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Altair Club Cars Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 10 Day Battery Reset Update

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 10 Day Battery Reset Update

I am getting more KMS…and no error codes…so all is good for now. Lets talk about full electric vs phev’s in 2022. Then we’ll get in the car and head for Mitsubishi headquarters North Bay to see if we can get some answers on the 2023. New software? New maintenance schedules for batteries? Somebody….let me know!!!

Okay today guys we are going to take the phev and do the same trip that we did before we had our procedure done to the battery we’re gonna head out to uh one of my favorite metal detecting spots we know that it was 26 kilometers out and the kilometer was only showing five kilometers left in electric at that point okay so we would have got 31 kilometers uh before

We had the battery reset foreign as we turn it on we see the watchdog app is showing us that we’ve lost another 0.2 amp hours okay so if we look at our battery status we are at 98.8 percent 39.5 amp hours and i will reset the tripometer and we will be in full electric mode the entire way i’ll try to average the same speeds that i did in the last trip

Okay and we’ll see what kind of numbers we get okay so we are here at the metal detecting field and i’ll show you the phev numbers 26.3 kilometers is what we just did and it was in 100 electric 19.3 kilowatt hours used and the gasometer is still showing 17 kilometers so it’s showing 12 more kilometers than what it did the day before we had our battery uh reset

Done and in fact it would probably be a little bit more than that i just want to show you guys we also recorded that entire trip 30 minutes it took and i’ll just show you uh glide percent 34 because we were in b0 regen at six percent and here’s the actual trip stats i find this a little bit funny that it’s saying that the average speed was 52 kilometers an hour

Because i kept it over 60 on the speedometer so i think maybe with my winter tires on there maybe when it shows that i’m doing 60 i’m not but just in reference our last trip out here the average was 51 kilometers so very similar stats today it is 12 degrees celsius and rainy and it was 10 degrees and rainy the day before we had the battery reset done so now at

Least for the next month we’re going to get a few extra kilometers out of this and the guys online have come to the conclusion that i can run this battery down all the way because my battery is still high enough at 70 some percent that i shouldn’t get any errors the car will write itself in another month or so the bmu will calculate and recalculate and i’ll get

Back to the proper numbers but they said if i do get any error codes i can simply hold this push the save button and save my energy when that blue bar it’s so archaic the system in this car it doesn’t show you percentage it just shows you a blue bar right and so if when the blue bar gets down to that bottom third if i push the save button it won’t allow the car to

Use any lower of a charge so that’s what we’ll do if we get any errors i haven’t gotten any yet and i drove all the way to toronto and back before i even knew that this was going to be an issue that they had done a full reset to the battery instead of the db cam i didn’t know that at the time so i used the battery completely down we didn’t get any errors i think

We’re going to be okay but this is the first update okay just heading home and i thought i might as well show you guys we just ran out of electric so i’ll give you the final numbers for this trip i forgot to mention as well that the car has winter tires on it so when i brought it in for the battery update the other day they actually swapped my tires so we’ve got

To take that into effect as well and remember this test was not how far can gary go did i baby it doing 40 kilometers an hour no i was up doing around 60 kilometers an hour and these are the numbers we get with the battery reset so the total trip 100 electric 18.4 kilowatt hours used 40.8 is how far we managed to go now i was in b0 coasting that entire way as

Far as much as i could coast but i didn’t try to keep the speeds down i was just driving you know up to 70 kilometers an hour so with winter tires 40 that’s not bad that’s not terrible good morning everybody we are going to check the phev this morning today is the 10th day since i had a battery procedure done now as we mentioned in the previous videos it was not

A drive battery capacity automatic measurement which is the db cam which their system would automatically run tests determine what is the actual battery capacity of my battery and it would set it to a state i was at 72 percent when i brought the battery in we know that the battery is really not at 72 percent because mitsubishi has software which takes off 0.01 amp

Hours every 10 days or so to protect the battery then you have to take your vehicle in once a year and the software resets that fake loss back to whatever your true battery setting should be and mine was probably around 80 low 80s percent okay that’s where all phevs at the four and a half year mark are and if you’re running around without having taken it into the

Dealership lately you’re probably down to 70 or 72 percent which is what i was at so my dealer actually the kids that that’s there working on the car now he reset the battery and he’s not the only one i’ve had many guys online saying they’ve had the exact same thing done what happens is now the car thinks it has a new battery which causes problems with the charging

System in the car because the car stops itself from use using the bottom thirty percent battery now that it thinks it has a new battery it uses all that energy down into the safe zone and it keeps going because it thinks it has more amp hours than it actually does so 10 days after that reset i want to hook up the watchdog app and just see where what is my car

Reading i’ve been getting fantastic uh kilometers out of the car over 40 every trip now and the guys online told me it’s not an issue if when i run the battery low if i don’t get any error messages on the car or anything that over time driving this car over the next month or so the internal computer here will be smart enough to do its own measurements and it will

Start resetting my car back to where it should be so let’s take a look at what my car thinks the empires are at now 10 days after the reset okay so when we hook up the watchdog app it’s showing another minus 0.3 amp hours let’s take a look at our current battery state okay so battery condition here back on the 23rd we had the reset done with no db cam up to 99.8

Percent 39.9 amp hours and now as of today 10 days later we are at 98 39.2 amp hours so we’ve dropped 0.7 amp hours in 10 days so my computer is slowly resetting itself okay so where are we at guys well we are at gary is keeping this vehicle i have two teenagers so they are going to be driving this thing um maybe starting next year my one daughter’s in the process

Of getting her license right now maybe next year the year after it’s going to be a third vehicle because i’m gonna i’m looking at buying a new vehicle the problem is i will not buy a regular vehicle anymore it has to be at a minimum a phev and worst case best case hyphen slash star full electric but i live up here in northern ontario it’s cold it’s frosty right

