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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz // GLE53 2021 \ DRIVING ITSELF

Mercedes-Benz // GLE53 2021 \ DRIVING ITSELF

Rebecca Bowley

Hey guys this is rebecca with mercedes-benz of collierville thank you again for tuning in for another video in today’s video we’re gonna be demonstrating the dynamic driving features so let’s go it all starts with the cruise control so in the upper right corner of your steering column on the left side you want to hit your cruise control and activate it it’s

I see that it comes on right here now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna set it now i’m going 70 miles per hour so i’m gonna set it at 70 as soon as i set it the sensors automatically start sensing the road and this little steering wheel right here shows green with the little hands on it which means i can take my hands off the wheel and the vehicle will drive itself

Now i also have my distronic distance control which is how many links do i want to set from the vehicle in front of me so i’m gonna catch up to this car in front of me up here i want to stay a set distance from that car so i’m gonna lower my distronic to about a hundred beats and catch up to this car now i have my computerized graphic of the vehicle in front of me

Showing here and i’m setting my cruise control to go 85 miles per hour so i’m catching up on him pretty fast and my hands are off the wheel guys and i can see him right there now he’s at a hundred but he is going 74 and he’s slowing down so i’m adam actually slowing down as well and this car is about to merge in on me so it’ll go you can slower and keep them 100

Feet and then it’s gonna automatically keep me put me back at 100 feet from that guy in front of me up to 85 miles per hour now i’m only at 70 right now so he’s still not going that speed let’s say i wanted to be farther away from him i can just increase how long i want to stay away from them so i’m just increasing that you can see that up here i added more links

So he’s about to be 300 feet in front of me if he was to go 85 miles per hour right now so would we cuz that’s what i have my cruise controls still set at but he would have to be 300 feet away from me i’m also gonna show you my active lane change assist i’m just gonna put my blinker on and the vehicle will change lanes for me i never touched the steering wheel you

Guys now it really depends distronic drive assist where it’s hands-free driving really is made for highway driving it will do it on you know just main roads and things like that but if it has really strong turns then you’re gonna it’s gonna need more attention but it will do minor pretty sharp turns but not too too sharp see it’s now it’s reminding me to put my

Hands on the steering wheel to make sure that i’m still paying attention to my driving but if we were to keep going on this straightaway and relatively winding road right now with no major disruptions the vehicle would literally keep driving itself for 30 seconds and every 30 seconds it would remind me to put my hands on the wheel make sure i’m still attentive

I’m gonna speed it up a little bit i just put my cruise control up it’s automatically slowing me down to whatever that car is in front of me again keeping me the hundred feet distance thank you guys so much for watching this video today make sure to like share and leave a comment below don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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