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Altair Club Cars Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review 2021

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review 2021

The all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: another day, another Hybrid SUV but can this one stand out from the crowd?

Hey guys today on ref the all-new mitsubishi eclipse cross and what looks like a really clever plug-in hybrid system is it though let’s find out when i first saw the car i immediately thought that’s pretty much how an autobot from transformers would design a car autobots roll out who needs hybrids when the world is going electric i’m gonna take you for the ride of

Your life build up and hang off mitsubishi really put some thought into this in total you’ve got three engines that are connected to a small 13.8 kilowatt hour battery now you might think three engines well that thing must be fast well no not really because in total they will only produce 188 horsepower 0 to 100 kilometers per hour will take you 10.9 seconds

And the top speed is limited to 162 kilometers or even 135 kilometers when you’re in all electric mode i want to boot some decepticon right in his turbo charger easy cliff jumper but this car isn’t about driving at high speeds instead it’s all about burning as little fuel as possible and driving all electric as much as possible mitsubishi claims the use of 19.3

Kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers plus a fuel consumption of 1.7 liters per 100 k’s and an all-electric range of 61 kilometers but as with all consumption numbers these should be taken with a grain of salt so to achieve those numbers the eclipse cross can either drive in serial hybrid mode so the combustion engine works as a generator that produces the energy

To feed the two electric motors or in parallel mode where all three engines work together to get you going the good thing is you don’t really need to know about all the technical details because the car will automatically choose the mode that’s the most efficient one the unique and futuristic design should really turn some heads now design wise mitsubishi

Changed the car quite a bit especially here at the front with these narrow headlights when i first saw the car i immediately thought well that’s pretty much how an autobot from transformers must or would design a car think of one of them as my soul can you transform it’s not everyday that you see a car that reminds you of your childhood now interior wise it’s

Quite funny when you think about the definitely futuristic looking exterior and then have a look in here because that’s quite the opposite which isn’t a bad thing call me old-fashioned but i actually like to have some knobs and buttons to change the volume now back here they also changed the design quite a bit before we had like a two split design back here so

Visibility wasn’t that great but it’s now improved what didn’t improve that much is the cargo space because in fact that got a little bit smaller 385 liters but okay at least you’ve got another additional storage space here for like your charging cable which is nice and there’s something quite special if you look here yes that’s a 230 volt socket that’s quite

A clever idea i mean if you have a battery in your car why not use it as a power bank bound a source of energy talking about charging there might be a little problem for some which could be a deal breaker i mean if you want to charge at home you’ve got your wall box that’s no problem as you’ve got like your type 2 plug here ac charging takes around four hours

You’re good to go but there’s not enough energy in these conductors to last the cortex if you want to use a fast charger well if you take a look yes that’s a chademo and as you know chademo is used in japan but here in europe we’ve got ccs as a standard so yeah that’s not ideal efficiency is clearly important to the future of the automotive industry so too is

Familiarity mitsubishi are working on both by creating a system that looks more like what drivers are used to while also making the vehicle more efficient now what i really like about the eclipse cross is that mitsubishi gives you the option to further increase the efficiency by actively changing the amount of recuperation other manufacturers often will tell

You in an electric car or in a plug-in hybrid well that’s too complicated the customer won’t understand the system so let’s not do that but in the eclipse cross you’ve got the option and i think changing the amount of recuperation is part of the fun of driving an electric car or a plug-in hybrid car so you’ve got these pedals here that you normally would know

From a normal combustion engine car to change gears but in here you’ve got five levels of recuperation and by pressing them you can change the amount of recuperation and there’s a sixth mode that will let you sail autobots start your engines mitsubishi will even actively challenge you to drive as efficiently as possible and for that they well included a kind

Of mini game as you can see here there’s this little tree and normally the tree is empty it’s a sad empty little tree but by not driving like a maniac speeding going hard on the brake but instead using your recuperation modes and the sailing mode in a clever and efficient way the tree will slowly turn green until it’s fully green and a happy little green tree

It sounds stupid i know but let me tell you it’s quite fun so to sum it up let’s talk the good and the bad about the mitsubishi eclipse cross all in all you get a really efficient and relaxing to drive plug-in hybrid system plus a great all-electric range ran using the ev mode and well the 61 kilometers should be plenty for everyday use on top of that there’s

The design i mean well probably won’t work for everybody but it’s definitely a head turner well when we talk about the downsides there’s the kind of limited top speed plus the missing ccs socket which could be a deal breaker for some you

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