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Altair Club Cars Mercedes C-Class review: has it BECOME the E-Class?

Mercedes C-Class review: has it BECOME the E-Class?

The Mercedes C-Class is bigger than ever, but can it fill the role of an E-Class?

This is the new mercedes e-class and it’s been overhauled to take on the bmw 5 series and audi a6 and oh no hold on wait what’s that no zoom in a bit please i was a c-class am i going nuts we live in quite a strange time now don’t we i mean a lot of new generation cars are just getting bigger and manufacturers are really enjoying doing the whole same kind of face

For their range do you know what i mean so you can see across their range that they’re all related i mean the upside of that means that if you’re not completely savvy you could look at a car like this the mercedes c-class and assume it’s the bigger e-class hmm but here’s the thing the two may look very similar but the e-class is still a chunk longer and a bit wider

Than its little brother the previous e-class is still a larger car too the question is though is the c-class now big enough that you don’t really need the e people it will be wheelbase for example 25 millimeters longer this is so i said that like yoda how long that this is so back here i mean passengers are going to be quite happy i mean i’m five at six the leg

Room’s pretty decent that’s set up for my driving position and headroom i mean it’s pretty great it’s quite snazzy back here as well isn’t it a little sort of metal moments you’ve got the leather seats it’s quite posh i feel quite posh you’re definitely not hard done by you are a bit in the boot let me show you so if you want a bigger boot naturally you’re going

To go for the e-class anyway or you can go for a bmw 3 series because that’s got 480 liters but in here you’ve got 455 liters of boot space but as ever the real party is in the front of the new c-class it’s a bit of a screen fest right here’s what i thought i’d do be a bit rebellious and basically show you the interior and the infotainment while we’re driving to

Kind of show you how easy or not so easy it is to use because everything in here is touch sensitive everything i mean that like there’s buttons down here but they’re also touch sensitive but also kind of buttons but weird buttons which i’ll come to in a second so basically you’ve got two screens you’ve got this big giant 11.9 inch screen for the infotainment and

Then you’ve got a 12.3 inch screen here for your digital dials i mean it runs the mbux system or as i like to call it the box system which is super sleek like it’s so crisp the graphics are just blooming gorgeous and i just wanted to point out it is quite easy to get lost in menus but this is where the home button is your friend home button lovely and then you can

Just kind of find everything again climate controls are all in the screen right it doesn’t bother me as much as it should because they’re permanently there at the bottom and it’s quite nice and big so you can kind of just tap as you go whereas some other cars that touch sensitive stuff really irritates me but also the fact that you can lean your arm on here and

Press is fine this button along here i call it a button because it is a button because if you’re turning up volume or muting the whole thing presses down at once which i find quite strange but also it’s touch sensitive and it’s like slidy so when you go through like the car menus and options i know it’s just buttons that’s weird because the whole thing presses

At the same time i find that quite strange let’s put it back in comfort mode there we go but i mean overall in here it’s it’s it’s nice it’s a very nice stylish sleek setup feels expensive looks lovely i mean again touch sensitive all on the steering wheel which does sometimes have a nice little click to it which you kind of get used to after a while the volume

Doesn’t though it doesn’t does it but that that has that there you go that has a button it takes a bit of getting used to yes it does and every car has heated seats as standard there’s this is me looking for the heated seat button okay hold on a minute is there no heated seats in this am i being an idiot am i being an idiot because i can’t find the heated seats

Bun and i thought it had heated seats and i can’t find the heated seats button to not just it has got him nick it doesn’t wing mirrors i am you look then what about if you’ve actually pressed the c seat but where’s the maybe it doesn’t come maybe this doesn’t come with heated seats it’s not on the middle bottom no no what’s this call button do oh no it’s not

21 degrees yeah it’s quite warm today you’re probably fine i’m fine for now but what if i get back ache okay so what we have learned uh rich just phoned up mercedes and um basically every c-class should have heated seats but for some reason this press car doesn’t so yours will and it will have cruise control and wireless charging and reversing cameras there we

Go drama drama of course a few more physical controls would be nice but the c-class really does have a stellar cabin i’m just not sure about those three air vents on the dash because they kind of remind me of those aliens from toy story the claw anyway what’s it like to drive see blooming good i mean this car rides on a heavily updated platform of the old car

And it’s just lovely and smooth it’s comfortable as what this car is i mean if you want to have a fun curl then you go for a bmw 3 series or an alpha julia or something but no this car i mean it’s not mega engaging or communicative but that’s not the point of this you buy this car to waft and it wafts better than any other rival i mean what you do is you ignore

Your sport mode and all that sort of stuff your whack it in comfort and you float and you feel all nice while you’re doing it on the motorway mwah it is so nice nice so nice nine speed gearbox is super smooth as well oh it’s very nice and relaxing this i mean it’s relaxing but also i mean it is quite nippy it’s the c300e plug-in hybrid and while every c-class

Gets mild hybrid tech this one gets a healthy punch of electric assistance for a naught to 62 time of about 6 seconds pretty nippy but that’s not the best thing about it let’s talk about plug-in hybrids we’re about due this chat aren’t we this plug-in hybrid chat we’re about due it’s a mixed bag plug-in hybrids don’t work for everyone look if you’re a company car

Driver and you can use that benefiting kind rating good for you if you do short journeys good for you if you can plug in at home or plug in at work amazing you are onto a winner if you can’t plug in at home and you’re having to use the public charging network that’s when things start to become a little bit frustrating i can’t charge at home so i use the public

Network and let’s be honest it’s not it’s not there yet it’s sitting there it’s not there yet is it more often than not i get very frustrated with it and then if you’re doing a long journey you’re either having to stop and charge or you’re going to have to just deal with the fact that you’re driving around a very very heavy car because you’re lugging around that

Giant battery and then it becomes less efficient but this is a big juicy butt when it comes to this car this c300e has a 24.5 kilowatt hour battery which means in theory this will do 70 miles of pure electric range or like in the real world you know 60 miles let’s say 60 miles of pure electric great is that 60 miles of pure electric this is probably the least

Compromised fev that we’ve ever driven i’m very impressed with that so when it’s in electric mode it’s got a 128 great horsepower it’s got 440 newton meters of torque which is plenty isn’t it and then when the petrol kicks in it builds that horsepower up to 309 brake horsepower again it’s plenty nippy enough but it’s that 60 miles yeah this is where mercedes

Wins i think with plug-in hybrids that’s a really decent range well done mercedes well done very nice the c300e takes two hours to charge which is a bit annoying but the rewards are well worth it it’s just a shame that that squidgy brake pedal doesn’t feel very intuitive the c-class is still a pretty compelling machine though and we wouldn’t blame you one bit

For choosing it over a 3 series and if you don’t need the extra space you won’t feel shortchanged choosing one over an e-class trust us

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