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Altair Club Cars Milsim West Clash on the Steppes Part 2: Recon Jeep (65 hour Airsoft Game)

Milsim West Clash on the Steppes Part 2: Recon Jeep (65 hour Airsoft Game)

Part 2 of Milsim West’s 65 hour airsoft, Clash on the Steppes take us on a recon mission which bears more information than just a simple enemy movement.

Every foot tune to get 18 hours of rest over the course of four days you think that’s a lot but we are here for four days high area lots of mountains lots of walking if you do the math that’s the same as an average three-day operation getting 11 hours of sleep which is about five hours a night unfortunately we do not have trucks at this time we are still attempting to

Steal some from nato expect trucks in the future hopefully nato has no attention span so those are seoul rush over there and then some will pass out right here because of the plate carriers over here because of sprained foofa’s crash limit will if you can kill their platoon sergeant uh i think his name is schrum please or something we take a death picture something

That shames him and put it on vk or instagram jackie please third platoon you know where you’re doing first platoon you know you’re doing second you know what you’re doing and reconnaissance what’s up all right we have a suspected enemy patrol base move to somewhere in this vicinity north of our patrol base we need to have a reconnoiter go there determine where

They’re at and then give us back a grid use the map here for the grid four-digit grid will do move out with your vehicle i would say cut around here use the roads hit this wooded area move along the wood line and then banana peel back and then return see you paul we’ll be on the radio check okay let’s go where were you all that deuces and take that road there’s no

One there though hang on let me look i’ll tell you oh they’re leaving the base yeah you see you can barely skip this is definitely a platoon sized element moving out of the base definitely put two sides most definitely there’s a small hill up ahead of us if you want to take it to that hill that we can observe or this oh even better oh yeah this is uh okay yeah it’s

Good let me take a look again oh lm tv leaving lm tv yeah can’t confirm packs in the back of the lm tv that thing is loaded down yep yep yep roger oh yes there’s a squad moving to the to the northeast so the lm tv is just sitting there it’s still full of guys oh wow there’s a lot of them so there’s what there’s like a platoon element farther the lm tv is filled

To the right of the lm tv there is like a full size platoon lm tv is moving now same same direction all all of their units are moving in the same direction oh do you think we can hit this road come down cut them off a little bit right right better don’t go right don’t go right don’t go right go left a little bit to ryan through back okay lately we click like

Hold hold hold let me let me get eyes on where are they rocky it’s bubba that’s baltimore yeah that’s bubba okay and yeah they’ve got holy daedric yeah they’ve got rux all right but what’s holy sam i’ve been the heart let them know animal probe eyes on us no no they don’t see us yet they’re about to buy a turd and hang on i’m looking at bubba right now through

My skull 19 20 20 packs overwrap can you read them they’re firing at us no i cannot range from here but you should probably open fire oh there the knowledge so good eyes no i do they disappeared behind the in behind that hill yeah yeah oh no no no to our right now they’re looking at us lately lately you seasoned me caesar you seasoned me they’d wait oh hold on

Wait i don’t think that’s people i don’t think there’s people in a lan tv maybe they’re just rockin mate i think it’s packs oh the plot thickens i think the packer and the l of t v g gone you gone cuz i can look inside of it from here once you get to the top of the hill let me see you this ii know it’s taxed it’s filled with their cook it’s filled with our packs

Five forty eight seven five nine okay they’re moving their whole i saw the infantry behind it there it is the infantry’s coming up behind it now oh yeah yeah yeah spotting scope dude that’s all filled with times it still the packs not people they’re moving they’re three actual four babaev action that that truck telling you about that’s filled with play rucksacks

Looks it’s all rocks like trucks public roxanne will be a large element of dudes – yeah so they’ve got at least roughly 60 news on the move to some other we try to go and they move we can try to check their family remedy there there’s the only truck i’ll bring the other truck with us want to bring the other truck with us need not wake up so we’re thinking ever

Since everyone’s on the move over here did their pv spry pretty empty we just want to go check all right so it’s just uh i got their pb make sure that they all left anyway we have a better idea how many might have moved or if they do have guys back there nope don’t see anything oh we got fighting positions and bunkers in the treeline so we’re going to be careful

Coming up watch just in case all i’ll touch out again oh it’s a note dear russian soul dot if you are reading this watch out for my landline sincere will be sincerely nate ps love you also potato is false god don’t do crock a deal if you don’t know is gu one rule oh look at the back well pretty sure there it is clear your suspicions are correct they are flagging

Left background wow whoa go-go-go nade guide our pyrotechnic grenades these are grenades that use an ignition system to light a fuse which detonates a small explosive blast first is the thermal barrier

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Milsim West Clash on the Steppes Part 2: Recon Jeep (65 hour Airsoft Game) By DesertFoxAirsoft

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