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The MINI Clubman was designed to put your head in a spin, thanks to its distinctive looks, its sophisticated array of equipment, and the legendary go-kart feeling that is so typical of a MINI.

Like most new mini releases some bold brand new colors have been specially selected for the clubman this one here is indian summer red now not only does the body come in new colors but a number of new finishes have also been refreshed from the existing chrome to this sleek piano black that you can see here lining the headlights and this brand new front grille from

Aesthetic standpoint this is one of the most significant modifications that’s been made to the mini clubman it’s certainly confident and adds to the host of exciting upgrades and new design features that invigorate the clubman both inside and out so a first glance is certainly clear that the new clubman is here to make a statement the lighting system on the new

Mini clubman has also seen a number of purposeful updates the brand new led headlights for example have a daytime led light ring and an integrated led indicator surrounding the main headlights but that’s not all another new element is the matrix light technology it guarantees the best possible illumination level by driving with a high beam switched on all the time

It detects oncoming traffic and reflective objects by the road and automatically dips the brightness while keeping other passed the road lift off the adaptive lights also feature cornering lights meaning that when taking on corners the light will illuminate the bend for your driving comfort and safety so that’s a front taken care of let’s move around and see what

Else is happening on the new clubman another deviation from previous mini designs the clubman gets an elegant new pair of wing mirror caps they’re a lot more angular than we’ve seen before and give the clubman an aerodynamic edge when compared with previous models these alloys are 18-inch multi-race spokes with a two-tone finish that incorporates sus sophisticated

Piano black while maintaining that sporty look and feel now to the rear of the club its width is accentuated by horizontal lines from the plate and logo up to the chrome handles on unmistakable clubland split doors to the way that the rear window is a seamless continuation of the side windows and let’s talk about these rear lights new full led technology has been

Applied to the brake lights and indicators of the rear just at the headlights at the front and they come in a new design with a charismatic nod to the minis british heritage so i’ve shown you all the exterior features the new mini clubman has to offer now let’s take a look at some of the design features inside but elevate the clubman into a class of its own the

Detailing on the new clubman is unrivaled and it’s apparent the moment you open the door before you even step in you can see that the mini logo projectors china beam onto the ground so that when you’re getting in and out of the car at nighttime you can see exactly where you’re stepping the moment you get into the driver’s seat you’ll know you’re in a mini the seat

Bed is low to the ground while the seats themselves hold you neatly in an optimal position this provides both comfort and a sporty feel as the low position gives added responsiveness when cornering you’ll notice the many aspects from the exterior design also continue inside with the sleek piano black surfaces in the clubman cockpit the new clubman also comes with

An adjustable panoramic roof and when you let the light in it really emphasizes the already roomier feel

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MINI | THE MINI CLUBMAN | Design By MINI New Zealand

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