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Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 Van Life Build

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What’s up guys my 2005 mercedes-benz sprinter 3500 campervan i bought it off highway repair vehicle company they were using it for a little while in michigan i’m the third owner there’s two hundred sixty seven thousand miles on it i just saw brand new brakes got tires a couple thousand miles ago and just got a fresh oil change about five hundred mile to go do a

Walk around its the table i had for my kia that i cut down there’s a hinge can actually swing up for more counter space right here it’s not installed right now flips up you have more counter space this is my storage area under here right now i just moved from chicago so i have a lot of my stuff in here this whole area is empty storage space so you got from here to

Here all kinds of stuff if you have like easy ups or gazebos or something that you want to put under there but yeah right now right here is where i keep my food sometimes you can put the cooler in there if you want back run from it’s cold so for example my step-brother and i went snowboarding in wisconsin and it was 16 degrees outside i had the wood still going and

Kept us warm in here i took the temperature rating or the thermometer and it was like 75 degrees in here that helps too because i insulated the cab the whole van is insulated with our value of 3 this is my bed it’s a 10 and a half inch memory foam mattress i ordered off amazon i cut a slit down the side here so it folds it kind of makes a hinge so it folds into

A murphy bed along the wall and actually runs parallel with the table so you have so much room just to walk in and out of the when the bat is up that’s about it for the interior of the van my favorite accent i’d say probably is the wood stove it adds a nice romantic vibe to the man and also lots of heat when you need it this is the storage bunk that they put up

Here all kinds of stuff in there i got probably about like 10 jackets in there right now but yeah this is my van um alright so i do have lights in my van i have this one this one there’s one back there dark in here these are more than enough i really don’t need more i have a camp stove that i put right here and i have flashed behind here and the wood stove right

There just so it never does get hot enough where you’re gonna burn down the van or anything like that in my opinion this is actually safer than having a propane stove but i do have a propane cooking stove that i cook with right here so i do have this here it’s great engine is completely cold come put my hand on the turbo here just to show you she’s cool there we

Go holding the turbo start thanks for coming down tv cribs hope you enjoy get the out

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 Van Life Build By Randy Danger

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