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Altair Club Cars Mercedes Sprinter 12-15 passengers Van Rentals Houston Texas

Mercedes Sprinter 12-15 passengers Van Rentals Houston Texas

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When you need a van that can carry more passengers the sprinter passenger van does that in a big way with seating for up to 12 the sprinter comes in the 1500 and 2500 series with seating up to 15 the sprinter is available in the 2500 series your passengers will enjoy features such as usbc charging ports and a spacious rear storage area that provides ample room for

Luggage all the while you’ll know that they’re protected by level of safety only mercedes-benz can deliver if your location or lifestyle often puts you in situations like bad weather or rough terrain choose the on-demand four-wheel drive option available in the 2500 series it features a higher waiting depth a low range gear and a standard v6 turbo diesel engine

The sprinter passenger van is available in two wheelbase lengths two body lengths two roof heights and two interior configurations that seat up to 12 or up to 15 people it has a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 9480 pounds with a maximum payload capacity of 3441 pounds maximum cargo volume of 111.2 cubic feet and a maximum towing capacity of 5000 pounds roof

Air conditioning comes in two output levels there’s the standard version and a high performance air conditioner that’s available on the diesel-powered passenger van the ergonomic rear seats have individual headrests and an available reclining option the maximum 69.8 inch floor width means there’s plenty of space to sit an impressive interior standing height of up

To six feet three inches provides greater passenger comfort with plenty of room to move for the first time you can get turbocharged power and the convenience of gasoline in one package with a four-cylinder gasoline engine paired with a 9g tronic 9-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment a 3-liter 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine is also available and

Features double overhead camshafts direct injection a 7g tronic plus 7-speed automatic transmission and the power and economy you need to get the job done as builders of the sprinter passenger van it’s our responsibility to offer the safest vehicle possible and we take that responsibility seriously the sprinter passenger van already has an impressive list of

Standard features but we reviewed and enhanced some of them to be more effective then we added active and passive technology that you’d normally find in passenger cars because we believe you should have that same level of protection for yourself and your passengers for more safety information click below the sprinter passenger van is proof that you don’t have

To give up efficiency for comfort while your passengers are enjoying the plush and relaxing interior the drivetrains are delivering smooth quiet economic performance and sprinter’s legendary durability will continue to help keep you on the road and productive the best in class service intervals of up to 20 000 miles for diesel and up to 15 000 miles for gas keep

Your downtime to a minimum so you can get more done factor in the sprinter’s legendary durability and it’s no wonder why it earned alg’s residual value award for three consecutive years mercedes pro is a suite of b2b technology services designed to help businesses seamlessly connect their mercedes-benz vans to the digital world with an amazing level of depth

And accuracy and proves once again that sprinter is the innovation leader in the category for more mercedes pro information click below the infotainment system in the sprinter gives you a wealth of information right at your fingertips so you can stay focused on driving and work for the first time display screens that are activated via touch voice control how

Can i help you or touch buttons on the steering wheel are available on the sprinter it comes equipped with smartphone integration for apple carplay and android auto bluetooth capability and a highly stable internet connection so you can stay productive while you’re on the road the display screen is now available in 7-inch and even larger 10.25 inch sizes for more

On sprinter infotainment click below the sprinter passenger van is ready to carry your business to the next level with comfortable seating for up to 15 it can expand your opportunities while its power durability and efficiency will help keep you productive year after year it’s the van that’s built for you

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