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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz of Stockton: 3500 Sprinter Cab Chassis Overview

Mercedes-Benz of Stockton: 3500 Sprinter Cab Chassis Overview

This video showcases the multi-faceted Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter Cab Chassis and the many body iterations available.

How’s it going i’m forrest miller i’m your sprinter and metris commercial van guy here at mercedes-benz i want to show you these cab chassis these are unique to the to the sprinter line because you can really do whatever you want on these things they come naked from the factory and then we can send them out and we can put a box on we can put a dump truck like this

We can put on a kuv we can do rvs i mean sky’s the limit it’s pretty pretty endless impossibilities this one here this is a 144 wheelbase cab chassis 3500 xd which is the highest weight class offered by the sprinter 11030 gvwr we dropped this knapp high dump truck body on the back which has a hoist which is you can see here this can do about 4,500 pounds in the back

And then the back of all the walls drop down so it’s a drop down dump body so you can load from every different angle anyone who’s a contractor landscaper you know just material mover this could be a big asset to your company and now if you look over here this is another unique build so this is a box truck you’ve seen them on the roads this one’s a little different

Though on the inside first off its got a cutaway so you can walk from the cabin to the back so how often you need to get to the back but you got to stop the car get out open up the roll-up door climb in there it could be a hassle well this is quick access you just you know for the car park stand up walk through and you have access to the back also if you notice on

The side of the side of the box we got a curb side door with a curb side step so another another entry point which makes loading and unloading and organizing easy and then also in the back this has got barn doors so if you don’t want to open up the whole roll-up door like you’re used to you can use these barn doors open up one tied to the to the side of the van

So doesn’t blow blow closed on you and you have another cool unique way to use the sprinter cab chassis all right now we’re on to the fan favorite the kuv stands for nap hot utility vehicle this is probably the best bang for your buck right off the lot 144 cap chassis heist weight class you have the most payload available on the sprinter but this one comes right

Off the lot ready to use you’ve got organized storage from the exterior with parts keepers dividers everything ready to go which keeps the interior clean you don’t have to be hunched over crawling around looking for stuff in the messy van interior is for materials like wood it’s got conduit shoes for piping you can access from the exterior but all the tools and

All the organizations on the outside so keeps everything nice and clean ready to rock and the nice part you can stand up in it no more hurting your back so that’s the kuv this is probably our number one seller with the cab chassis just great right off the lot all right now we’re onto the one you already probably know about but hey i got to remind you it’s my job

So this here the regular sprinter the panel van this is a 170 cargo worker man you probably see these all over the road they’re the number one commercial van in the world best-in-class payload durability reliability nothing beats the sprinter come on so this year 170 cargo van you can use this for work you can use it for fun make it your fishing van make it your

Camper van make it your luxury hauler i mean the sprinter unlimited possibilities as you seem today but got to go back to the original cargo van right here sprinter 170 2500 all right guys hey thanks for watching again my name is forrest miller commercial van manager at mercedes-benz of stockton if you need anything done to your van customization anything added

That’s my job i’ll take care of it for you i love doing it do it all the time i’m here to work for you thank you

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Mercedes-Benz of Stockton: 3500 Sprinter Cab Chassis Overview By West Advertising

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