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Altair Club Cars MINI Convertible 1.5 Cooper Classic Euro 6 | GC Motors

MINI Convertible 1.5 Cooper Classic Euro 6 | GC Motors

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Hello and welcome to gc motors here in harrogate north yorkshire today we’re taking a look at this mini convertible cooper classic in today’s video we’ll take you around the outside of the vehicle take you through the inside show off the great condition that it’s in as well as demonstrate a few of the features and benefits that it has to offer the first thing

You’ll notice is that this particular mini is finished in a caribbean aqua metallic paint as you’ll see there got the chrome surrounds on the lights and grill as well as chrome badging throughout as we come around the side we’ll see the 16 inch alloy wheels the tires are part of our check off process as well so a technician will check those with a tread depth

Gauge just make sure there’s plenty of tread left on them got the black wing mirrors black wheel surrounds if you come down the side you’ll see the great condition the paint’s in as it picks up the reflections from the showroom windows now there will be some age-related wear and tear due to the age of mileage as you’d expect but we do guarantee no scratches

Through the paintwork no dents and no scuffs on the alloy wheels so good look at the back seats and the fantastic condition that they’re in you see the isofix points there for child seats contrast stitching aluminium kick plate which is briefly in view the passenger’s door card speakers for the sound system again good luck at the seat and the great condition

That it’s in we’ll come around the other side we’ll look at the driver’s door card and sit behind the wheel again you’ve got a gloss finish window controls speakers for the sound system another good look at the driver’s seat we have heated front seats for both the driver and passenger so as we take a seat behind the wheel it’s a leather multi-function steering

Wheel as we turn it on you’ll see the mileage which is 39 440. the infotainment screen there which is nice and big nice and clear easy to navigate easy to see especially while driving some of the additional features that this mini has we have dual zone climate control a speed limiter park distance control voice controls and dab radio satellite navigation and

Bluetooth connectivity see the controls there for the dual zone climate the start and stop button just at the bottom of the the dash there as well and the controls for the heated seats just a good look at the center console and the condition of that scent so we’ll step out we’ll give you one more look at the front this vehicle is now live on our website so to

View more pictures or read more specification you can go to gc motors dot co dot uk additionally you can ring us on one four two three five treble zero one seven thank you for your time goodbye

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MINI Convertible 1.5 Cooper Classic Euro 6 | GC Motors By GC Motors

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