Now we don’t have the infrastructure i don’t believe yet in place to support a full electric it’s going to be another three or four years before i would feel comfortable we’ve got two chargers in town that are free and one of them is uh has been broken it was only in place for a year and a half and for the last almost year the two chargers are broken and they’re

Not maintaining it so the problem there is the government got a huge grant or not the government sorry the government gave a huge grant to whatever company it’s beside the ymca and our and our sports complex i think it’s a sports complex that owns this they got a huge grant to put this thing up and it’s all computerized and fancy and the newest thing and it tracks

The sun and it’s like a big flower it opens and it closes when it’s shady well it’s putting electricity back into the grid they’re making money from that they got a grant to put this thing in well the chargers got broken they don’t care they’re not replacing them because the chargers aren’t making the money the chargers are costing the money when somebody’s plugged

In they’re taking the electricity out it’s not going back into the grid that’s my theory on it and any common sense guy will come to the same inclusion as what’s going on there because they’ve been broken for a year and nobody’s fixing them so anyway that’s just one little tiny example we there are no chargers up here uh there are a bank of tesla chargers uh at

The canadian tire okay so in my little town where i live there actually i’ve heard stories you know up at the college they’ve got a set now and they are popping up here and there but that doesn’t do us any help when we’re going out of town down to toronto there’s nowhere along the way maybe two spots i can think of that you can stop and charge yes your uh vehicle

Is going to tell you where the charges are and plan your route for you the software that they have now the problem with that i believe correct me if i’m wrong guys is how do i know that when i get there there aren’t eight other guys waiting to use a charger that’s already in use right and i hear now you can get about 200 kilometers in 20 minutes charge with these

Super fast chargers okay that’s still awesome that’s great yes i believe we should all plan our trips according to that you know take an extra 20 minutes have a little picnic with your wife and kids whatever right it’s not a big deal if i can get on the charger and i’m not waiting for all these other people is there a system in place that that knows that it’s

Smart enough like if i go call ahead and i book one of these things what happens when i don’t show up on time does it automatically give my spot to the next guy if i’m two minutes late like how does it all work i don’t know um i’m uh leery about going full electric but i might so where is gary going with all this well call me stupid he likes the abuse i’m gonna

Go down to mitsubishi and i want to talk to them about the 2023 phev today um because i want i have two main questions i want to know i know the car is fantastic right i love my 2018. let’s be clear about that guys from day one i have said that is one of the best things you can buy at pgv almost five years down the road this car has had nothing wrong with it so

Let’s get that clear and straight gary likes his mitsubishi i hate my service and i hate the fact that they’re screwing us all for batteries you know charging everybody and that we have to take the car in multiple days every year to get this thing resolved to get it reset um oh it’s frustrating my buddy drives like i said a plymouth uh pacifica okay he bought

It a year before me he has no issues with this thing he’s still getting 60 to 70 kilometers out of a i believe it’s a 14 kilowatt hour or 14 or 16 kilowatt hour battery in that and it’s five years old and he’s getting the same kilometers which we will test at some point on this channel so my questions today for mitsubishi are show me the car so maybe they’ll let

Us film that we can take a look at it if they have one there i don’t know let’s go see secondly i want to know is there new software in these new systems to deal with the new battery is it going to automatically drop this this amp hours and are they charging for battery services what does the manual say on the new 2023 in terms of service are we going to have

To keep paying for that because if that is the case guys i will never consider buying another mitsubishi again i’ve already told them that and the sad thing is i could be promoting these vehicles for them because i believe in them and i think they are freaking awesome they are the perfect stop gap for guys in northern communities like this where we can’t go all

Electric however you’ve got to have good service backing it up and you’ve gotta you’ve got to have the know-how to maintain what you’re selling and you need to know more about it than the guys buying them and i’ve never felt from day one that that is the case i’ve always felt that being the guy that i am running the channel i am doing all the tests that we did

On this channel 80 some videos on the original car sadly i believe that we’ve known more they can’t keep a technician there every time i go in it’s a new technician some new young guy some of them one guy did a db camera he shot in my car he knew what he was doing where did that guy go who’s he working for because he’s not there anymore anyway let’s go talk to

Mitsubishi i should mention as well on the phev it has been down to zero degrees every morning for the last week my engine is not coming on it is not starting like the problem we had in the spring so um is that because we have a lot more amp hours to use was it just a case of the battery being so low that uh the engine was coming on for some reason was it the

Automatic defrost settings that i turned off did that have something to do with it i’m not sure but the car is staying in electric mode without the engine starting even at low temps okay so i’m at mitsubishi and there’s no sales guys here yet this morning but i talked to the service manager and he’s telling me that he doesn’t can’t answer any of those questions

Either that i wanted to know about um you know is there a change in the system the software are people still going to be coming in for battery services every year he said he’ll know more in the next week so no he did tell me uh you know i can if i were to order one of these you’re within six months to a year out of getting one so pretty much the same waiting

List as everywhere else you know um i’m not 100 which way we want to go i’d like to see it i’d like to just look at it but i’m telling you guys if this if this software thing hasn’t changed where you got to bring the car in every year to get this battery looked at no go if they tell me they’re canceling the warranty on this car no go so i think the odds of me

Ever driving a 2023 even though it’s got the great double size capacity battery compared to this one pretty much almost double and a ton of new great features you know everything from bigger motor bigger electric engines bigger vehicle um a third row seating uh it’s got everything right they’ve addressed all the issues that i have other than the software battery

Thing which i don’t know i can’t confirm whether that’s being addressed or not

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