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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team | Technological Curiosity

Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team | Technological Curiosity

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Three vehicles, one mission: pushing Mercedes-EQ forward in terms of innovation and technological leadership. Follow Matt as he meets Ian James and Christoph Starzynski, who share their insights on the newly revealed EQS, the VISION AVTR and the Silver Arrow 02. Learn more on how efficiency on the racing track as well as on the streets paves the way to a more sustainable future.

Innovation and technical leadership are basically what mercedes-benz stands for, right? especially with the reveal of the vision avtr, the soon to come eqs or the silver arrow 02 today i’ve been invited to an exclusive behind the scenes to come and check out three unique and innovative approaches to electric mobility and to make up our mind about how technological

Leadership is managed at mercedes-benz. hi guys, i’m matt. now, some of you may already know me but for those of you who don’t, i’ve been working with mercedes-benz for quite some time now – especially when it comes to mercedes-eq and everything it stands for. now, mercedes-benz is said to be a leader in technology, and they prove that time and time again in

Formula 1. however, can the same still be said for its sustainable cousin, the formula e? it’s actually a visual representation of what we think the future of mobility might look like. it’s a complete human-centred approach to our sustainable and intuitive mobility. we created it in collaboration with the filmmakers of avatar. – it’s incredible. it’s basically

A merge between a human, machine and nature. – yeah. it’s cool, it’s impressive but why is it so helpful? you cannot only drive straight but also go sidewards. – wow. this battery is graphene-based, so it’s one hundred percent recyclable. it is amazing but it is something for the future right? the idea, i mean, the whole car is a vision – but some of the

Elements are already being tested on your home streets. – i’m very well indeed matt. how are you? great to meet you. so, i was with christoph and he was telling me that the vision avtr links somehow to this car, the silver arrow 02, and he said that it’s already being tested on the road? yeah, it’s not always obvious i have to admit, but at mercedes-benz, we’ve

Been involved with motorsport now for over 126 years and throughout that time we’ve used motorsport very much as a test bed for new technologies. and with formula e now, we’ve got the opportunity to do that for electric vehicles as well. the other thing is that we’re racing in some of the most iconic cities in the world, be that through paris or london, new york or

Wherever that might be. and that means we’re actually bringing that technology, that education as well to a whole new target group. but for everyone watching just if you could tell us a few standouts, specs, you know. the car itself speeds up to about 280 km/h on the circuits – which, yes, may not be as fast as other series ultimately, but you’re racing on the city

Centre street circuits which are incredibly narrow. the car weighs 900 kg and the power’s starting at 200 kw during the race and up to 235 when we’re using attack mode. i’m also a little bit jealous because you’ve already had the opportunity, i know to try the eqs in immendingen and i understand that we’ve got one here today so it would be brilliant if we can

Move again and take a look. i’m as excited as you are. do you want to lead the way? it’s really something else. – i’m insanely jealous. you had the opportunity to see it in immendingen first time around, but it’s great to be here and genuinely this is the first time that i’ve seen it myself in the metal. other products that we’ve had before from mercedes-benz.

You can definitely see some design elements which we had in the vision avtr also on this vehicle. starting with the lights in the front but also with the seamless design going to the back. matt, ian, welcome to my lounge. – yeah, very much so. we’ve got a seamless screen going through the cockpit. it is personalised for you, so it makes your life easier. the other step

Forward in technology from an automotive perspective is autonomous driving. yeah, i mean the autonomous driving will come shortly now with the s-class being launched and this one will have the same technology in the car as well. one additional feature what i would like to point out is augmented reality projected on the screen. the eqs can be equipped with an hepa filter

That creates air quality on a new level inside the car. so, we have rear-axle steering in this particular eqs of 10 degrees. that gives you all the flexibility to make really quick turns. that i forgot to do what i’m actually here to do which is question how sustainable mercedes-benz truly is. that is certified to be a hundred percent emissions free. while you’re

There, just one thing that i thought about. because we’ve got the vision avtr here and we spoke earlier about technology transfer between motorsport and the road. spoken about and that is the eqxx.

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Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team | Technological Curiosity By Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team

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