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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 – Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 – Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Een kleine vijftien jaar geleden deed Mercedes-Benz aardig wat stof opwaaien met de introductie van de eerste CLS, een vierdeurs coupé. Nu kunnen we rijden met de derde generatie, met als grootste noviteit de nieuwe lichting zescilinderlijnmotoren. Dat belooft veel goeds. En als slagroom op de taart mogen we ook met de eveneens nieuwe CLS 53 AMG 4MATIC+ de weg op!

Do you know what’s what with the badging system at mercedes? don’t worry, even we have to look things up sometimes. they’ve kept the name because it’s been a tradition at mercedes-benz. the name has been around since 2004 for their four-door coupé, but it’s actually based on the e-class instead of the s-class. that’s why it’s still called cls. even though it’s a

Little less extreme than the first generation. what’s new is a straight-six engine instead of a v6. so apart from the spaciousness and driving abilities, we’ll be looking at the characteristics of the engine today. three centimetres lower than a normal e-class to be exact, right, when i’m finally seated, i can see the legroom is just alright, beneath the seat isn’t a

Lot of room either. but i’ve done that because i’m driving. if i don’t do that, my head touches the ceiling again. that’s right, it’s not standard, you’ll have to pay extra. a small hook which can be used for hanging bags and such. the interior of this car is amazing, but we’re used to that when it comes to mercedes-cars. even in the simpler cars there’s a beautiful

Dashboard, anyway, it’s incredibly well-finished, beautiful materials, no regular dials anymore, it’s a fully digital instrumentarium. a multimedia system, all kinds of customizable dials. they state that it’s supposed to look like a jet engine. a car from the so-called ‘jet age’ in the usa. and its rear lights were styled to look like jet engines. apparently, that’s

Something car designers tend to love. even the toyota yaris has them, you literally find them everywhere. they’re all straight-sixes. two diesels, and we’re driving the petrol version. we’ve already driven the diesel in another mercedes. it’s being assisted by an integrated motor assist, as honda would call it. inbetween the engine and gearbox is a big flywheel, which

Is the starter and alternator at the same time. it gives a bit more voltage. so the integrated ‘assist-engine’ assists the engine with accelerating. that’s like having a middle-class turbodiesel as extra support. it’s not a full hybrid, because you can’t drive it all-electric, but the electrical motor does aid the combustion engine. so, this engine actually produces

The performance of a v8, only with the efficiency of a straight-six. but you’ll have to be good if you want to achieve those numbers. what’s also special about this car, is that they all have 4matic. so the diesels and this six-cylinder petrol are 4matic, it all depends on which version you choose actually. as standard it’s fitted with steel springs with conventional

Shocks. this version is fitted with air body control, again, you’re able to choose from different setups. if you put it in comfort, incredibly creamy. both in steering and suspension. if you put it in sport however, everything becomes a lot sharper. that’s when it becomes a totally different car. sure, it’s from the speakers, but the experience becomes more intense.

Great handling, the limit is incredibly far away… you can’t really get into trouble with this, if you are able to get into trouble, there’s still the electronical failsafe to rescue you. that’s being introduced today as well, so we’re driving that later on. the torque is all spread very nicely over a big range, which aids the combustion engine. if you combine that with

The 9-speed automatic gearbox which utilizes every single torque… it shouldn’t be hard to guess that this car is filled to the brim with safety systems. from the pre-safe package, which is standard on every cls. it’s a system which prepares your ears for the blow of a crash. of course, the cls can be fitted with semi-autonomous features, and this is too. if you let

Go of the steering wheel on the motorway, it will neatly follow the rest and the lines on the tarmac. you’ll get a notification you’ll have to hold the wheel again. you’ll get seat-massaging, a different climate control, it emits a kind of perfume-smell. this car is fitted with that as well, sometimes it smells like someone has sprayed some perfume in the car. this car

Is also fitted with seats which have dynamic side support, adjusting themselves according to the corner you’re in. but we were able to drive the amg 53 4matic plus today as well. the steering setup is different, but the chassis has been changed as well. than the ones under the car with the weaker engine we just drove. it’s the same 3.0-litre straight-six as in the 450,

But in this case it produces 435 horsepower and 520 nm of torque. that’s because it’s fitted with a turbo and an electrical compressor, and that means you always have torque and you always have power. but you can feel in everything this is a car built for going fast. just like the steering. this is sharper and mostly rear-wheel drive, you could wait for the cls 63 which

Undoubtedly will come as well. you can count on it that it will be lot more expensive than the 450, you’ll get a car which is made to make you smile in every single way. this mercedes cls operates in the area of cars like the audi a7, mostly the audi and bmw are the direct competitors. the petrol cls will set you back almost €100.000, the diesels start at €93.000.

It’s more than €10.000 more expensive than it’s predecessor, and what do you get for that? a car which is differently styled. you’re not going to complain that the headroom isn’t as rich, or that the rear is too cramped, or that the boot is too small. who thinks an e-class is too regular, an s-class is too much, so for that customer base, this is an incredibly good car.

It’s all top-notch, it won’t get any better.

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Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 – Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles By AutoWeek

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