mercedes benz2020 sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars Mercedes Benz2020 Sprinter 2500 cargo van 1443.0L V6 turbo Diesel

Mercedes Benz2020 Sprinter 2500 cargo van 1443.0L V6 turbo Diesel

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Hi my name is alex and i just wanted to give you a quick tour of the van that i just finished building starting with the ac receptacle inlet and your freshwater tank inlet the fresh water tank you’ll be filling just with a normal hose screws right into it and makes it so you don’t have to sit there holding the hose and your ac inlet is a normal normal 30 amp

Receptacle that you would see on a boat it’s for 120 ac only and we’ll go around go ahead and walk around to the other side of the van and take a look at the roof rack system these are custom fabricated aluminum roof racks from tnt construction up on the roof you’ll see two solar panels they’re at 200 watts each giving you 400 watts of power and the front section

Of the rack is set up to provide extra storage so let’s take a look into the back right now starting with the outdoor shower these doors can be put into a 90 degree angle also so that way you can have a bit more privacy but the shower runs hot and cold so depending on how the temperature is outside you can be pretty comfortable and let’s come along over here and

Take a look back into the systems so back here we have two lithium ion batteries they’re lion energy and they have a full lifetime guarantee uh up here is the solar charge converter it’s an outback power supply this is good for up to 60 amps and over here on this side we have our water pump which is a 3.2 gallons per minute our expansion tank which is two gallons

So it’s holding two gallons of pressurized water and our hot water heater all of these systems link into the sink and the shower here and if you look back there you can also see the inverter battery charger and some of the fuse systems to keep everything from shorting out all right let’s take a look inside the van one of the first things you’re going to notice

Is some of the woodwork down here is the bamboo flooring with the underfloor heating have teak handrails wood siding and then go ahead take a walk inside here you’ll see the bubinga countertops and on the sink side is the removable section so that way you can get through the sink and the sink is fully equipped with hot and cold running water underneath the sink

Down here is the oven has a latch system so that way it doesn’t come flying open on the road over here is the two burner stove top normal propane setup and the propane sensor and detection system is over here so if it does detect any propane leaks in the van then it’ll automatically shut off the propane system at the tank over here the refrigerator freezer setup

It’s an isotherm model up this top one is the refrigerator system and down here is the freezer this model will allow you to go to a 35 degree tilt so that way you don’t have to align the van every time you park it too so i just wanted to walk you through the electrical system for the van real quick down here you’ll see your two main dc power switches one is for

Your main dc power system and one is to feed your inverter up here you’ll see your 12 volt distribution panel and this is your 120 volt ac distribution panel over here is the selector switch for the ac distribution panel you can either run off of normal shore power like a house outlet or you can run off of your inverter system this is the on off for the inverter

System and this is your volt and amp meter this shows you how many volts are in the battery and this shows you how many amps are being drawn through the system and if you want to come over and take a look over here this is the under floor heater this is the thermostat it’s a normal household thermostat and over here are our 12 volt reading lights that each one

Of the reading lights also has a usb charger and there’s an extra high power usb charger up here there’s also outlets throughout the van over here up here and a couple more down here and underneath this bench right here you just lift this bench up as a latch system and in here is the van combiner switch this allows you to combine the batteries on your house

Bank all right i.e the van side and the engine side for the car in case your van ever goes dead and you’re out in the wilderness this also converts down into a seat and desk you

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Mercedes Benz2020 Sprinter 2500 cargo van 144’’3.0L V6 turbo Diesel By trystxxx

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