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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Well over all these years no one has really found out what the letter c stands for on the mercedes c-class but going by the looks of the new one it could simply stand for classic the new c-class has been designed to look like a smaller version of the s-class and mercedes have simply done a superb job with the styling key elements of course include that big mercedes

Logo in the grille lots of chrome and sweeping lines all across all this of course makes the car look effortlessly stylish and very contemporary and urbane at the same time most buyers will simply buy this car for its gorgeous looks alone well when it comes to boot capacity the c-class has an advantage that the opening there offers is really very wide and what

That means is there you can put in that big golf bag without any fuss on the downside though they have put the spare wheel over here and that really does take up a lot of the luggage space well if you like the exterior design of this car and you will simply love this cabinet really is one of the best design cars in this class in fact i would stretch out my neck

And say that this car is the best in terms of interior styling in this segment and not only is it a very well designed cabin everything is very very good to hold and touch as well and everything has an air of quality about it and mercedes have really put in the best materials inside this cabin while key styling elements of course include these three ac vents in

The center now of course they get these brushed aluminum surrounds and all the chrome and aluminum inside the cabin really does have a very very nice and plush feel about it it really feels like a very luxurious car and whatever money you are spending seems well spent apart from being really beautiful it’s also very practical place to be in you of course get two

Cupholders over here a small place to keep your cell phone you get a big box over here where you can of course also use that usb cable and charge your telephone and the door bins are actually large enough to hold those big bottles in so very practical place inside the c-class is cabin well mercedes really loads up the c-class with the latest equipment you forget

Seven airbags as standard you get this big screen which also doubles up as a screen for the reverse camera along with bluetooth connectivity for your stereo and really the works when it comes to equipment from a settings well the mercedes command centre can be accessed through this circular button over here and it really is very easy to operate and over the years

Mercedes have really made it easier and more intuitive to operate and even when you are driving it really is completely hassle-free to operate the only slight issue is that this little touch para way away of course you can type things from your finger can get in the way of this little circular button and that is something that mercedes should look at well being

A mercedes means that luxury is paramount and even the steering wheel has got electronic adjustment so it adjusts both for rick as well as for reach by the flick of this little button here well so here i am now in the second row of the c class of seats and first things first i have just in the front seat for my driving position and my height for reference is

510 and even then i have got loads of new room and good amounts of place to stretch my feet at the only slight issue is that the headroom can be an issue for taller passengers i am 510 and i just mentioned and well i’ve got a square about two fingers of space over there so whoever is six feet and above good struggle for a head room at the back but that said it’s

An excellent place to be in and it’s generally a white car which means that three passengers can sit here in comfort another downside is this really tall transmission tunnel and whoever that third passenger is is going to have a hard time struggling full leg room with the other passengers on this side but other than that excellent that means inside the cabin and

Once you really shut these doors this car does cocoon you from the world outside well so today we’re driving the petrol version of this car this kind of foster comes with a diesel option as well you get a 2.2 diesel but we’re not driving that today we’ve got the 2-liter 181 bhp petrol motor well of course you can change the driving characteristic of the c class by

This toggle switch over here which changes the settings for the suspension and you can choose from sport plus for comfort as well as the eco mode and what that basically does is makes the car suspension more stiff or softens up to increase comfort and it really depends on who’s sitting here what is driving preferences ah well at the moment we’ve set the settings

In comfort mode the car feels very stable on the highway but there’s a little bit of stiffness around the suspension but it’s not too much it doesn’t feel uncomfortably stiff and that means that mercedes have found a good blend between ride comfort as well as agility this petrol motor is really supreme on refinement and it’s also very punchy motor all you need to

Do is just smash the accelerator pedal slightly and this car really does take off you can also of course use the paddle shifters over here behind the steering wheel which offer you a more engage experience with the car and it really does make it one of the better cars if not the best ax in this segment when it comes to driver involvement the 7-speed automatic from

Mercedes is probably one of the best in the business at the moment and gas shifts are really very quick and there’s very minimal time lag between changing gears and all you have to do is just use the paddle shifters of the back to get a sense of driver involvement while the c-class is motor is very punchy and powerful but it’s also a very quiet motor it’s inherently

A very silent motor and that makes the cabin a very relaxing place to be in and you can actually hear a pin drop inside this cabin and minimal thigh annoys and the minimal wind noise are the key highlights of this cabin well so in the overall analysis the c-class really comes across as a very good all-rounder it has a very stylish exterior a very sophisticated

Interior not to mention the comfortable ride and punchy set of engines and even though it is a little more expensive than some of its rivals remember all good things come in a price and a c-class is definitely one of the better things in life you

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