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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross vs. Outlander Sport

While everyone is going wild for the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander, we’re taking some time today to check out the rest of Mitsubishi’s North American Crossovers. The 2022 Eclipse Cross and 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport may look similar on paper, but they are two worlds apart.

Hey everyone john cora here marketing director for mcclinton mitsubishi and you might think that you’re seeing double here but you’re you’re actually not while these vehicles are both octane blue metallic on your right is the 2021 mitsubishi outlander sport and on your left is the 2022 mitsubishi eclipse cross and while these vehicles both sold by mitsubishi

Are very similar i want to show you some ways today that they’re different so let’s take a look all right so both of these are smaller than the mitsubishi outlander they’re both two two-row crossovers uh you could argue that they both fit inside the compact category or some might even argue that they’re sub-compact but let’s start with how these vehicles are

So similar uh first of all they both ride on a wheelbase of 105.1 inches so their wheelbases are identical so that’s one thing to consider i will mention that the length of the eclipse cross overall it’s actually about eight inches longer total so technically this is indeed a bigger vehicle than the outlander sport um but it’s interesting how they have that

Package inside the vehicle uh you’ll see that later on where you can actually see the major difference i do want to let you know that these vehicles are not apples to apples the outlander sport is a limited edition to where the eclipse cross is an sel the sel is very much the top of the spectrum for the eclipse cross the alley over here for the outlandish port

Is kind of in the middle so both of them are well equipped but i just want to give you heads up uh that the outlander sport is not at the very top of the trim level range as far as the width goes they’re almost identical the eclipse cross is 71.1 inches wide to where the outlander sport is 71.3 so technically the outlander sport over here is a tad bit bigger

As far as width goes uh now one area in which they’re different is the the engine choices so on the eclipse cross no matter which trim level you get you get a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine it has 152 horsepower now if i know we have a lot of overseas viewers so in europe for instance there is a plug-in hybrid version of the eclipse cross available that version

Of the eclipse cross is not available here in the united states so we’ll only be talking about the turbocharged gas engine today on the outlaner sport however there are two engine options if you get most of the trim levels including the base es all the way up to uh i believe the sc you get a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine that has 148 horsepower

There is a 2.4 liter four-cylinder option available on the gt trim and that one has 168 horsepower so if you go with the gt your advantage on horsepower will be with the outlander sport just something to keep in mind also it’s interesting to note that most of the trim levels so if you get an es or above on the outlander sport or if you get the sc or above

On the eclipse cross you’re going to get 18 inch rims they’re actually the same size rims same size tires on both i will say that the eclipse cross has bridgestone tires to where the outlander sport here has nexons uh just from as a mitsubishi owner someone who owns the 2018 outlander sport i prefer the bridgestones over the nexons so just keep that in mind

If you’re looking for tires on your vehicle as far as height goes the eclipse cross is about one and a half inches taller than the outlander sport and it’s honestly to a point where it’s barely noticeable so they’re pretty much the same as far as height goes now one thing i found interesting was even though the eclipse cross is longer overall when you go to

The rear seat leg room the outlander sport even though it’s technically smaller overall it has about an inch and a half to almost two inches more rear leg room so it’s just one of those ways where they have it packaged these vehicles are obviously styled very differently especially if you come around here to the back let’s turn around here there’s the rear and

Styling on the outlander sport and there’s the rear end styling and eclipse cross all right now around back in the cargo areas where you really see the biggest difference when it comes to how these vehicles are sized uh the outlander sport was refreshed for 2020 but they didn’t really do any major cosmetic differences inside the vehicle the eclipse cross over

Here was refreshed for 2022 and they added about five inches more in the cargo area so five inches more behind the back seat that means that this vehicle here the eclipse cross has about two cubic feet more cargo space behind the second row than the eclipse cross that’s the biggest difference as far as interior dimensions or exterior dimensions go it’s the

Space behind the second row so if you need a whole little bit more the cargo space and the eclipse cross may be more suited for your needs but if you’re more concerned about having a little bit more rear leg room and rear cargo isn’t a big concern of yours then the outlander sport may be a better fit for you so that’s the biggest difference when it comes to

