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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz GLC – First Drive Review

Mercedes-Benz GLC – First Drive Review

Mercedes-Benz is amping up its SUV game with the launch of the new GLC which sits between the GLA and the GLE. We got a chance to drive the car for a brief period in Coorg and here’s what our initial impressions are.

Mercedes-benz has what is perhaps the most illustrious portfolio of cars in india’s luxury car market they have a presence in every segment from hatchbacks to sedans to suvs to supercars but there has been a glaring gap in this portfolio and it’s been there for a while inexplicably i’m talking about the entry-level suv now sure there is the gla class as well but the

Gla doesn’t really have what it takes to serve as a full-sized suv neither does it have the size nor the capabilities i’m talking about something to rival the likes of the bmw x3 and the audi q5 but all of that is about to change with this this view is a forward drive for the first time in india is the mercedes-benz gl c-class the third letter gives it up the glc

Is based on the c-class on its extended platform the wheels have been pushed back by about 33 millimeters giving it the longest wheelbase in its segment the design on the glc stands out long hood the coupe inspired rear d pillar slant it’s also got a very imposing stance not surprisingly considering its shorter and wider than its rivals at launch india will get

The edition 1 package that you see here of course we indians love our metallic accents and highlights and feature lists at the front all the line on the contours direct your attention to the double slide grille and the large and proud three-pointed star sitting below it is an actual functional gem tech’ underbody protector masking the high approach angle set by the

Wheels pushed up front the rear overhang is just as short and speaking of which the glc has a rear that will perhaps satisfy your backside perversions the most of all the merc suvs and even others in its segment well at least it did mine remember what the see glasses interior did to you when it was launched in 2014 but the glc will do just the same and even more

The incredible levels of luxury and design are carried forward but now there’s much much more space especially in the backseat the spectacular center console stays but with few added buttons and functions some very clever engineering all round to the basement of the speakers and the door isn’t just to optimize the acoustics its placement also makes space for more

Storage the few things that will dial down your delight however other rather ordinary looking clockwork and the underwhelming seven-inch screen which isn’t a touchscreen it said the infotainment is controlled by the stroll and the touchpad on the center console which to me actually makes sense a touchscreen demands your attention more this works more like a laptop

The goc also gets enlarged panoramic sunroof which is of the cabin nicely and for when the sun sets the ambient lights liven up your various modes the sea suv scores over the sea sedan in terms of boot space – of course with 550 liters that you can expand further to 1600 liters at the touch of two buttons that fall up the second goal however it is that spare we

Must face saver if you will which ironically takes away quite a bit of space so there’s a bit more space but is that all that the glc has to go show with a/c well can you see glass this but of course it cut for the glc can it’s a car that’s not only going to take you to your office and back home but also to your farmhouses or any other place that’s off the beaten

Thought as we say the glc is the first of its kind from mercedes-benz in india of course internationally there was a model that preceded this it was called the glk which india never got now the versions for the glc in india are going to be the glc 220 and the glc 300 the 220 of course is the diesel while 300 is the petrol in fact it is the only suv in its segment

To come with a petrol engine which ought to redeem it somewhat in the cities where the 2.1 liter engine would fall under the government’s we know what we are doing diesel van now remember the q5 and x3 just managed to escape with a thousand 997 cc engines the 2.1 liter diesel is an aging engine but it’s an engine that’s aging rather well and of course in the 220

It is in the state of tune where it’s focusing more on the fuel efficiency about the 250 which ended up get is the same engine in a higher state of tune despite being larger in displacement the gl sees to point one liter diesel motor is actually the least powerful in its segment well at least on paper it does manage a comparable torque of 400 newton meters that is

Available earlier than it is in its rivals so the gses diesel engine does feel very drivable in most circumstances although i do wish that at a later stage mercedes would launch the glc 252 which would make it the most powerful diesel engine in its segment now the 300 special engine is wonderful not only is it really silent and refined when you’re not pushing the

Car around but then you step on the gas and it’s got that zest and character that you’re definitely going to enjoy if you are planning to buy this car to drive it by yourself well then the glc 300 is the version that you should be looking at 300 wonderfully highlights the onslaught of the turbo petros despite being a 2-liter four-cylinder motor the turbo enables

It emotive capability of 245 ps and 370 newton leaders and no i’m not mistaking of v6 s figures performance as well as refinement of both these engines far exceeds initial expectations and a large chunk of the credit for this goes from the series’s new go to transmission the nine speed g tronic torque converter the nine speedy tronic is like a solidworks minh it’s

Constantly toiling away but you can’t really tell it’s trying to constantly extract the maximum out of these engines in their various driving modes but while it’s added the engine just seems that so much ease the glc gets five driving modes which govern the nature of the response from the engine the gearbox the steering and even the air conditioner the eco and

Comfort mode are what i suspect most of you would use on an everyday basis where everything is tuned towards getting the maximum fuel efficiency or comfort respectively sports mode live-ins everything up handling becomes crisper down shifts are faster the up shifts take more revs and everything generally starts to feel a little more enthusiastic a sports bar

Again but sports plus one is this a car that really need the sports plus one it just makes everything the engine the gearbox the suspension everything very frantic and it doesn’t really go with the the character of this car so what makes the glc go place is that the c plas just won’t well yes there is the suv geometry and it is driven by all four of its wheels

With mercedes is 4matic all-wheel drive system but the glc also gets the off-road package standard which works in tandem with the on-board electronic driver you can select various modes like slippery inclined or off-road depending on the situation sit back and let the glc pull your truth most officers even the intelligent lighting system illuminates broader

And further in these modes but remember like everything else in life you must use your prudence as to how far you go with the glc needless to say and i’m sure all of you will gather this without me having to tell you this isn’t really a serious off-road and i’ll despite the off-roading more than the the ground clearance it will take on everything that the indian

Roads have to throw at it but if you plan to take it on an on a serious off-roading trailer then it might just get uncomfortable the grc is inherently sprung on the softer side its stall stands sitting on the high profile rubber doesn’t help either so there is a fair amount of vertical and sideways movement especially at lower speeds but once it gathers momentum

The road undulations cease to frazzle the suv or its occupants as much the glc is also heavy when compared to its counterparts inherently the glc is sprung slightly on the softer side so in comfort in eco mode there is a fair amount of vertical movement that you’ll notice but then you put it in sports mode which is a little bit uncanny and it actually gets more

Comfortable safety tech onboard is more than adequate to ease your decision to drive your family in the grc seven airbags and other passive safety systems a plethora of electronic driver aids even protection against crosswinds the various warnings of potential dangers are almost as if they’re serving as reminders that soon control will be taken away from the driver

It’s fairly obvious then that the glc is mighty important for mercedes benz so one would assume that they’d have to get it absolutely spot-on with the pricing that they have extra room 50.7 lags for the diesel glc to twenty and twenty thousand bucks more for the petrol glc 300 bang in the thick of the segment pricing so i’d say it’s safe to say market abnormalities

Notwithstanding the glc is the final ace in the proverbial royal flush the mercedes benz in india

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Mercedes-Benz GLC – First Drive Review By OVERDRIVE

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