amazing one thing that’s nice is you can turn them off if you’re in a car wash so you can just flip the switch up actually i’ll show you i’ll show you real quick uh just go like that and that will turn them off so you don’t have to worry about them going off while you’re in a car wash this one does as i mentioned have forward collision mitigation

Has lane departure warning and it also has blind spot monitoring which is right there in the mirror you can see the little diagram of the car love that feature quite a bit also when i’m in reverse which i can’t really demonstrate it right now for you but uh this also has rear cross traffic alert so when you put the car in reverse and you’re backing out of like

A space let’s say there’s there’s tall vehicles on either side of you you can’t quite see uh this will alert you if there’s a vehicle coming behind you which is awesome and it’s from either side of the vehicle so it’s letting you know if there’s something approaching from your left to right it will beep and then over there the little light or the the blind spot

Monitoring symbols will light up also so that’s an awesome feature that i didn’t think i was going to use as much as i do also mentioning here the automatic headlights love those so yeah that’s some of the stuff i like on the interior of the vehicle all right everyone i thought i’d take you for a quick drive because we haven’t really done much as far as a driving

Review of the outlander sport in a while so let me give you a tour in mind and just let you know what it’s like to live with every day because you know a test drive will only last a few minutes usually and you can’t quite get a good grasp of that vehicle until you’ve been with it for a while so i’m going to take you for a quick drive and share some more of my

Thoughts here one thing a lot of people want to ask about is the cvt transmission and what it’s like honestly before i own one i i wasn’t a big fan of the cvt having now my second outlander sport i can say that i’ve had no problems with it whatsoever keep in mind this is not a sports car the outlander is not a sports car the eclipse cross not a sports car the

Cvt does just fine for what i need it to do it gets good gas mileage acceleration for me hasn’t been a problem one thing i do like that they do here in the outlander sport is they give you an actual low range so you can shift into low if you’re ascending a hill that’s covered in snow there’s also a sport mode in this vehicle so that the outlander support has

A sport mode i use that more often than i thought i would especially if i’m getting like i’m getting ready to get on a highway here if i need to merge into traffic and i need a little extra acceleration i will switch it to sport mode it does just fine you’re hearing the lane departure warning work there um not always the best at keeping it in the lines but

You know overall the cvt is not a big issue for me whatsoever it’s it’s quiet i don’t hear the wine back in the day some cvts would wind and see i just put it in sport mode because i’m getting on the interstate you can hear it accelerate a lot faster than it would normally but not an issue whatsoever as far as your whining goes i drove some nissans back in the

Day like an altima and a maxima that had pretty significant wine this doesn’t as far as road noise goes you know it’s about average for this class i mean nothing today this is a luxury vehicle one thing i was like the new outlander has double pane windows you can really tell a difference on that vehicle when you’re driving on the highway like this but still

It’s pretty quiet for the most part i know that will change once i get more aggressive tires but overall it’s a great vehicle for highway driving oh you couldn’t see that but a deer just ran out in front of me so that’s one of those things where it’s nice to have the foreclosure mitigation we are in west virginia and deer are everywhere it’s one of the reasons

Why we have one of the highest insurance rates in the united states is because our deer population is insane uh and i’m sure you can imagine hitting a deer at 65 miles per hour would have done a lot of damage to this vehicle so it’s always good to keep an eye out for those critters along the road um so yeah great vehicle for highway cruising road trips i have

Put almost or at this point 20 000 miles on it and a lot of that has been on the highway doing you know trips to visit my sister in tennessee or you know i’ve been to pennsylvania several times columbus ohio no issues whatsoever on the highway comfort comfortable ride my trip to tennessee six hours long so no fatigue and i would say like you can tell like i’m

A big person i’m six foot four and i as you can tell by the intro i’m not small and this vehicle for me is comfortable um you can tell i got plenty of headroom i’m just like said six foot four i have a long torso i fit in here just fine my legs are not crowded and that’s one of the reasons why i didn’t go with the eclipse cross the console on the eclipse cross

