mini countryman autoweek review
Altair Club Cars Mini Countryman – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Mini Countryman – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Mini Countryman – AutoWeek Review

In 2004, the first rumors around a mini-suv arose, and about four years later, the countryman arrived. today we’d call it a crossover, so we’ll call the new countryman just crossover. if you thought the original new mini isn’t anything like a mini, it’s 23 centimetres longer, it’s 3 centimetres wider, the wheelbase has been extended by 7,5 centimetres, it just doesn’t have

Anything to do with a mini anymore. still, bmw has turned the mini-label into a successful part of the company. the paceman didn’t work, the mini coupé didn’t work, but the countryman really hit the spot, that’s why there’s a new version. all new countrymans will be built in the netherlands! the legroom is very good, just like the headroom. also, the rear seat can

Be moved now. so if you’ve got small children, or if you need the loading space, a small design flaw when you move the seats backwards though, your pants scuffs the sill of the car. i’ve already dusted down my pants a couple of times before filming. the trunk has also been improved by that increased length, so it’s probably needed to put the rear seats fully forwards.

This way you can have picknick without having to worry about getting a dirty pants! it was quite the step for mini when they introduced the countryman for the first time. that’s because the countryman didn’t have anything to do with the original mini anymore. but, bmw wanted more because the mini sold pretty good. they’ve got one for five years, probably their first

Lease car, and they just grow out of the mini. you just can’t drive one forever. that’s why the countryman arose next to the clubman. the car is very popular, and if you look at the netherlands, how often do you see the cooper s or even the john cooper works-versions? those badges have a lot less effect on the countryman than on the normal mini, mini would be crazy if

They wouldn’t build a successor. especially considering the failed mini coupé and mini roadster. those cars just didn’t sell, so there won’t be successors to them. the countryman was a success though, so that’s why i’m driving the new one. actually, the countryman isn’t the only mini ‘new-style’, because the current clubman hasn’t got anything to do with it’s predecessor

Anymore. as opposed to the current clubman. that’s a proper c-segment car nowadays, it’s also much more of a family car, not as much as this countryman though. the chassis is quite dynamic, so there’s a little bit of driving pleasure in there, it isn’t a real drivers car though, it isn’t super sportive or something. because the people who buy this car for their families,

Which is present on the outside as well as the inside, and the drive and responses you get make this a nice car to drive. that brings me to the other branch of bmw, the ‘regular’ bmw’s. bmw x1, the bmw 2-serie active tourer, absolutely not. people who say that, don’t know how bmw’s were supposed to drive, i guess. that’s because the whole balance gets lost with the front

Wheel drive. however, the 2-series active tourer and bmw x1 are still dynamic cars, nice to drive as well. just not like an original bmw. combined with lots of space and an incredible drivetrain. i mean, there’s no go-kart feeling, and it doesn’t give you the feeling you can crawl through anything. and the people who bought mini’s because of its appearance, the drivetrain

For example, which i mentioned before. but the range starts with the cooper. the one with 1.5-litre 3-cylinder turbo. it also has a nice 8-speed automatic gearbox. it’s no hot, high-revving engine, so you shouldn’t drive it like that. you rather drive it on its turbo-boost and its torque, so if you want to accelerate on the highway, you just rev… i mean it isn’t very

Sporty or something, but that little growl isn’t too bad… it’s pretty good in sync with the suspension settings. ergonomically speaking, they got rid of mini force. the gimmick was done with all those buttons, it just didn’t work. the controls are nice as well and the funkyness is gone. the space is good, the drivetrain is good, the steering and the ride is good,

The build quality is good, of course that’s because of the dutch mechanics in born, the prices for the cooper are on the edge of being affordable, but just like with bmw and audi, the options make the car expensive.

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