mercedes eqe 53 amg premiere the
Altair Club Cars Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Premiere The E-Class or CLS EV as performance AMG

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Premiere The E-Class or CLS EV as performance AMG

This is our in-depth preview of the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 (EV). We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and technology.

Huge mercedes star vertical fins all blacked out strong amg styling definitely but closed front grille and this round front means this is all electric because this is the mercedes eqe 53 amg so the eqe is this electric e-class or maybe electric cls if you like and here now in the amg version there will be two amd versions available the 43 and the 53 will tell

You all about these details here with thomas and other crew and indeed the front very strong and i think for the eqe styling that amg look really does the car very well of course also stronger accentuations here in that lower part you know a little bit more aggressive the lights not only led standard but also this digital light comes standard for the amg versions

And these headlamps are also able to do projections on the road for example amg logo or recently i also had an eqs was so funny when you are close to a construction site you um have a small digger emoji basically projected on the road it was very very funny the lengthy at 4 meters 95 or 195 inches if we compare it to the eqs this one here is 20 centimeters or

Eight inches shorter or nine and a half centimeters or three inches shorter from the wheelbase this will give you more driving agility indeed so the lengthwise the size is you know compared to an e-class or cls but um you can say cls because you see here you have frameless windows and this rather comes closer to a cls than to e-class we could say actually very

Interesting that we also have the rear axle steering here for a normal eqe you would either have 4.5 degrees or 10 degrees in the opposite direction in the front wheels here for the amg version it’s limited to 3.6 degrees that is of course something of a disadvantage because the turning circle won’t be that narrow then it is then however standard for the amg models

What is the reason for that the tyres are actually wider therefore it’s not possible and no matter if you pick 20 or 21 inch wheels the you know the diameter changes then but the width of the tire is always then the same you can see here 295 mil so this is of course really large these here are the bigger 21 inch wheels if you want more comfort than you would stick

Rather with the 20 inch wheels what else is bigger yeah not only the brake disc of course for better braking performance if you really need that most of the time the evs use the rig operation but also here this rear spoiler this one is way wider of course that means less efficiency but more downforce than here at the rear and more agility while driving a little bit

Faster which you can do in the amg versions so the top speed for the 43 210 kilometers an hour or here for the 53 model it’s 240 kilometers an hour or respectively in miles per hour 130 miles per hour for the 43 or 150 miles per hour for the 53 model here in the lower part you can see you have these you know diffuser fins they have a visual effect they also have

Some aerodynamic effect but not to that extent actually and here light strip goes all the way across the vehicle from right to left really beautiful i think very interesting design and yeah once again i think design-wise especially here with these black accentuations it’s really working very well with the eqe by the way this is also an option you can see here

The high gloss back here around the windows and also at the at the side mirrors and so on this is the night package and standard would indeed be chrome around the windows and also here in the lower area the lower spoiler would be chrome even with the amg so this very sinister black appearance indeed only optional with that knight package here i have some electric

Motors and the normal eqe with the base model 350 starts with a rear oney electric motor and there’s a normal mercedes all-wheel drive model and the amg models always come with two electric motors one in the rear the bigger one the smaller one in the front that’s why the maximum split is two thirds of power in the rear one-third in the front but they really vary a

Lot acceleration figures here for the amg model the 43 is just over four seconds to one kilometers or 60 miles an hour and the 53 model just over three seconds interesting for that is both come with race start we also would have tested that in the eqs amg that’s a funny thing we’re soon going to show you that again also with that sound experience the 53 also gets

The so-called boost function which even you know gives you more electric boost hardware-wise interesting is when you go for a normal eqe overdrive and then upgrade to the 43 you have the same hardware for the electric motors the 53 here has modifications even hardware modifications than in the rear electric motor battery size is 91 kilowatt hours net that means

It gets the small battery from the eqs but it will always be the same for all the different versions also here for the amg models what can we expect from the range actually it’s only estimate because we have experience with the eqs with the bigger battery here for the smaller battery i at this moment calculate with around 500 kilometers or 300 miles in summertime

Note that neither the qs nor the eqe have a heat pump this will be missing in winter times so the range will significantly drop in winter time just did the experience with the eqs and it will almost be cut in half actually there is no frank the only thing you can open here towards the front is the fill-in for the wiper fluid normal eqe starts with steel suspension

