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Altair Club Cars Mercedes Sprinter Battery Location and Removal Proceedure

Mercedes Sprinter Battery Location and Removal Proceedure

Here’s a video on me removing the battery from my 2010 NCV3 Sprinter van. It’s quite a cumbersome procedure which requires specific tools as shown in the video.

This is going to be about removing the battery in sliding a mercedes sprinter van as you can see this is the type of man and half stirrer black sprinter i’m going to read the map battery here and then the british english version it’s on the passenger side which is on the left-hand side and on the american version for the driver side which is also the left-hand side

Says both on the same side is slightly different in the english version instead of just removing these as you do in the american version and then taking all this off you take this this thing over like so just twist it and turn it as lift up and then your movies that were kind of starkey screws which i’ve done so here already you see you need a kind of special kind

Of cool like that to remove it you’ve got already then you remove this special flooring just just rubber some sort and here is the batteries under this thing so i’m going to remove that now again you need a slightly larger stock heater leave it for them and and yet just take it off which reveals the battery and yeah um so you take this thing off just pull off and

You can remove these bolts alright to hear everything under here i think in the american version you have to do this you need to access but there’s another the battery actually connects to that thing there a disconnect that so we need to use is a fourteen millimeter wrench right let’s take this thing off that’s what i already listen this so let’s take off and

Discount the battery this is the fuse box city of it come off so now so this thing what’s this what’s off now end up deciding to go for this thing instead of i said go for that so i managed to remove it right here this sand whatever it is makes the battery likely route that work you know you can see this place my first time i experienced in this thing it’s

Kind of thing anyways like alright hello what pound right this is this is how i remove the this bit i loosen that like i was doing earlier now do you just remove it and it’s doesn’t that this battery still in the canal so you’re going to take these bolts out for the clamp you know how do you loosen these very long bolts and i used this thing in an extension to get

Enough leverage to go twist around so if you’ve got one of these it’s quite annoying otherwise another thing to be able to do it without sight i got it i’ve got the second one off and there the battery should be able to come out again i haven’t done it so the first time but we’ll see we’ll see if i can and it comes off now the battery comes free you can’t loose

And they go there let’s use batteries out yeah as you like it which is like if you liked and these are copper leave a comment subscribe please cheers

Transcribed from video
Mercedes Sprinter Battery Location and Removal Proceedure By Workshop Lateral

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