Intrudes more into the footwell so for me the outlander sport is a more comfortable vehicle because i can spread my legs out further in this vehicle and you know as far as everyday driving goes it’s a lot more comfortable for me if you are concerned about acceleration or you know speed and all that fun stuff you can get an outlander sport gt which has the 2.4

Liter 4-cylinder this one has a 2.0 it’s about 20 more horsepower that’s available on the gt only gt currently is only available in all-wheel drive going forward every outlander support will only be available in all-wheel drive so there will be no no more front-wheel drive outlander sports 20 more horsepower you can also get leather on the gt uh currently in

2022 the sc model which i have comes with the synthetic or suede material that was not an option for 2021 so mine has the cloth i don’t mind the cloth one bit myself but yeah for everyday driving this is a great vehicle if you get a chance come out take one for a test drive you’ll be you’ll be surprised it’s a great value i mentioned before but the 10-year 100

000 mile power train warranty from the factory then our 10-year million mile powertrain warranty five-year 60 000 mile bumper-to-bumper you’ll be surprised by the great value that this vehicle is brand new this one’s gonna be about twenty seven thousand plus tax it is closer to the high end of the range you can get a new outlander starting around twenty four

Twenty five so a good chance like i said stop by take one for a test drive you know all right so i also want to point out one of the great features about this vehicle is the fuel mileage i actually just took on a trip over the weekend i got 31 miles per gallon on the highway this is a front-wheel drive vehicle the the all-wheel drive one gets a little bit less

Than that but like i said 60 000 miles or sorry 20 000 miles in nine months it still gets great gas mileage no major issues as far as mechanical stuff goes i’ve just had to change the oil rotate the tires replace the cabin air filter at 30 000 miles i will have to change the transmission fluid and as quick as i drive it’ll probably be november of this year be

I’ll be replacing the transmission fluid in this vehicle but you can’t beat the the fuel mileage it’s plenty of room i don’t use the back seat often i’m single no kids but sometimes i take my friends on trips with me i do travel quite a bit by road i took this thing to tennessee a few times pittsburgh columbus almost every weekend and no complaints whatsoever

As far as like the comfort of the vehicle goes for me plenty of storage in the back i can’t really show you the cargo area right now because it’s a mess but no issues there but i would i told you i’d point out a few things that i wish i’d done differently one i don’t love the color of my outlander sport i probably should have waited and got a 20 22 because i’d

Much rather have i’ll show you over here oops i’ll wait for this thing to pan i’d love to have an orange one which we have in stock now uh to me the gray is kind of boring my previous one was octane blue metallic and it really stood out this one’s just kind of a boring gray color but hey to each their own that’s why they come in variety of colors i also really

Like the brown which we don’t see often but the brown’s a good color too i also wish i would have gotten the orange or sorry i also wish i would have gotten the all-wheel drive i went with front-wheel drive because it was a thousand dollars cheaper and better gas mileage full disclosure i should have gotten all-wheel drive for my conditions so people want to know

Will i keep this vehicle for the long term and the answer is no i will not even though i like it a lot and it’s got no problems likely early next year i’ll be trading this in on either a 2023 outlander or a 2023 outlander sport and there’s one one major reason why that’s because mitsubishi is bringing rally art back there’s gonna be rally art versions of every

Vehicle mitsubishi makes here in the united states except the mirage g4 so there will even be a rally our mirage which is awesome so that’s why i’m going to trade mine in i’ve already seen a sneak peek of what these vehicles are going to look like they’re gorgeous uh they’re kind of more my aesthetic they come in white which i like quite a bit so that is the main

Reason why i’m going to trade this in or mitsubishi is also doing the 40th anniversary of the outlander well it’s for their 40th anniversary in the united states or 40th anniversary in north america so it’s going to look really cold so so i’m going to trade this in sometime early next year once again no issues whatsoever but that is overall how i feel about owning

My outlander sport we don’t just sell them here we own them too it’s my second one no issues whatsoever if you want one or you want any mitsubishi give us a call 304-422-6501 check us out online or comment below if you have any questions you want to ask me specifically about owning one of these i’m happy to answer those questions for you

All right everyone hope you have a great day

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