A normal one optional air suspension the amg models come standard with air suspension but then five millimeters lower and also a stiffer setting that you don’t have so much rolling then here the door handles when you open the vehicle they come towards you if you press here here then you press to close door closing sound doesn’t sound good at all because we have

The frameless windows here so this is one cause of having that otherwise of course it could looks cool then we also have a nice material choice right here this is this new material which is kind of a mix of microfiber and neoprene feel then here we have microfiber they call it microcut now no dynamic anymore then here we have window levers this isn’t capacitive

And here the control for the seats you cannot remove them anymore you’ve seen it now in a lot of new mercedes vehicles they don’t give you a haptic feedback and this here is also one button for the seat heating or the seat cooling they combine the seat heating with the heated steering wheel if it’s you know spec in the vehicle by the way to again make less buttons

Here the amg interior is featuring a lot of amg logos for example the illuminated one here at the dorsal then amg floor mats and yeah the typical aluminum pedals there we are as an option you can also get the steering wheel with microfiber at the sides and option optional microfiber here and carbon fiber in the top uh sorry in the bottom and in the top part

This would be my choice to make the steering wheel and animal free and as for the seats at least in germany and some european markets we get then a microfiber on the inside an article leather red on the outside this is the animal skin seat which probably also will again be standard in the u.s and the uk we have to see about that for later configurations um so

Not the best offering as for the animal-free aspect here and that this is supposed to be sustainable electric vehicle here seating position the eq in general we feature two different seat forms the base one will have a separate head restraint and will be a little bit more plush from the seating surface this is here the sportier seat and it has a little stiffer

Bolt sting bolt string and it’s not not too wide here actually so um that’s something we found recently that the mercedes seats in the last recent years different models doesn’t seem to be optimized for tall drivers and i do feel that here so wouldn’t say that this it’s the best comfort here as for the space we have here um one with 86 six foot one some space

Left this is here panoramic roof we can also open it that’s actually quite cool we have some electric vehicles which have these fixed panoramic grooves here we can also open it and then for summertime we can also apply a shade that doesn’t get too hot let’s just see if we were in the lowest position with the seat yeah we were actually so this is the seat in length

In the front here by the way steering wheel has a very good size and yeah this already gets a very sporty atmosphere with that zero amg steam we also have this two spoke design then hashtag capacitive bs buttons on the steering wheel for example for the cruise control but at least you get some kind of haptic feedback left side you do control the instruments which

Also have amg specific graphics you can see it right here for example and this is all stressed here on the power output figures there will be different recuperation modes you can pick them with the pedals left and right this is a very good build quality and listen to that also good acoustic feedback normal recuperation less recuperation or stronger recoveration

Or you press and hold then you have an adaptive one so when a car is in front of you speed is being reduced when there’s nothing in front of you the car is actually rolling and this car can recuperate up to 260 kilowatt that’s massive that’s faster than it actually works with charging charging is maximum 170 kilowatt but the main important thing is it keeps the

Charging curve over a period of time so that from 10 to 80 state of charge you can do that in about 30 minutes and it’s not a big difference to the eqs which has a little bit higher peak charging and ac charging 11 or 22 kilowatt ac optional so you know as for the charging infrastructure they have inside the vehicle inside that concept and the efficiency at warm

Temperatures very well done look at that wow it’s always amazing with ambient lighting here also with red contour stitches in the top part coming in with this new material as well really cool and it has a special startup feature as well let’s do that yeah and there’s an also this outside projection the passenger screen has this amg screen saver by the way and

You can now see how the image lighting goes to the inside of the door very beautiful an optional burst of sound system with one of the best 3d sounds that is available actually and also when you oh that’s when you say goodbye to the vehicle actually one more time here when starting up and you really feel like this this based and you know in in your knees and

So this is very very interesting feature definitely you also have special performance apps here for example you can see some performance figures this is the hyper screen by the way with an almost 18 inch screen it’s an option it would start with a more vertical 12 inch like screen like we know from the s-class or from the c-class for example and then you do not

