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Mercedes-Benz GLC Coup

The GLC Coupé reflects our iconic Mercedes-Benz coupé design while symbolising the bipolarity of our brand – it is ‘hot and cool’,” says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG.

Mercidas dream car collection got a new member the new glc coupe we have the opportunity to drive this car today and our test car is the 350d with 258 brake horsepower the design of the glc coupe is based on the glc but the whole car looks a lot more dynamic as a very well we did with a glc coupe we clearly made it a member of the reseda scoob family it starts

Here the front here you find the beautiful diamond grille which is typical for all our coupes and then of course the shape of the vehicle it starts with a beautiful long bonnet and continues into the roof up here we’re about 40 millimeters lower than with the glc suv teeth an suv that makes the entire vehicle look a lot more dynamic on the road and more sporty

Than tosspot lehem at the interior the glc offers the expected quality and plenty of room for a coupe a shape car at the interior of course we find a c-class but that means we have all the good materials are the perfect craftsmanship and very important then use technology the seats offer even for large people and me enough space good support and they’re quite

Comfortable to deliver the sporty drive that the look promises the engineers put a lot of effort into the chassis about the first standard setup of the chassis of the glc coupe is more sporty and our variance of the shots you have a more direct steering we have three different chassis setups the base is already a bit more sporty the next step is an air suspension

Our app body control that you may know from the suv it offers different spring stages and variable damper settings but the cream on the cake is our dynamic body control it lowers the car by 15 millimeters and offers a really sporty drive overall from comfort up to the sport plus program pure driving pleasure passport mercedes offers eight different engines for

The new glc coupe there are four diesel and for petrol the entrance model is the 200 diesel which offers 136 brake horsepower the top version is of course an amg it’s the amg 43 4matic and that delivers 367 brake horsepower on top there is the 350z version which is a plug-in hybrid and that delivers 320 brake horsepower overall the engine has succeeded to make the

Glc coupe very sporty without big compromises regarding to the comforts driving our gsc 350d coupe with its 258 brake horsepower and the nine gtronic on board is pure pleasure the car sits well on the road and you can choose from different drive modes if you use comfort the car is already quite sporty if you want a bit more just use the sports mode the car gets

Stiffer a lot merger and then if you want to have real fun just you spot plus mercidas calls the new glc coupe the sports car within their suv segment and to be honest the transformation from the suv to this coupe is a lot better than with a ji le this car looks more sporty more dynamic and very important it drives that way i think with this glc coupe mercidas

Got the perfect car for this segment you

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