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Mercedes EQE the ultimate battery powered car

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The Mercedes EQ range has been growing quite a bit but until now they have been chiefly reworking the petrol-powered cars. Now the EQ range is really taking centre stage and it begins with the EQE which is the best of the best currently on sale

As i literally think it is every time i film over there but every time i come here look at this i go welcome back to harry’s farm every time because you know harry metcalf does this farm thing what’s it called flea beetle he does something with flea beetle or rape seed oil or rapeseed i watch them while i don’t really i’m not fine so welcome back everyone this is

The mercedes eqe arguably the best electric car in the market today certainly it has one of the finest ranges of any electric car in the market today yes it’s on the pricey side yes the looks are a little bit controversial but i actually think this is my favorite electric car of all time and possibly one of my top five cars ever because this is like a swiss army

Knife only made in germany so let’s find out all about the eqe this car is not to be confused with the e-class indeed it’s not an electric version of the e-class this is a ground-up bespoke built premium electric car from a company that knows a thing or two about luxury there’s plenty room inside for the family duties along with a strong driver-focused layout

There’s some quirks in the interior layout that i’ll get into on the drive but there’s actually a few things on the outside that are worth looking at so one of the stranger quirks in this car is you can’t actually open the bonus and so you’re nothing to get at so no nothing to check there’s nothing to do it all happens electronically on the screen save for one

Single thing and that’s that little doohickey on the side of the car here where you put in the screen wash other than that there’s no access to anything under the bun i want to know if that bothers you now i think it’s the lack of a frunk that bothers me a front trunk or somewhere to put things at the front of the car and that would add a little bit of storage but

I’m sure mercedes is a good reason for closing that thing up but i don’t know it’s a bother you so let me know in the comments would you want to have a bonnet that’s actually just shut you can’t open it anyway even the air vent looks like the mercedes sls wheels which i really love that design feature the interior is absolutely gorgeously laid out and so simple to

Use and indeed just spend time in which is a very unusual place to be these days normally you hit a wall of electronic stuff and you don’t know what anything does but everything in the mercedes just seems so intuitive apart from these small little buttons which are quite easy to get wrong so backseat has plenty of headroom plenty of legroom the car is much bigger

Than it actually looks from the outside i’m so surprised by the size and capability of this car because from the outside it looks like a small car but it just isn’t i actually think mercedes designers have been doing a savage job lately even with these pop-out handles as well sometimes frustrating i get it but around the back of the car is where it really tells i

Know the front of the car is kind of controversial because he went to plastic on it but this this is gorgeous on the back this is the new rear end of all the mercedes that you see at the moment but up to this point we’ve had a lot of mercedes that have just been a converted petrol or diesel car to run an electric and there’s nothing particularly wrong with that but

They’re not ground up so they still have a big bonnet out the front big boot out to rear but this one this has been designed to be electric from the beginning and that’s what makes it more interesting to me because this and eqs lights the way of what mercedes is about to do in the future and i think it’s just about the most exciting point of this market to get a

Hold of because now these cars can do the range of a petrol car with ease and if that’s the way forward or then you stop wind up being electric then you stop worrying about charge points and this that and the other range anxiety that all just goes away in favor of how far the car can actually go and that’s the race is on for that part right now and that’s the most

Interesting bit to me the car can actually charge at 170 kilowatts at a capable charger obviously we had some problems here and there with the charger units over in junction 14 uh just not able to keep up with the charge and then it seemed to just cut off all of a sudden after 352 kilometers right there on the screen but all in all the charging experience was very

Good because of the speed of charging this readout here is the charger operating after the reset so after the fault had appeared we plugged it back in and you can see the charge now starting to rise back up to 80 90 and then head down to 100 and so on about that topped out about 124 kilowatts at its best which i think is about as fast as the chargers capable of

All right let’s just finish charging up so whoa that there is a woman called ana phebe i think it is it’s by the sea in in live it’s called by the sea in brackets live if you want to know what that is look it up it’s good it’s a good tune anyway as i may have already said this is now the best electric car you could buy it’s not the cheapest this is not about

Price here let’s not think too hard because it does start at a little over 80 grand you know so you’re 89 grand that is nice though this does start a little bit over 89 grand but but you are getting as good as it gets here this is this is the pinnacle i think of electric car ownership driving right now because you just don’t notice it it’s not that it’s long

Range it’s a 90 kilowatt hour battery it’s the same battery other car actually ford the bigger 102 you know uh it’s only 12 kilowatts really bigger than a volkswagen one but it does 650 kilometers and it actually does this to 650 i’ve done it and i just charged in an hour give or take an hour because the machine cut off i charged back up to um i’m now at i

Don’t know 90 something 80 something maybe anyway 557 kilometers of range to go here i sit out in the morning and you think i should go back down to 100 kilometers or in a motorway net net go up there to 120 it’ll be great we put on the active cruise control and let the car take away all of the sounds of the world around me listen that’s it a dull tire roar

Roundabout house and it’s windy out there wind is getting up rain is due any minute as well we’ve been in sort of drought status now for a little while so rain is due in a little bit as well but i do have a just one or two little little problems okay there are only little problems when i’m changing lanes which i’m about to do i indicate by not putting an indicator

On completely doing it top down and turn and the car tries to push you back into the lane again so if i cross along here in the driving lane then i move over towards the overtaking lane and i indicate the car shoves me back into lane even though i’m indicating why does it do that that’s just it’s a little thing but it’s just like it doesn’t know the indicator’s

On or something like what are you doing why are you changing lanes are you mad we still have a touchscreen for the for the air conditioning so it’s still but they’re permanently there so i can’t feel them there’s no feedback of them neither is there any uh sort of touch sensation or touch you’re just touching the glass sounds rude but i mean touching glass um but