The size of the vehicles but there’s more than just what’s skin deep on the eclipse cross in the outlander sport let’s go for a deep dive to really explain the major differences between these two vehicles all right so if you get either of these vehicles in front wheel drive you’re not going to see a whole lot of difference but when you do an all-wheel drive

Comparison you’ll see a big difference in their vehicles so the outlander sport has a traditional all-wheel drive system there’s not really any drive modes it’s just off on or locked a video here where i describe a link to a video where i describe the differences in the all-wheel drive systems in more detail but essentially the outlander sport with it being

An older vehicle overall has a more simple all-wheel drive system or they also refer to as four-wheel drive the eclipse cross on the other hand has a more advanced super all-wheel control system so not only does it have available all-wheel control but it uses a system that was developed for the mitsubishi lancer evolution uh that has a more advanced all-wheel

Drive system so there’s actually settings so if you go into uh the vehicle you have different settings for the all-wheel drive system there’s there’s different modes for like um gravel and stuff like that so you can actually change the settings of the all-wheel drive system let’s go ahead and jump into the eclipse cross and i’ll show you where there’s more

Differences as far as the interior goes all right so we’re inside of the 2022 eclipse cross this vehicle originally debuted in 2018 like i said earlier it had to refresh for 2022 but this vehicle overall has more technology you can see like it’s got a bigger screen available here it has the features like electronic parking brake and auto hold those are not

Available on the outlander sport no matter which trim you get on the outlander sport you won’t find something like mitsubishi connect which is a very cool new tech feature a lot of people like because it integrates into your smartphone the eclipse cross also has like a garage door integration system in the infotainment system that’s not available in the

Outlander sport their transmissions are the same i will say that however they’re all so different both vehicles have cvt transmissions uh their gear ratios are the same as well you know quote unquote gear ratios any hardcore poor person who knows how cbts work knows that there’s not really a you know first gear second gear third gear but the eclipse cross

Over here has simulated gears so it’s like essentially acting as an eight-speed transmission even though it’s a cvt so you can actually go up here and you know do the sport mode up and down and you can do simulated gear shifts can’t do that on the outlander sport the outlander sport does have a sport mode down on the gear shifter but it does not have these

Simulated uh gears like one through eight all right so we shift into reverse and then you’ll notice the 360 degree camera as well as the traditional backup camera there and yeah there’s a bit of a glare oops okay so there’s the 360 camera there’s the traditional backup camera not available at all on the outlander sport is the 360 camera now there is a backup

Camera standard on the outlander sport but i’ve come to like these 360 cameras myself so that’s something to consider as well and the technology let’s put it back in park the technology on the outlander sport isn’t quite up to date with that of the eclipse cross so like this has tom tom uh gps navigation built into it not available on the outlander sport

At all so you’re getting into this whole like what’s what’s more important to you like the outlander sport is a great entry-level crossover to where the eclipse cross is kind of more upscale not only in the way that it looks but the available features and once again like that mitsubishi connect is a game changer it agrees with your smartphone and like the the

Hvac controls down here a little bit different on this vehicle as well you have more integration here in the steering wheel i will say the the controls and the the display here for like attack and the speedometer or are pretty pretty common um in both vehicles but so much more is available in the eclipse cross than it is in the outlander sport and though this

Vehicle doesn’t have like a moon roof for instance uh the moon roof is a big difference in the two vehicles first of all the outlander sport over there we just turn around doesn’t even have an available moon roof the eclipse cross has an available panoramic moon roof so it’s a dual pane panoramic move roof it stretches all the way to the back seat it actually

Has two different openings so one part actually opens completely and then there’s a part in the back that opens just so you can view the glass so once again what’s the most important thing to you now both do have available heated seats which is a great feature this one has available heated steering wheel it’s not available in the outlander sport now i do want

