mercedes e class saloon 2013 rev
Altair Club Cars Mercedes E-Class saloon 2013 review – CarBuyer

Mercedes E-Class saloon 2013 review – CarBuyer

Mercedes E-Class saloon 2014 review:

Haha usually halfway through a car’s life a manufacturer i’ll give it a minor refresh but mercedes clearly thought its eclass hadn’t aged particularly well because they’re given it’s a major surgery as this is perhaps one of the most extreme facelifts i’ve ever seen well on a car at the front the two-piece headlamps have been replaced by single unit lights in

Fact the whole front is new and as with the c-class the e-class is now offered with two grille designs though in the uk we only get the sports version which has a big brush three-pointed star in the middle to leave people in no doubt you own a mercedes and are therefore a success and the pre facelifted version of the e-class used to have this this arch over the

Rear wheel and it kinda looks a bit rubbish whereas now you’ve got these two bald creases which i think looks a lot better there are feats with significant changes inside the cabin – or cars come with faux leather on the seats that is so realistic you’d never know it was faux and you can upgrade to have it on the dash and top of the door trims – the car also

Has some redesigned heater vents which are now made out of the metal apparently because the chinese didn’t like the old plastic ewan’s you can now only get their eclass in two different trim levels to make it easier to decide which model to buy but i can make it even easier for you now just get the se because it’s pretty much got all the kit you’re ever going to

Need for instance as standard it comes with satellite navigation digital radio bluetooth for your mobile phone usb connectivity you also control everything using this swivel wheel menu system you also got automatic lights and wipers plus electric seats and there heated as well also all but the entry-level e 220 cdi comes with an automatic gearbox as standard and

The selector is no longer here in the middle its up on the steering column which i think is a much better position for it speaking of which you can alter the steering electrically it’s a mercedes you shouldn’t have to do things manually that’s why you can open the boot with a key fob rather than using your hand and then you’re greeted by a big load space as for

Life for rear passengers well there’s plenty of headroom need rooms good as well and because the front seats a slightly raised you can slide your feet underneath them these back seats are reclined as well and very comfy so it’s quite easy to nod off back here there is one gripe it’s quite a large transmission tunnel there but it’s a similar situation on this cars

Rivals in any way in the back here two’s company three’s a crowd the class comes with a raft of safety equipment including nine airbags anti skid control and mercedes attention assist you can also get blind spot and lane departure warning on the options list and a clever cruise control which will operate the steering as well as a throttle to keep you in lane on

The motorway all that safety kit should leave your feeling safe and sound in fact the e-class is great for isolating you from the outside world you’ve got brilliant sound insulation so it’s always very quiet even at speed and the adaptable suspension is is brilliant at just gliding over bumps in the road especially in this se trim model because it actually has a

Softer setup then there’s the seats i can go for miles and maizy now most of you will know that the e-class is rear-wheel drive and that means you get this lovely sensation of being pushed out of corners and the cop it does handle reasonably well but if i’m honest it’s more setup for cruising than hard cornering and really if you want a executive car that’s lots

Of fun you’re probably going to be better off going for the sharper jaguar xf which also has better steering another minor issue with the e-class is the entry-level 2.1 litre diesel engine because it’s a little bit rattly and it’s not as clean or economical is the entry-level 2-liter diesel you can get in the bmw 5-series you know what i say is just upgrade get

The three litre because it’s much better another problem maybe is the automatic gearbox in automatic mode it’s fine it’s slushes gears together beautifully but if you want to change gears yourself using these paddles it’s not as fast reacting as the s-tronic dual-clutch gearbox in the audi a6 finally there are the small side door bins the fact that a caste still

Uses a foot-operated parking brake what’s with the old fashioned dax mantic clock i don’t know maybe the chinese like them overall though the e-class is still a great car too fantastic thing to travel in and this expensive facelift is bound to make it more popular than ever now you’ve seen our review the e-class click here to watch a review of the bmw 5-series

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