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Mercedes Maybach S-Class | Business Class Experience | Shutterdrives

Mercedes has unveiled the luxury twins S580 and S680 that promise to pamper you with INSANE luxury. Here’s a sneak peak into the best alternatives to the ultra exotics like RR and Bentleys!

Mercedes-benz a brand that’s very close to my heart that’s because mercedes-benz glc was the first car reviewed at shutter drives and after that we have reviewed many mercedes-benz cars including the gla the e-class the c-class and whatnot but mercedes has upped the game to whole new level now they have got a car which we are literally craving to get our hands

On for the full review but for starters the car has just launched today and we cannot wait to let you have a sneak peek into this luxurious uber uber luxurious masterpiece in the name of s-class bow this this is the masterpiece in the name of my s-class it’s unbelievable how mercedes-benz has put lot of things into a puzzle to get this car here just look at

This stance here you get 19 inch of alloy wheels i do not want to get into the detail specs here because we’ll save that for the review but this is how magical the alloy wheels look in this car moving on you have the headlamps here and there is this chrome grille that distincts my back from the s-class these are vertically started grilles so talking about the

Headlight again so this is something called as the digital headlight which we saw with the inception of s-class and the same legacy has been carried over in the my back too moving downwards you do have a couple of parking sensors that are going to help you in manually this massive mammoth 5.7 meter car you get two sunroofs like we said earlier and this car

Has this chrome strip embedded across from the front to the rear and the entire enclosure is covered in this thick clones chrome strip which makes the car look very very very elegant so this is the shade and we did have another shade of white and green inside and this is the maybach logo that is present here which complements the overall aesthetics of the car

So pirelli is the oim for the tires and closer observations into the alloy will make you realize how well this car is crafted to perfection so this is the raid of the s-class maybach and it looks very very premium there’s a chrome strip running between the tail lamps and uh you can access the boot from here and what i really love is the trail lamps come to a

Certain point and they coincide which gives it a triangular look and it enhances the appeal especially in the darker colors like this and you have the mercedes monogram here and this is the s580 which means that this is the locally manufactured car and you get the other one that is much expensive one which is a cbu so this being the locally manufactured car is

Uh top notch in terms of quality the panel gaps are minimum and that’s where i think this is going to be a big big bargain for people who are going to look into the ultra luxurious car space this is the interiors of the my mac s class and one thing that i want to point out is mercedes says that the average age group of the consumer who buys the s-class is just 38

Years they are the young people tech latin people they want to experiment with new technology and more importantly they are not big fans of being shuffle driven they love to be surprised during the day but they drive the car themselves at night most of the time that’s what the statistics of the consumer behavior analysis of mercedes says overall the cabin looks

Extremely plush a good 10 on 10 there there is this massive uh infotainment system here it’s a mbx system it looks like it’s it’s something else there are four ac vents here this is a complete digital instrument cluster and apart from that these are the memory seats the seats could be adjusted for recline for even the headrest can be adjusted electronically from

Here that’s the attention to detail that mercedes has provided and what’s also nicer is the seats are very very very supportive and comfortable it’s not that the seats are you know compromised it’s not the thigh support is less or something that’s like the seats are very supportive and this headdress makes a makes so much different i just feel like taking this

Home with me so this again is a storage compartment here two usb type-c chargers and two usb type-c chargers here last thing i want to tell you here is the engine start stop button is placed here on the left and from this is how you can start the car and apart from that you do have the parking brake option here and another thing is the pedals both are engraved

With mercedes maybach monogram uh to give you an enhanced appeal so this is the rear of the mybach s-class and this is absolutely incredible it’s unbelievable how plush the cabin looks like i can tell you that this is as good as a business class i have never been in a business class but this is just excellent uh the luxury coefficient that is there in the rear

Space is phenomenal you get a sunroof and more importantly there are three uh sensors here that determine the position of your seat the way you’re sitting and based on that many parameters are calculated uh the seat angle the headrest angle the backrest angle and things like that and apart from that yes you have the entire mbux system here we’ll get into the

Details of the system when you get the car for review because we don’t want to uh do repeated things here and apart from that of course we have very receivables but what’s more important is the legroom is infinite the headroom is very good and it’s the most comfortable and spacious car ever and what’s also nicer is we have a small headdress here that makes the

Entire experience much better and the leather seats are very very supportive and this is the maybach exclusive napa leather as mercedes wants to claim and it’s it’s very very comfortable you have my vote on that and uh lots and lots of ambient lighting options and mercedes says that uh the ambient lighting is not just an ambient lighting but they’ve worked a

Lot on the main lighting colors and contrast apart from that you get a superb gloss finish here lots of buttons here and the seats are electrically adjustable like like as you can see here i’m just in my rear seat it’s electrically adjustable it’s just flawless it works absolutely amazing mercedes says that there is a 4d audio enabled in this car with around 20

Speakers i guess and that makes the entire experience very very nice and rich or on a 100 10 on 10 there is absolutely no compromise there at all and it it just gives you that yes you are in one of the most expensive car that you can buy in india right now

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