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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz CLA 2015 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Mercedes-Benz CLA 2015 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Hello and welcome to the carbine website helps you buy better well if you like the a-class but want something equally stylish along with the practicality of a boot then you will simply love mercedes benz new cla standing here besides me what is this car all about well it is an audi a3 rival and we’ll find out how good it is on the show today well the

Biggest asset that the cla has over the a-class of course is the big boot that it has and as you can see it’s a pretty deep and spacious boot unfortunately the opening isn’t really very wide and there’s a huge loading lip as well and that can be a bit of an issue but uh it’s pretty decent in terms of size and is at par with the a3 unfortunately mercedes have put

A spare wheel over here and that really does eat up into the boot space by a long way well as you can see uh leg room inside the cla is uh pretty decent and uh the transmission tunnel it is there but it’s not very very high whoever sitting here can find place to keep his feet at the only downside inside the cabin over here is this sloping roof line and somebody

Who’s my height which is 510 for reference uh has just about decent space so somebody who is six feet or taller than that will struggle for headroom at the back but apart from that great seats very good ambience and a really high class cabin like all mercedes cars well so here i am in the front seats of the cla as you can see these seats are very supportive and

Very sporty seats they offer very very good cushioning even the bolt string on the sides is really strong and even the bolt string for your back over here is very good which means that whenever you are pushing this car into a corner these seats will really hold you well and it’s a very practical place to be a lot of places to keep your odds and ends there’s a

Big box over here where you can keep a couple of diet coke cans one place where to keep your wallet and other knickknacks small trail here as well and uh big dobbins which can generally hold big bottles in and the quality of the cabin is really really very good and the black this uh faux aluminium as well as the beige really does work uh really well inside this

Cabinet it’s a very sporty cabin very youthful and very very urban and of course being a merc safety is paramount all models get six airbags as standard a great job by mercedes in terms of the clas cabin styling as well as quality well so here i am driving the new cla now and uh this car comes in petrol as well as diesel engine options right now we’re driving the

Diesel and this uh engine delivers about 17.9 kpl according to mercedes which means it has a tank range of about 890 odd kilometers and that really makes it one of the best cars to fill up your tank and just go on that long drive that said of course uh the only downside of this engine is that it’s a very fuzzy engine and when you rev it hard it does tend to become

Very noisy and very boomy inside the cabin when you are cruising of course between two thousand and two and a half three thousand rpm it’s relatively silent inside the cabin but yes when you started from cold it is very noisy and unlike uh the audi two uh liter diesel engine which is very very refined from the word go this engine definitely has a lot of buzziness

About it well the good point of course is that uh a lot of torque available in the mid-range the power is transferred via a seven-speed automatic airbox and that really makes it one of the best engines in terms of power delivery and the gearbox is also very slick you of course get these paddle shifters at the back of the steering wheel which enhance your driving

Experience well the other good point about this cla of course is the fact that it is a very keen driver’s car the steering is very very crisp there’s very minimal body roll and the grip from the tires is phenomenal and the chassis really is very very agile it really loves to be thrown around corners and it’s one of the few cars which you will really enjoy driving

On your own well so in the oral analysis the cla really is a car for those of you who enjoy a stylish car on the outside a plush cabin on the inside and also a car which offers a keen driving experience all this for a price of roughly about 30 to 35 rupees means that this is one of the best cars out there for keen drivers in the luxury segment

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