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Mercedes Maybach Extreme FUR EDITION

With one of the most luxurious interiors we’ve ever seen on the channel, the Mercedes Maybach Haute Voiture is true high fashion in car form. With a branded champagne set, expensive fabric interiors and some crazy features, it’s the kind of interior you wouldn’t ever want to leave. This is Mercedes Maybach at it’s most exclusive and most extra and we love it! Inspired by the kind of materials and patterns found on the most exclusive fashion catwalks, what’s not to love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Ready boom there you go this car right here is meant to be a fashion statement look we even have some some custom fashion items here in the same room now let me explain this is by mercedes it’s the mercedes maybach concept now you’re going to have to excuse my accent when i say that i know it’s not perfect we have ludo french speaker in the house how do i

Say it ludo it’s never gonna be right let’s just face it all right so this right here is going to be a super limited maybach that’s coming to the market this is the very first one how are you going to recognize this car on the streets let me show you first things first this is an exclusive color combination so nautical blue on light rose and they have for the

First time matched this nautical blue to the wheel usually this isn’t like a chrome silver chrome and they’ve gone for nautical blue chrome right now this is just the tame stuff i’m talking about you won’t believe what’s on the inside of this car this is actually going into production check this out ready boom there you go here is your high fashion couture

Car and what is quite cool is look here on the badge just as ludo said before it’s the uh what they wanted to do is really rethink what a luxury car looks like and feels like because so many cars now are going minimalist right everything’s white and stripped down with this they’re like no let’s put some material here and some stuff down here it’s gonna it’s

Gonna be a big bang this is inspired by chanel this weaving technique they’ve even got the metallic weave in here just to make it very fancy now this color combination actually matches the color combination of the car exterior now this is the detailing you’re going to get this rose gold throughout the car and you may notice here in the side you have fur it’s

Fake fur guys don’t stress fake fur when have you ever seen fur in your side pocket when i saw this i was like this isn’t actually going to production right they’re like yeah yeah it is like someone can own this car this kind of blows me away now in here you get your fur pillow and mel i was like what is going on here this is because of gordon apparently head

Designer or chief designer at mercedes he said you know what this reminds me of when dr evil strokes his cat in austin powers so we’re going to put a meow on it and you’ve got all of these rose gold studs here now this unfortunately or fortunately whatever you think is not going to appear in the production car this is just for the concept but what will appear is

Everything else you see so all of this a wrap around woven detail all the way around the back that’s all going to be here and also this special leather material as well look this is a print with the mercedes badge design all over it all over the roof of the car in a standard maybach you get your champagne glasses but they’re crystal in this version you get rose

Gold champagne glasses so that’s quite cool isn’t it these stripes here rose gold stripes i actually really like this detail however that is also not going to be in the production version but what do you guys think what i love here is come look at this come look at this guys we can see all of this woven detail here on the side of the seat and also here look it’s

A little peekaboo right here now whenever you ever seen this do you thought fur there was enough fur oh no there’s fur even behind the infotainment screen look at this i’m not so sure about the fur thing like i think it’s quite over the top but fur is a big part of high fashion so i suppose you know they’re drawing that kind of inspiration from high fashion

And a lot of it is first so there it is there it is there it is there it is there it is there it is i don’t know what do you guys think of the first now let me show you the boot in here you’ve got some goodies ready for this voila wow so you’ve got matching bags to your car so you’re going to be able to choose what would you what you would like in the back

Of your car like that is quite cool isn’t it everything’s in-house made so this is all made by mercedes and you’ve got the same same stitching from the from the car and then look at this one walking around this is crazy it’s a dead body bag right look at this look how big this is with fur i don’t know if i’d ever use this but i still think it’s cool so this my

Friends is coming to the market or limited edition bought vertua by mercedes there you go mercedes reba i hope you like this little show around and we’ll catch you guys later i’m out you

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Mercedes Maybach Extreme FUR EDITION By Supercar Blondie

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