You still have to look and touch but at least they’re permanently there i don’t need to open a different screen to make that happen you might also notice i have active cruise control turned on with my sat nav running here which is waze waze reports we’re doing 116 kilometers an hour the car reports 120 so there is a small discrepancy there somewhere in the speed

Up cars are set up to go a little bit slower than the speedo says it’s actually doing but i do have apple carplay bot wired and wireless i have tons of storage in this car there’s big storage bins here which my iphone 12 pro max fits into a little storage bin here at the top perfectly uh two usb c ports a near field communications pad here which is a wireless

Charger kind of light up against sideways haven’t quite worked that one out so much space in here and such a beautifully appointed interior beautifully now a second problem i’m going to throw at you is when you’re hoovering on the road or even just driving along looking for parking you can’t see the end of the bonnet at all it just doesn’t exist out there neither

Can i see where the back part of the boot ends visually in here maybe the visuals are are fantastic on the outside but from the inside it’s all a little bit thin and a little bit big a pillars and kind of b pillars are huge as well and c pillars are quite large so there is a bit of design on the outside but maybe on the inside it doesn’t quite carry through for

Just usability but i’m prepared to forgive all that because it still has one of the most beautifully textured interiors i’ve ever seen just forget about eqs nuts i know all men buy an eq this is an eqe this is what i want this is the car for me i would happily mercedes you’re looking for abandon buster i mean this one is just perfect for me i don’t have to drive

Slow i have about the same range as any other sort of petrol powered car 650 is about as far as a lot of petrol powered cars will go let’s do a big fuel tank are really efficient but i can genuinely put the power down i’m at 120 i’m out on the motorway 19.1 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers still under the 20 kilo kilowatt hours my point of sort of efficiency

And i’m hovering along at 120. now if i went at a hundred i’d get 15 and under if i went slower than that around the town i’d get near as makes no difference 10 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers and even dips under that every once in a while so to to kind of round up my week because that’s the first charge i’ve done all week first one i’ve done no others

Right so uh my week started on actually kind of tuesday we came back from a different thing we came back from an event overseas uh and so on tuesday i picked up mercedes i drove it home to 100 kilometers or so for mercedes to home then i went from uh home the next morning i was filming with my good friend davo quiv uh from dundale where a filament of whittle

Which is another hundred kilometers back the other way so i drove a hundred home and a hundred back to wakefield then a hundred home again okay so that’s 300 kilometers in two days and i kept looking at the at the um readout because it just said yeah go on you’re fighting keep going just no shortage of fuel so it drove it out it’s going to be overtaken here by an

S-class very pretty car that s-class it’s not bad now same sort of shape for this car as well anyway so we just have to motivate there just to finish off so i’ve done about 550 kilometers or so what’s up to mandela we’re at the rmlz um drift games life event that was on in montana on sundays off which is another 40 something kilometers from my house so i didn’t

Charge you only my charge because i was coming home from drift games mandela and i pulled into um we pulled into the uh junction 14 because of a fast charger and i charged about 121 kilowatt hours so i could have got underway again in about 20 minutes maybe less by the time i’ve gone to the toilet and got a drink inside and don’t have to get a drink by the way

It’s fine don’t worry about it uh you know you don’t have to buy things at a petrol station because there’s a charge point there you can always just go on and do your thing but um by the time i done all of that i it was the car had more than enough charge to continue on i had an error something to do with the charger as per use when the charger let me down in

Somewhere another the chargers are always the the problem now they’re the ones that wreck my head now at this stage either it goes car dot authorized plug in the thing card error charger error it’s always the same like i went off to the shop and came back in the car wasn’t charging anymore looked at the screen and the car went charger unplug it like what happened

It’s so easy to get it right and so easy to get it wrong in these situations as well but nonetheless that doesn’t take away from my absolute admiration and huge capital back what mercedes has done with this car because this is the pinnacle now of electric cars it drives well it goes well it has plenty of performance it’s rear-wheel drive it goes for a long long

Range it’s relatively i mean what what am i spending on to run it like it’s simple to use simple to run it’s just perfect perfect perfect perfect this is how you do it i’m sorry for every other car company out there at the moment because i know the rest of the big guys will catch up volkswagen bmw they will all go yeah yep yep we’re gonna get that done but this

Leaves a lot of the newcomers to the market with their jaws hanging up and going i don’t know how to do this this is what we need this is the future not that white thing coming over the hill there the tesla model x that set the trend that set the ball rolling for sure right now the big boys have come and the big boots are out and we are absolutely at war yes it’s a

Hundred and five thousand euros an island for this particular model 350 plus but i swear to you it’ll be the best money you’ve spent on electric cars that you have so far unless you’re looking for serious performance then i would go with a porsche taycan or an audi e-tron gt they’re my two other performance favorites but this if you want something to waft around

In that’s just that a little bit different and a little bit better than everything else in the market the mercedes eqe 350 plus is the only show in town look at thank you very much for watching i hope you’ve hit the subscribe button at this point because these videos are really getting traction lately and i’d love to have you along with the rest of the gang here

For more of the same until you reach a hundred thousand and then we go for two hundred thousand like it’s not like that the end it’s not like that’s the end credits then thing so why don’t you become one of the brethren and either support us here on uh on youtube or you can also support us on patreon if you want to as well we’ve got to pay a tram page you want to

Go and do that some beautiful new people have supporters there whatever happens thank you very much for watching and until the next time i’ll see you on the far side of this very dark patch

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Mercedes EQE the ultimate battery powered car! By Bob Flavin

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