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Altair Club Cars Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4Matic 2021 UK review

Mercedes Benz EQB 350 4Matic 2021 UK review

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Mercedes-benz eqb 354 matic 2021 uk review but before we start please support us by pressing the like and subscribe buttons so that we can continue to provide information about car and motorcycle news also turn on the bell button to get the latest updates your support means a lot to us thank you what is it as seems to be the way with the roll out of the

Mercedes-benz ab lineup the new eqb looks and feels a lot like the conventional glb with which it so obviously shares its platform and interior you’re either going to be the sort of person who likes the sense of familiarity that this approach engenders or the sort who finds it pretty uninspiring if you’re the latter you can hardly blame mercedes for pursuing

This strategy the glb is a popular compact suv and even with the arrival of its structural underfloor 66.5 kilowatt hours battery and rear mounted motor the eqb carries over its option of a third of row seats that makes it unique in its class which is now a fairly broad church including the audi q4 e-tron bmw 93 ford mustang machi hyundai ioniq 5 volkswagen id4

And volvo xc40 recharge the glb is also competitively endowed in the drive department while the rear axle synchronous motor is favored for both propulsion and regenerative braking there’s another more compact asynchronous motor in the nose combined output for this top-end eqb 354 matic version is 288bhp and 383 pounds foot the lesser eqb 304 matic makes 255 bhp

And 288 pounds foot meaning it can hit 62 miles per hour in 6.0 seconds that means that off the mark it will hang on to the coattails of something like the honda civic type r however the eqb 350’s range is rated at only 257 miles which is somewhat under par the mustang machi extended range awd to take just one alternative costs less yet can do 335 miles and most

Premium badged rivals will also go farther than the mercedes charging capacity is another area where the eqb’s spec sheet appeal is found wanting the car’s maximum charging rate is 100 kilowatts whereas plenty of rivals now offer closer to 150 kilowatts and the ioniq 5 as much as 350 kilowatts it can still recharge its battery from 10 to 80 capacity in around half

An hour and currently in the uk we’re not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to 100 kilowatts plus public charging stations but that will change in time and so the eqb is a little less securely future-proof than the others as for trim the car you seen here is the all-singing all-dancing edition one hence the 20 inches gold tone wheels and various bits of

Sporting body trim once this is sold out you will have the option of either amg line from 52 145 pounds for the 304 matic or amg line premium from 145 pounds the latter brings 19 inches wheels up from 18 inches as well as the panoramic glass sunroof wireless smartphone charging and various other small extras however all eqb models have the closed-off grille and

Full-width light bars both at the front and back of the car what’s it like the eqb makes mostly slick if forgettable progress and perhaps all you can reasonably ask for from a seven-seater electric crossover that said the mustang mock e is considerably more rewarding to drive its elasticated steering feel making it more fun to guide and the more playful handling

Balance being sweeter and in general something someone somewhere really thought about in terms of driver engagement the eqb isn’t that kind of car it’s pleasantly responsive and generally easy to place especially thanks to its commanding view forward and what it prizes above all else is sure-footedness and ease of use in this respect the intelligent regenerative

Braking whereby sensors detect traffic turns and road furniture ahead then slow the car predictably works very well although you can also use the steering wheel mounted paddles to trim or augment off accelerator regenerative braking effect as you see fit what you can’t do which seems an oversight is completely free yourself of some reagan effect meaning the eqb

Never free wheels which is something plenty of people quite like there’s also a slight coarseness under wheel despite the relaxed long wave movements you get when the dampers are in the softer of their two settings it gets particularly bad on less than perfect surfaces a bend should be more refined than this and while it’s tempting to blame the edition one’s

20 inches wheels this is something that we’ve experienced with other smaller mercedes evs so it seems to be something inherent to the mfa platform as for the interior it’s mostly plush and comfortable if a little chintzy with slick screens and plenty of useful f specific functionality for example the sat nav will neatly show you how much range you will have

Remaining when you reach your destination the floor in the second row is awkwardly high though it means that even though leg room is pretty generous the seating position is a little stool like in truth the front seats aren’t that much better and the eqb doesn’t have the long range comfort you find in say the mercedes c-class or even the ionic 5 or pulstar 2.

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