To say once again because we get so many international viewers if you buy the rvr in canada or the asx overseas like in europe those do have like the panoramic moon roof available and the heated steering wheel available but once again we’re in the united states here we do not have that trim level available on the outlander sport used to be available up until

2018 then it went away so once again just something to consider all right and here’s the interior of the outlander sport for comparison uh once again more of a basic step now they did do an upgrade in 2020 and for 2021 on this screen it’s bigger now it’s an eight inch screen used to be that the biggest you could get was a seven inch uh seven inch is the standard

One in the es so if you go to uh an es plus or above you’re gonna get this sc i’m sorry you’re gonna get this eight inch screen uh also like i said there’s other features available like down here you can see the heated seats there’s your four wheel drive lock system your pretty standard gear shift right here you have a standard parking brake okay one thing i

Will say is like i’m a very tall person i’m six foot four and i have so much more room in the outlander sport than i do in the eclipse cross so the way that the the dash is set up as well as the the console here it is for me once again a six foot four man who’s big uh is more comfortable to ride in the outlander sport than the eclipse cross so that’s something

Else to consider one thing i do want to touch on is safety features and both of these vehicles have a great list of available and standard safety features and that’s one thing i will say that mitsubishi is doing great this year like you get standard ford collision mission forward collision mitigation on every mitsubishi sold no matter which one you get you

Know you have the blind spot monitoring available on both you have uh adaptive cruise control available on the eclipse cross uh you you do not have like the rear cross traffic alert available on the outlander sport but basic 50 features are the same both have a plethora of airbags available actually standard i’m sorry both of them have a lot of standard airbags

And they’re not going to sacrifice safety for value so that’s one of those things where even though you’re not paying a lot of money for either of these vehicles mitsubishi is not going to like once again sacrifice your safety needs for that so something to consider all right so that pretty much wraps up the comparison of these two vehicles except one important

Factor and that is price you can tell these vehicles are priced very differently right now and once again they are different trims one is an entry level trim the other is pretty much top of the line the sel does not have the sunroof package so you pay a little bit more for that but you are going to pay more overall for the eclipse cross than you will for the

Outlander sport and it’s not a huge difference mind you i mean it’s not going to be like 15 20 000 difference but you’re gonna pay a few thousand dollars more for the eclipse cross once again there’s more safety features there’s more uh available features there’s more as far as like the all-wheel control system goes so that does cost a little bit more in the

Long run so once again something to consider so no matter which vehicle you buy the eclipse cross or the outlander sport if you buy them from the clinton mitsubishi you’re going to get a 10 year 1 million mile powertrain warranty that’s on a factory warranty that is a clinton warranty and no that’s not a mistake that is a million mile warranty over the 10-year

Period now mitsubishi does have a great standard factory warranty they have a 10-year 100 000 mile warranty but with us you’re going to get that kicked up a notch to 10 years 1 million mile you do get a five year sixty thousand mile bump to bumper warranty we also include your first year service so you know your oil changes and your tire rotations those are

Included too so something else to consider why we’re building value into this brand just like you know everyone else is coming to love mitsubishi we’re gonna give you another reason to love mitsubishi so the best way to tell the difference between these two vehicles is to stop by test drive them uh they’re both available in octane blue metallic and it will say i

Personally would choose the outlander sport and i actually did choose the outlander sport i own a 19 octane blue metallic so same color outlander sport mine is an es front wheel drive i absolutely love my outlander sport i would not trade it for anything and like i said before i am more comfortable in this vehicle than the eclipse cross i’ve driven them both

A lot and while i do like a lot of tech features and safety and everything this vehicle for me i like the price a lot better and i just like the way it fits i’ve taken mine on a lot of road trips i probably put about 55 000 miles on it in under two years so i can say it’s a great handling vehicle it’s it’s safe it’s comfortable it’s reliable and that’s what

I chose so if you have any questions as always please comment below we love answering mitsubishi questions be sure to like and subscribe to get all the latest information on mitsubishi we’re also chevrolet dealership so as soon as we get some new chevrolets in we’ll be doing some videos on there and uh give us a call 304-422-6501 all right everyone hope you have a great day you

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