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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz GLC – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Mercedes-Benz GLC – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Het vraagt een kennersoog om te zien dat Mercedes de GLC een tussentijdse update heeft gegeven, de grote vooruitgang zit voornamelijk onder de motorkap en in de elektronica. Is verandering ook verbetering?

Mercedes has given the glc and the glc coupé an intermediate update. from the 200d to the amg 63s, all have been facelifted a little. very subtle i might add, because you have to look closely to discover the changes. we’re talking headlights, grille and chrome accents. the interior seems to be mostly the same as well, but don’t be fooled, because there’s a lot of new

Functionality in the car. if we look at the technology, the 4-cylinders have also received a big update. at first sight, the interior has remained the same. but that’s not the case. if we look closer, we can see the screen has been altered. it still doesn’t have the big single screen from the a-class, but it does share the functionalities. only, split in two screens.

The instrument cluster and the centre screen. you do control them that means there’s a slightly different touchpad and different buttons on the steering wheel. also, you’ll find out about the added functionalities. if we take a look at other technological features, the updates aren’t for the first time, the glc has been fitted with dynamic body control, which means it has

Dynamic air suspension and damping all around. if we put that in comfort-mode, it becomes incredibly comfortable. in sport-mode, it becomes a little sportier, but it’s not a sports car. comfort will always be priority number one in this. everything in this car is aimed at driving comfortably as quickly as possible. if you really want a sporty version, you should look for

Amg-models, this particular car is powered by an entirely new engine. it’s and it’s a mild hybrid. it has a starting generator producing 10 kw, or 13,5 horsepower, and the motor produces 150 nm of torque. the petrol engine and electric motor neatly work together. you barely and they’re both connected to mercedes’ famous 9-speed automatic gearbox, the 9g-tronic. and it knows

Exactly when to change gear. and it does in such a refined way. very comfortable. however, when you put your foot down, you’ll hear the petrol engine roar a little. it’s still more quiet than the new diesel engine though. there’s a whole new 4-cylinder diesel family available as well now, you could say a glc is a heightened c-class, but that would be half the truth. it’s

An suv, so they’ve added some off-road modes to it. there’s an off-road mode, but also an off-road plus. so especially with air suspension, it can go quite far into the terrain. so if you’re saying this car is only for higher entries, i already mentioned that the car was updated entirely when it came to electronic functions. that doesn’t just mean the infotainment, but

Also for driving assists. the car now has an improved lane assist, it’s able to stay inbetween the lines and change lanes in a better way. it’s all been improved in this car, and that’s what makes this car an even better travelling machine than it already was. the version i’m driving right now is the 300 coupé, and it’s priced at just over €78.000. sure, that’s steep,

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