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Altair Club Cars Mercedes EQA vs EQB vs EQC | ELECTRIC COMPARISON


Considering going All-Electric in Mercedes? Then you may have seen the Mercedes EQA, EQB & EQC!

Name is nick o’leary & today we’ve got   well hopefully this video will cover  so in this comparison video today i’m going  to be covering the dimensions of the cars,   so then guys if you’re considering  you’ve probably come across at  least one of these three models. you can order about 8 electric models and   pricing for

The eqa starts at just  it goes over that £50k mark but then  so let’s have a look at what the  differences are on the exterior! electric cars of course it starts in the world of   mercedes-benz in electric with the eqa now some  people sometimes are put off by large suv’s or   large cars but the eqb is actually the same width 

Mirror to mirror as the eqa but it is slightly   longer 222mm over the eqa and then when you jump  so these are kind of in size order at the moment.  the eqc is also slightly wider as well compared   so when it comes to exterior design take the eqa  the eqb has some squared off looks and  to maximise that space on the inside and 

Yes this car is actually a seven seater   however the eqc has some curves in its bodywork  so it’s kind of the opposite of the eqb,   design maximising that practicality but the   eqc has that curve in the bodywork for people who  but it does have its own trick up its sleeve  as it is the fastest one out of these three  

Between these three models the eqa has a   also a tiny bit of space just underneath   so if you’re clever at wrapping up a charging  cable you can just about get it under there   however the eqb sadly doesn’t have that  underfloor storage space mainly because   its space has been taken up by the seats in the  back so

This is of course if you’re going to use   it as a seven-seater but most people actually just  use it as a five-seater so if you’re gonna do that   just pull these red cords here….that’s one and  two and then you’ve got a boot that goes up to   495l so that is a huge increase over the eqa so  it just depends whether you’re

Gonna use it as a   five seater or a seven seater but there again i’m  sure most people will probably use it as a five   and you can actually move those seats forwards and  and then finally guys on the eqc now of  course this one isn’t a seven seater but   so the eqb was 495l this one is 500l and  it has probably the most

Space underneath   yes you can put the charging cable under here   moving on to the rear seats the eqa is loosely  based on the very popular mercedes-benz gla   jump into the eqb and this is where you  for starts you can adjust the  so you can basically adjust your legroom  in the third row there’s usb-c ports  and cup

Holders for the back passengers   move to the eqc and there’ll be slightly less  headroom than the eqb due to its body styling   but the interior does get a huge upgrade in build  quality and as the car is slightly wider from   mirror to mirror you get that extra space in terms  now briefly moving on to the front  identical

Interiors apart from the increased  however the eqc does have a slightly different  design but most of the controls are in the same   place. all three models feature mbux which is  one of the latest multimedia systems by mercedes   all are touchscreen along with the touch pad  and touch controls on the steering wheel so you  

Can choose how you’d like to operate it and all  so let’s take a look at some of the more finer  details and things that differ between these   right then guys so on to the  technical part so let’s cover the   i will just add that every model you see here  is 4matic so mercedes-benz’s four-wheel drive   the eqa 250. so the 250

Is front-wheel drive   but every other model i describe here today is  so starting out with the eqa it starts  350. so the latter two the 300 and  350 are 4matic the four-wheel drive. so 190hp for the entry-level one then you’ve got   go to the eqb for example that starts out  on an eqb 300 that’s 228hp then go to an eqb  

But this is where the eqc shines again that one  is four wheel drive as well on the 4matic…408hp   now while i’m on topic of those let’s have a look  at their batteries so of course with the eqa and   technology so these are 66.5 kwh batteries   and the eqc actually has a larger battery so that  is an 80kwh battery so that one’s

Going to take   just a little bit longer to charge which brings us  each model here does have the  ac charging so like on a wall box you  can use a three pin connector but it does   getting like a wall box installed so  but most importantly these cars do have  dc as well (dc charging capability) which   but you do need

To find a charge point  so in terms of their capability the eqa  and that will take about 32 minutes  if you find a 100kw charger. points i’d recommend a company called ionity   and it is growing massively in the uk so that’s  kind of how you get those fast charge speeds but   putting these really really fast ones out  

However when it comes to eqc as it has an 80kwh  battery it is going to take a little bit longer   so it’s 40 minutes but it can charge at 110kw just  bear in mind all the figures are quoted there are   zero to 80% just because lithium batteries do  charge a little bit faster up to the 80% mark   and then after that they kind of

Slow up the same  so that brings us very neatly onto the car’s  all-electric range! now actually in a weird   turn of events…considering these have 66.5kwh  batteries and the eqc is 80. they actually all   now these are all on wltp tests so that stands for   and it kind of shows you the best range you can  i have actually

Done a video on how to maximise  your range so if you do own one of these cars   it i’ll pop a link on the banner up above   but yes guys that is all the technical aspects  so then guys to summarise on these three electric  well this all depends on what you’re looking  for from your next car so if you take the eqa   for

Example that’s based on the mercedes-benz gla  so kind of from its entry-level kind of  but if you do want a bigger car for  more space in the rear for rear passengers  and even you know add an extra two passengers,   if you want to go the opposite way and go   a sloppy roof and a bit more styling on the   on the body shape,

Eqc is definitely the way to  but guys thank you so much for watching  huge shout out to sandown mercedes-benz  well these three cars you see  here today to make this video   watching until next week we’ll see you then!

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Mercedes EQA vs EQB vs EQC | ELECTRIC COMPARISON! By Nick O’Leary

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