Have the passenger screen so this is also for the amg model is an option here for example you can also have a g g vectoring meter and so on so yeah they added actually some um some small tweaks to that so you also have some more amg feature here or even a well if you want to go to the track for example or want to do some drag races then you can also measure these

Times um it’s been closed yes of course we are on close off track yes of course so uh for drag race times and so on not sure it’s not loading at this moment or telemetry from the yeah possible race track and so on and you can also adjust the settings you want to have in the steering wheel here for example so here you can you know control the sound experience

For example as a special authentic or performance is even stronger than especially during the launch control this have it has a very massive effect here lights and mid lighting and so on so here we can also change the sound for example powerful and um here in the so-called settings select then i can actually choose what i want to have displayed in that small

Steering wheel uh column in the corner there and you can even remove some of the gauges there or have now even more possibilities to put like so many things you want to access them there with the hotkeys well on the other side you can always you know go to this driving mode or then turn it right here and then you can also go to the sports plus mode you also hear

That even when being stationary here once again good grip from the steering wheel but what about the instruments what you can see but what we cannot see are these infrared sensors which are flickering but just on camera but here the digital instruments you can see here you have different total stylings ooh track pace and then for example also more classic if

You drive the amg but on the inside you may be just one understatement by the way here in this snow mode you only have 50 of the total power in the comfort mode you have 80 or 85 depending on 43 or 53 model and then in the sport and sport plus mode then you get towards this 100 of total power output unless you put pedal to the metal because with the kick down

You always get the full power hey no piano like i hear in the middle console nice carbon fiber cover and then you can slide open inductive charging mat this is the car key here by the way if you haven’t seen yet usb c connectors these cup holders are adaptive however if you have a in a higher glass bottle here they do not apply enough pressure and then the glass

Bottle is like going away so not too happy with these cup holders indeed then here start stop button and you can also press this amd button then and you can also get to the um a b settings zone but usually do it at the steering wheel and here you have this typical split opening for the armrest tinted windows in the rear hi i’m troy mcclure you know me for movies

Like yeah okay i’m slipped on this here you can see this is the part that stays that way then it goes down looks a little bit weird right but won’t matter you know when the door is closed uh here in the rear take a look first looks quite spacious as well legroom but what about the headroom you know the eqe is a little bit shorter than the eqs as for wind efficiency

By the way it’s actually better when the car is longer then here on the inside you fall a little bit backwards so yeah we had zero and eqs but here of course a little bit less space legroom however is very sufficient you can see here for four tall adults or even five no problem headroom i put my spine up now her address has been saved voice activation i said

Head room and it’s like home address head room home address interesting so no i won’t repeat the input cancel so here i when i come close here yeah it’s really close for the headroom really really close that’s the thing and this is also one of the reasons why they did not go for a fastback hatch if they had done that there would be kinda no headroom left in the

Middle part you can sit and then you’re more towards the panoramic roof but the back part is really hard so comfort in the rear mediocre but legroom actually quite sufficient now the trunk or the boot with very soft and nice and you know fluent opening process then here the length you can see here is about a meter or 40 inches but what’s that to see the hard

Plastic cover here in the mercedes in the trunk that’s a little bit disappointing i would have wished to have you know a fabric cover there maybe that’s something when the message engineers see this video and also the comments say like ah maybe that’s a thing a detail we can improve then here the width is also very limited so that’s poo that’s rather towards like

You know some 85 85 centimeters or 33 inches so very limited and the height here is about 50 centimeters or 20 inches here a little bit more space underneath you could put a charging charging cable in there the total length here by the way you see this will work very well so this is an almost yeah yeah it’s like 190 or 73 inches so that’s actually quite good and

Just to show you um when we put the cabin charlie inside we have a bit understanding this way so vertically it still does fit so the eqs has the advantage that has this fast back trunk that ops opens now more widely however here of course yeah it will be way cheaper the eqe this will be a big advantage of course and the safety test right here well that’s quickly

But still stops so that’s a good talk applied and then when we close it let’s listen to the sound that’s maybe a little bit too rough right maybe some amg sound design also for that so are you ready to go for the electrified amg models yet no matter if you’re an amg customer or not would be looking forward to your comment about this choice we already have a

Video of the eqe in the normal non-amg format and also the first ride in the eqe also with the rear wheel driver 350 eqe this very interesting tune in there

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