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Altair Club Cars mercedes | mercedes Benz | The Best Features Of The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB

mercedes | mercedes Benz | The Best Features Of The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB

The EQB is an electric SUV that boasts a plethora of tech advancements and quirky design.

The best features of the 2022 mercedes-benz eqb the eqb is an electric suv that boasts a plethora of tech advancements and quirky design the world is moving towards electrification at a rapid pace most manufacturers have already included evs in their portfolio and made claims to go all electric in the upcoming decade to preserve the environment one of the

Manufacturers leading this change happens to be the prestigious german carmaker mercedes-benz mercedes already has plenty of evs with different body styles and usage for various audiences the latest offering by them is the 2022 eqb if one is familiar with mercedes-benz nomenclature it is evident that all their electric models have eq as a prefix and the next

Letter after eq shows the class type of vehicle the eqb happens to be an suv based on the famous mercedes-benz glb the vehicle comes with a host of changes over the glb however it is going its way due to its quirky styling and a very healthy battery range the car is not on sale in north america yet but expected to hit the road by the end of 2022. the best features

Of the 2022 mercedes-benz eqb the competitive range when talking about any electric vehicle most people are concerned about the car’s range the eqb with its 66.5 kilowatt hours battery pack does not disappoint as this beast can deliver a driving range north of 260 miles which is more than sufficient for any utility vehicle of this class the battery powers the

Electric motor that produces an output of 221 horsepower the car is expected to come in two trim levels the smaller eqb 250 which will have a front-wheel drive layout and the larger eqb 350 which could get more power and even an all-wheel drive the more potent eqb 350 has a power figure of 288 horsepower the suv will be powered by a single speed gearbox just like

Most tvs and the zero to 60 miles per hour time is around the seven second mark since the battery is mounted on the floor of the eqb it will have a low center of gravity that would allow the vehicle to be stable when put through a set of twisties the car will also support 120 and 240 volt charging along with dc fast charging that will help charge the suv from 10

To 80 percent in under 30 minutes a tech filled interior the vehicle’s interior will feature the latest generation of mercedes-benz box system that will include two huge 12-inch screens the screen on the left will act as a digital driver’s display that houses the speedometer and all driving dynamics and shall also be controlled by the touch sensitive buttons on

The steering wheel the other screen happens to be a central infotainment system moreover it is controlled by touch or via voice commands as it houses features like navigation media playback and vehicle charging data android auto and apple carplay are expected to be standard along with wireless phone charging a heads-up display and connected car tech are included

As well the car offers two rows of seats as standard and the third row of seats will come as an option the cabin uses leather and soft touch materials and the contrast stitching used to put the leather in place gives the cabin a very lively vibe with a wheelbase of around 111 inches the ev is quite spacious and offers comfort for all three rows of seats if buyers

Opt for it the front seats are crafted entirely out of leather and will have heating and ventilation functions the vehicle’s cabin will be in all black in typical mercedes styling and will feature rose gold accents good safety equipment the eqb is expected to offer a fair bit of active safety features along with the standard ones the utility vehicle also features

Standard autonomous emergency braking along with pedestrian detection however the higher models come with lane departure warning along with lane keep assist as well as adaptive cruise control and semi-autonomous driving the mercedes-benz eqb offers a stellar value for money as it is expected to price at 57 000 and the top trim at 67 000 the vehicle will be on sale

In the last quarter of this year and will surely shake up the suv segment

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mercedes | mercedes Benz | The Best Features Of The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQB By Supercar

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