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Altair Club Cars Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG V12 BiTurbo REVIEW by AutoTopNL

Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG V12 BiTurbo REVIEW by AutoTopNL

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Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG V12 BiTurbo REVIEW by AutoTopNL

And today we are going to touch that right now there we go that’s the martin dbs superleggera pagani huayra say the alphabet and we’ll see what happens if we floor it what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by dr. topol now my name is max and today we are here in this beautiful area this is a 2008 mercedes-benz sl 65 amg and it was missing

From our amg bucket list because we’ve never driven an sl 65 and well we thought that it was about time we drive it so today i’m going to show you around and show you all the cool stuff on this car and then we’ll take it for a drive on this beautiful road no altamont today because this is a customer car from gore millionnaire who is a mercedes-benz dealer he’s

A licensed classic center and he also specializes in sl so the older ones the sl 190s all the way to this modern stuff and well it is a magnificent car this but before we begin the review don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we upload a new video so let’s take a look because it is an absolute beast this car

It is well you guys know what i mean by beast this car has a v12 biturbo six liter engine it is absolutely enormous and it’s crazy powerful as well so at the front you guys can see that this is a 2008 model because that is the year it was facelifted and that means that the double like double oval headlight was replaced with this one which gives the car a much

More modern appearance it’s a really really big difference compared to the pre-facelift one you also get the new grille and well of course because it’s an amg you get some more aggressive bumpers amg wheels of course these are 19 inch double spoke amg wheels with amg brakes behind them you could also go for carbon but this car doesn’t have it v12 biturbo bags

And of course the vents on the hood to let the old air out and another one right there and at the rear we’ve got the sl 65 badge and of course the 65 exhaust tips so this is the typical 65 exhaust tip from that time which is absolutely awesome it just looks aggressive cool a diffuser as well and well let’s take a look at the engine there we go there it is it

Even has a carbon fiber cover which is pretty cool as i said six litre v12 biturbo engine codename m27 five and it has 612 horsepower and 1000 newton meters limited the newton meters are limited the torque is limited because the gearbox well they have to protect the gearbox and this has the old 5-speed automatic gearbox the sl 63 of this generation got the new

7-speed dual-clutch gearbox the mct speed shift but that’s gearbox at the time couldn’t handle this amount of torque and this amount of power so it still had the 65 still had the old gearbox so it’s an all aluminium engine used in the well the sl 65 obviously the s 65 the cl 65 the g65 and the maybach 57 s and 62 s a different version of this engine the m2 85 is

Used by pagani so they use this engine but with two smaller twin-scroll turbo to counteract the turbo lag so they use smaller turbos and it delivers 730 horsepower in the pagani huayra that’s this engine which is pretty cool other than that i mean yeah it is a freaking beast it doesn’t really matter which car you put this engine in it will go because it is such a

Freaking force of nature the interior we’ve got a brown interior a really classic combination of silver metallic with brown leather with a diamond stitch and we’ve got the awesome gear lever this is freaking nostalgia with the start/stop button on top of it so i’ve got a key in my pocket i can use that as well but if i leave it in my pocket and i press this button

Right here that starter motor is so heavy you can hear that it takes some serious effort to start up this massive engine we’ve got harman kardon speakers yeah it is fully loaded this car knew it was three hundred and thirty thousand euros now it’s for sale for under seventy thousand euros and it has done just over a hundred thousand kilometers so yeah if you’re

Interested go check it out at core millionaire i’ll put a link in the top comments so you can check out this car and the company okay so we’ll put it in drive down here we’ve got abc sport this is not a sporty way to say the alphabet this is active body control with the face lift they actually changed a lot of stuff on the underpinnings of the car so the chassis

And the suspension got a big overhaul the torque struts they really try to make this facelift like a big one so we’ve got that in sport mode we’ve got air suspension as well we’re not going to touch that right now well we’ve got the roof down we’re going to keep it that way because it’s beautiful weather and we want to hear that v12 of course we’ve got a button

For the gearbox manual comfort or sport we’re going to keep that in sport for now and well let’s go close the windows for the win toys and here we go now you can already hear that exhaust i mean the sound of this car is is like almost like nothing else it reminds me of a modern aston martin dbs superleggera that also has that that we heavy v12 turbo sound it is

Such an amazing sound and it’s a weird combination between brutal and well just comfortable it’s it’s like you’ve got this enormous surge of torque so you you hardly shift gears that’s why this car actually works with that five speed automatic gearbox that old automatic gearbox it actually works because it has so much torque so there’s hardly any shifting involved

When you drive it regularly so handling wise you’ve got a nice hydraulic power steering so it’s actually nice and heavy but the car is also pretty heavy just over 2 tons and you feel that of course in the corners but i think this is more like a cruiser than a sports car and i think that’s a bit of a misconception that people automatically think that an sl 65 amg

Is a sports car because it is the most powerful amg of a particular model in this case the sl but i think an sl 63 is much more of a sports car than an sl 65 especially for this model because the 63 gets the new dual clutch transmission while this has the old automatic i also think that this 63 engine is much more aggressive than this this is quite lazy and of

Course it’s super torquey and as i said you don’t have to shift that much so it’s a little in gear fools i mean a lot of other cars would have shifted gears there now if i slowed down a lot of course it’s going to shift down but then if i floor it it just keeps it in that gear now i’m going to switch to manual for the gearbox i can shift gears with the pedals but

It does take a while for the gearbox to actually shift gears and the shift itself takes a while too it’s quite funny but that sound oh really really cool it sounds like that a v12 turbo has such a special sound it’s mmm so 0 to 100 should be 4.2 seconds and the top speed is weirdly limited to 250 kilometers an hour the black series of this car was limited at 320

Kilometers an hour with 670 horsepower so yeah this car can go 300 kilometers an hour easily okay now let’s do a pull away i’m in sport mode again for the gearbox and we’ll see what happens if we floor it so little wheel spin traction control doing its thing but you really noticed that once it gets going it’s gone it’s like super super powerful when you get it

Going because it does need some time now the owner the previous owner of this car actually bought mercedes amg gt c and i mean man the difference between those cars must be enormous i mean you think that you go from one amg convertible to another about the gtc is such an aggressive weapon and this is such a laid back but ridiculously powerful and fast cruiser it

Is very very cool i’m very happy that we are able to add this to our list oh that is some serious power now numbers-wise not a lot of these have been made actually so the numbers differ from you know source to source but i think it’s somewhere around 1200 of these sl65 s were made so it’s a pretty rare car i’ll do a kick down that was not bad gearbox actually

Responded quite nicely there i really didn’t know what to expect when i you know when we picked up this car this morning i have to say that i also thought that it was going to be more aggressive more like an sl 63 but with a v12 and some more power and torque but actually it is such an incredible cruiser and if you get rid of that limiter it would be an amazing auto

Ban weapon as well so it is an incredibly special car and if you are interested in buying it go check out the link in the top comment it’s for sale at gourmet ladakh so to you guys thanks for watching and i hope to see you at the next one you can subscribe by clicking the big button right here you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see you the next one right

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Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG V12 BiTurbo REVIEW by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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