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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Unveiled at Coastal Star Pop-up Store | Flywheel Malayalam

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Unveiled at Coastal Star Pop-up Store | Flywheel Malayalam

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Mercedes-Benz Coastal Star will be the home for Mercedes-Benz cars for Southern Kerala. Coastal Star group has started their state-of-the-art Pop-up store currently at Le Meridian Kochi. We experienced this new-age treatment in the Indian automotive space. The occasion was more elusive with the launch of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Enjoy the first-look review of the opulent Mercedes-Maybach S580 in all it’s glory.

Welcome to flywheel so friends thomas i know four years i know him also four years like i was like my good friend he’s from hyderabad but he can speak maladam so he has like he done his childhood yes okay so congratulations both of you for the new uh home for mercedes in kerala with a great name coaster star star always lead and coastal for our west coast

Right absolutely okay fine okay upcoming i think it’s always better you speak of all this right who’s going to speak i can do that okay so um so coastal star uh you know is a creation between the mohave group and uh and privileged uh honored to be uh you know to be representing messages in the state of kerala honeywell you know i have been associated with

Mercedes-benz india for the last 12 years my last position was the national sales and that’s something that when mercedes was actually partnering with tata i remember from the first car which i delivered in 96 i remember getting it out from the truck myself because at that point of time we were not sure about a driver getting a car out of a truck so from

96 to now which is actually two years before it became just mercedes-benz india and 27 years is our association yeah and i think it’s a beautiful journey so once a man with a mercedes star remains a mercedes talk about that sure so uh we started on first of december the first day of operation uh coastal style our philosophy is very clear that we you know

That we want to keep our customers at the center of everything that we do and uh you know i think for any mercedes-benz customer service is the primary uh you know requirements uh for the first 45 days we were only focusing on service because there was a lot of tenancy other uh other clearing to keep you know satisfy our customers requirement was our first

Uh priority uh from january onwards yes we’ve you know we’ve started taking bookings as well and uh uh like i said you know 100 bookings uh and we’ve crossed a thousand cars in service as well uh so the start has been very uh you know very encouraging and very and i think it only is reflective of the the love uh and uh you know the adoration that uh you know

Brand like most easements has in the state of kerala um you know we moved to our new home yeah which is work in progress that’s my next question actually new home new home nervous effects with the service maybe the backbone and learning level represent as you can see here right on the image as well as you can see on the image we believe this is going to be

India’s first integrated mar facility mr stands for modern architecture at retail which is the global design direction of mercedes-benz for uh you know for all uh our you know our stores that’s work in progress yeah it’s a massive 50 000 square feet integration it’s integrated with a vertical uh service center uh you know we will have uh be able to accommodate

Everything that we want to do and give all the entire experience the entire 360 degree experience to the customer under one roof and i think the power of that is you know something else so for sure i can assure all of our all your viewers our viewers that you know that um we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that we are able to represent the mercedes-benz

In the best possible one so i think with the new uh graphics you are shown here uh i think like us uh the showroom is also getting younger like we all feel like doesn’t we look like yeah i really like that concept the black silver and even the covered portion uh so maybe you have been seeing uh various kinds of uh corporate identity of mercedes still since

2096. how do you find this one see now this is very very modern at one point of time we used to think that mercedes-benz was a little old-fashioned and things like that but i think over the years they have changed dramatically yeah and they have become such a young brand so even now if you look at anything which is happening worldwide for mercedes-benz it is

It’s absolutely bang on for the young generation we are a very very young brand with a legacy which is really good yes so there’s a key point here young brand young at heart with a heritage of more than 125 years and when when we can add to that i think what you will also see at the new store is the the confluence of uh more digital uh environments yeah uh

And i think uh uh you know anna with respect to the rest of the year industry so um architecture and uh you know the focus is on design on uh you know on on sophistication for sure uh but other i think the primary focus will be on customer experience and the customer journey yeah when he enters uh you know one of these facilities so um like i said you know

Whatever we do the customers at the center okay cool so that’s a very key thing an alum had a management app but it’s number one customer is always the king the star in them is customers never treat you in the learner anyway uh all the very best guys and looking forward for the showroom and then yeah okay and i want eagerly to show this my back to my audience

By all means thank you thank you so much foreign foreign which will be coming very soon see you

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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Unveiled at Coastal Star Pop-up Store | Flywheel Malayalam By Flywheel by Hani Musthafa

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