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Altair Club Cars Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Showcase

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Showcase

The arrival of the Outlander PHEV comes at a time when more and more automakers and distributors are offering hybrids in the local market. These include luxury brands also rolling out hybrids and PHEVs. This could signal the start of greater acceptance for vehicles not powered by fossil fuels. #MotoringTodayPH

Mitsubishi says is the most popular plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the world maybe we can discover why the mitsubishi outlander phev has this distinction in this edition of showcase mitsubishi was the first to roll out an electric vehicle for mass production the ibev back in 2009 four years later mitsubishi was again leading the way with the launch of

The first plug-in hybrid suv the outlander phev took a number of years after that for mitsubishi motor philippines to believe the local market is ready for the outlander phev but here it is now and it looks positively electrifying with the sleekest yet interpretation of mitsubishi’s dynamic shield concept fascia black painted with dark chrome plating at 4 695

Millimeters long 1 800 millimeters wide and 1 710 millimeters at its highest point and with a 2 670 millimeters wheelbase and 190 millimeters minimum ground clearance the outlander phev also looks sleek and smooth from the side with straight accent lights and smooth rounded curves chrome door handles and belt line molding silver roof rails and rear spoiler

Add touches of elegance and support it comes with all the latest in led lighting tech from the headlamps daytime running lights fog lamps to the rear combination lamps the outlander ph ev is both spacious and elegant with dark leather seats that match these synthetic leather inserts in the front and rear door trim the seats have body hugging side and thigh

Supports with head restraints of synthetic leather the driver’s seat feature 4-way electronic adjust look up and you can see the sky through the sunroof with power tilt and slide functions and anti-trapping feature a switch near the driver’s seat opens and closes the power tailgate automatically a great convenience for suvs upfront is a clear and tall view of

The road as well as an elegant dashboard with the instrument panel that provides all the information the driver needs to know of the phev operations then there’s the 8 inch smartphone link display with audio system that’s integrated with the mitsubishi power sound system that plays through 4 speakers this system works with both android auto and apple carplay

Underneath the touchscreen display are the controls for the dual zone automatic air conditioner adding to convenience or usb port power outlets on the center floor console and the luggage area as well as automatic dimming mirrors but the best thing about the outlander ph evs powertrain system that features a 2.4 liter 16 valve four-cylinder dohc me that gasoline

Engine two permanent magnet synchronous motor one on the front and the other on the rear axle front power drive unit rear electric motor control unit a lithium ion battery and mitsubishi super all wheel control system or sawc in essence the phev powertrain has three drive modes full electric with the motors powered by the battery series hybrid with the engine

Providing power to the motors and parallel hybrid with engine powering the vehicle at high speeds with assistance from motors when needed these are automatically selected by the outlander sophisticated power management system but the driver can also select which mode he prefers using a joystick like knob depending on whether he wants quiet all electric short

Drive or longer drives in the countryside or how he wants to manage battery usage the sawc comes integrated with active yaw control anti-lock brake system active stability control and traction control by managing all this the sawc provides great traction stability and linear handling all the while providing safety comfort and fuel efficiency the driver can

Now select saw’s controls the power sent to the front and rear wheel selecting normal sport and lock modes depending on road conditions all this means that the outlander phev is fun fuel efficient and a stable drive in virtually all road conditions you gotta save a lot of the cost of fuel and feel good about helping the environment until charging stations are

Established in the country owners can charge the outlander phev batteries through regular power outlets at home or office using the on-board charger and charging cable charging time is around 5.5 hours the engine can also charge the batteries with the generator the battery also recovers energy through a regenerative brake system the suspension features mcpherson

Struts with coil spring and stabilizer in the front in a multi-link system with stabilizer in the rear the brake uses two pot ventilated discs in front and solid discs in the rear it comes to the hill start assist as well as brake auto hold the outlander phev mitsubishi motors philippines are brought to the country also comes with three point elr seat belts

With pre-tensioner and force limiter for driver and front seat passenger three-point elr seat belts for three in the second row seat dual airbags credited airbags also added for safety are miss acceleration prevention system blind spot warning rear cross traffic alert lane change assist forward collision mitigation system adaptive cruise control auto high beam

And multi-round monitor the arrival of the outlander phev comes at a time when more and more automakers and distributors are offering hybrids in the local market these include luxury brands also rolling out hybrids and phevs this could signal the start of a greater acceptance for vehicles not powered by fossil fuels that’s our featured vehicle on this week’s

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Showcase By Motoring Today

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