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Altair Club Cars MICTUNING Back Seat Covers Will SAVE Your Ford Bronco Interior 21+ Bronco Accessory

MICTUNING Back Seat Covers Will SAVE Your Ford Bronco Interior 21+ Bronco Accessory

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Thank you hey everybody this is dan for gaming dion cars it is finally a nice deer day here in central pa it’s been raining for like the past day five days straight uh now i’m gonna do a product review today of something that i think can help all bronco owners two-door four-door as you can see mine is the four-door and i have a product that is going to help

Preserve the back seat of our bronco now if you’re like me you are always carrying just stuff you know i have stuff in the back for my construction i have all my hard hat and stuff like that plus i’m carrying chairs and stuff for my daughter’s sporting events i’m just carrying groceries just stuff i mean that’s the main reason why i got the four-door broncos

Just because i always have the need for more space so i was sent a product by mick tuning you can look at their instagram page right here and this is going to be a back seat protector so i’ll show you what this thing does all right now as you can see right here this is the backseat cover protector with the folding lip now this is made for the four-door with

The lip right there which is on the lip there goes penny she’s gonna be my helper in a little bit but this is a product right here this is made out of a super durable plastic odorless it’s not going to stain it’s not going to do anything to your car so we’re going to install these on the back seat of the bronco and we’re going to do a couple tests so here we go

Now i have to mention that in a lot of cars in this car is no exception this carpet that they put in the back is this is high quality carbon but if you have a dog that sheds a lot it is absolutely going to get stuck to this 100 i’m lucky that my dog does not shed she’s a goldendoodle but this stuff will just get destroyed with dog hair if you don’t have these

Protectors on it so we’re going to do a little before and after but this is going to be the perfect product for dogs that shed now when you open the box this is what comes with this is the installation instructions now all along the perimeter of the backseat cover there is a they call it a magic sticker that it just will affix to the back seat right there so it

Comes with directions so let’s get these bad boys on this is a really durable solid feeling plastic is obviously going to go on the smaller part product right here and this is like a really solid feeling you know it sort of flims not flimsy but not super heavy but it feels very solid and durable now we’re just going to put this on the back of the seats these

Are the holes for your rear latches if you have small children this just looks like very durable quality i’m digging it so let’s put these bad boys on now i’m not it’s more of a velcro seal as opposed to like a sticky tack that you would pull off so i think this this uh velcro is going to stick to the carpet of the back seats very well also they do recommend that

You put the back seats up when you install these i think that just so you can push on it a little bit but then once i get the product on then we’ll put the seats down they call this like a lip protector and right where the seats go down right there there’s a little piece like a lip like a four inch lip right there this is protected as the seats go up and down

One first there’s nice nice cutouts for the holes for the latch system and then for the thing here to go down this stuff sticks to the carpet so well just like that i’m done already so let’s put the seats down and see how this looks now as you can see this just really nice now i like how they do the whole velcro system but this is just a super durable quality

I really like the sort of ridges on it look at that pennies up there now this quality i think is really nice now this product is on amazon uh the price differs between the two-door and the four-door because the two-door and the four-door have different shaped seats i think the two-door has just two seats back there but this is looking really nice i really like

The quality this is a product by mick tuning i want to say thank you to them for sending me this product now you can get this this product on amazon it’s i think somewhere from about 55 to about 75 and if i hit a husky or golden retriever 100 when i buy this product to protect my back seats now just give you a little idea of how durable i think this stuff could

Be we’re just gonna spread a little water on there look at that beads right off into the bottom if you’re let’s say your pet has an accident but look at that it doesn’t go through at all i’m just gonna soak that up there look at that it’s gone absolutely gone so that’s another uh aspect of the durability of the backseat covers all right the last test we’re gonna

Do i have a knife right here and now they told me just to give it a couple little scratches at that now i am actually pushing there’s nothing there i mean that will speak to the durability let’s say your your dog paws look at that like i am seriously pushing i’m not giving it uh that is like super quality right there it did not pierce it at all it feels like

Such a lightweight material but look at that that is uh pretty impressive definitely durable i mean i think it’d be tough for your dogs or animals to to mess up this stuff look at that there’s nothing there all right now this is gonna wrap up this video now i want to give a big shout out to nick tuning for this product here these backseat covers i am sold i think

This is a fantastic product and durability is there plus you won’t have to worry about scratching it if you have huge dogs get this product immediately it will save you uh so much time getting all that dog hair out of the carpets i will put mick tuning’s instagram right here i will put a link in my description below to buy the product hope you enjoyed this video

I’ll see you in the next one have a good day

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MICTUNING Back Seat Covers Will SAVE Your Ford Bronco Interior! 21+ Bronco Accessory By GemmyD on Cars

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