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Altair Club Cars Mercedes C43 AMG 4MATIC + BRUTAL Drive Review C Class Sound Acceleration Exhaust

Mercedes C43 AMG 4MATIC + BRUTAL Drive Review C Class Sound Acceleration Exhaust

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Hello guys welcome to murrs vince kang this system mercedes-amg c43 and in today’s video i will show you the exterior we are now under a roof outside and it has great contrast with the background so it has the sudden light great cover it’s gorgeous i will start off with the exterior then i will show you some driving footages and while driving i will tell you

Something about the interior and the driving characteristics of this floor so let’s go this is the key it’s the c-class key as we all know but in 2018 there will be a facelift of this particular car and it will probably have the new mercedes-benz design key this key is still pretty pretty happy and it has great quality so let’s remove the car and you will start

Off with with the exterior so the color is called selenite gray it gives a great color definition in this condition it has the diamond view with silver tips looks very luxurious and an amg emblem the mercedes store isn’t closed that’s because it doesn’t have the distronic plus but it does have cruise control rather large amg bumpers which is the same for the

Amg package the only difference between a normal c-class with amg package and the c43 is the diamond girl and the amg bumpers and side skirts are all the same and 18-inch amg rims you can also distinguish the c43 from the regular models by this 4matic by turbo emblem it has a gorgeous side with nice tail lights the rear tires are 18-inch amg as can be seen from

The mgm and the size is 245 40 z r18 beautiful lines on the car biturbo 4matic there’s an amg rear spoiler which makes it more sportive c43 beautiful mercedes door and the name ziemba gorgeous rear taillights and as you guys know the e-class has two thick stripes and the s-class 3 the exhaust plane does the panorama growth and let’s get inside and lets you know

The car so the interviewer is pretty nice and this is the c43 4matic so you definitely feel that you have a less turning radius with your and dyna it’s harder to to make a turn and that’s because it has the all-wheel drive system i drive the seat 200 so i will try to tell you the difference between it but i also do from the 43 difference is very noticeable

It doesn’t bite everyone for the load something spork bus as it is right now the exhaust valves so there are lots of practice this is the navigation screen they consider this to be the older technology of mercedes-benz because we know the equalist does the duo and also the cms and the specificity nice so let’s see how fast this car accelerates dynamic

Select it’s in sport+ let’s put the vehicle information you can also see that the steering mule the angles of the tires yeah let’s display the engine information so let’s go because of the saudis amazing let’s listen again but with the raw filter it’s a rainy day don’t you and dumb we sponsor there’s that nice beat transmission

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Mercedes C43 AMG 4MATIC + BRUTAL Drive Review C Class Sound Acceleration Exhaust By MercBenzKing

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