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Mercedes Benz C-Class

Francisco spends some time behind the wheel of the latest generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

This behind me is the new mercedes-benz c-class now i am quite late to the party in terms of reviewing this model but thankfully my colleagues have driven this car at the official launch so if you want to watch that full review head to our youtube channel today however i want to find out if this is the cream of the executive sedan crop now in order for that card to

Be that it needs to take certain boxes so let’s find out one of the most important factors of this segment is the way a car looks and i mean just look at the c-class it’s gorgeous i personally think it’s one of the best looking cars in its segments at the moment and that’s because it basically looks like a baby s-class and that’s saying a lot this specific model

Is fitted with the amg line it’s got matte paint and it’s got 19 inch wheels foreign but that does come at a cost because as low slung and as sleek as it looks did i say gangster it is very low so much so driving on normal roads does become quite painful because you end up scraping and scraping and scraping and i mean i don’t know about you a million round car

Scraping and scraping and scraping the interior of the c-class has improved incredibly compared to the old vehicle the old vehicle had a number of undesirable materials but as you can see this new one is very luxurious from the stitching to the soft touch dashboard to the metal boots used everything feels very good if you look closely however you can complain

That some things still feel a bit plasticky but overall you’d swear that you’re in a baby s-class and one of the biggest aspects that make this car so luxurious is this from this infotainment screen you can control a number of features in this vehicle you can control the settings of the car your apps your media your navigation unlike other huge template screens out

There i like the fact that this is quite easy to use it’s not overly complicated and normally what happens when you’ve got something that is so minimalistic it does get too complicated but thankfully that’s not the case in this car to add to the technological prowess of this car you do have a further digital instrument cluster which gives you relevant information

About the vehicle you can also customize how it looks if you look over there i can change the settings from sports to classic and that of course is all controlled through the steering wheel which gives you lovely haptic feedback so you don’t really have to press anything you can literally just touch and everything responds accordingly unlike kenneth’s older sibling

The s-class i’d rather be in the front of the c-class as opposed to being in the back that being said though the back of this vehicle is not a bad place to be in at all i’ve got a decent amount of legroom decent amounts of headroom i’ve got air vents to keep me nice and cool but you can understand why most people end up going for the crossover equivalent of cars

Like this and we need to remember that merc has got a ton of crossovers and suvs to choose from not be lying if i said that you see class isn’t a lovely vehicle to drive in fact i think it’s currently at the top of the pile in its segment we need to remember that the bmw 3 series and the audi a4 are both face lifted versions whereas this car is a brand new vehicle

Inside and out and i must say it does show

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