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Altair Club Cars Mercedes Benz A-Class (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

Mercedes Benz A-Class (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

Tiff and the team take a look at the Mercedes A-Class.

Next we’re off to our secret test tracks for the fifth gear team test today the team tested the all-new mercedes a-class it’s merge rival to posh hatchbacks like the bmw 1 series and audi a3 it costs between 19 and 29 thousand pounds and has engines ranging for 109 horsepower diesel to a 211 horsepower petrol mercedes say it’s more dynamic than ever and we’re testing

The top spec petrol in sporty amg trim ladies and gentlemen i’m so excited to announce that mercedes have built a good-looking front-wheel drive car the mercedes was a real breath of fresh air we saw it nicely styled a huge improvement on the old one and it’s great noting it the first day class was this horrible nonsense this is a solar system away from that the

Main disappointment of the a-class is the boot space and it’s access they want this car to appeal to young families young families have prams and i’ll bet your bottom dollar a pram would not go in there to summarize it’s got a small boot chase would you like to see i’d love to now this is good inside it’s a great bit of kit the colors are very very similar to my

1989 mark 2 golf gti really felt like a a hot hatch which was good fun that’s a bit weird today through the screams of people it’s not even angled towards the driver i want to pull those boards for you under way and if you pull it hard it’ll move don’t do that no now the same is plain that this new a-class is much sported before we’ve put it up against an unhinged

Man in the the sportiest car in its class which was a bmw 1-series the challenge is simple can the new a-class do something the old a-class could never do keep up with a bmw 1-series got captain lunatic up front yeah he’s not getting away no no and he’s really intense tail right ohs i know people would pay money to sit alongside tiff in a car but really i’d pay

Money not to i’m done with it did rather well i kept looking matt mira is plato gritter very good situation you serious it’s so darted it is really precise and positive yeah i like him i really like it it’s a really good little chassis it’s great merck have worked hard at it i just think that the problem with that amg chassis is is it’s incredibly niche i like it

Like the circuits like these yeah i don’t think i’m like on the road no and this is weird about my work is known for you to fall ride quality yeah and this is where they’ve almost forgotten about it i might actually have black eyes by the internist and the ones you’ve punched me in the face just to stiffen the road take your back teeth can’t get much is slightly

It’s great going up the gears is thrilled but it won’t change that when i want say the engine was really fast as well at petrol turbo 280 horsepower really really rich he’s not going away there’s no way to get boy and it’s weird is that i could do it quicker lap than him cuz he’s holding it rampion ran this central the new a-class is a revelation it looks fantastic

As a quality interior and the handling to match the new mercedes a-class a big improved on the old one still a slightly harsh ride not the biggest of boots and encouraging eight i did have the chance to have a cheeky driver the car myself and i thought it was brilliant i’m gonna give it a nine i really like it i think it’s a great looking car and for that matter

I’m gonna give it an eight i’d really like to try an a-class that doesn’t have an amg tweaked chassis because i think that’s the sweet spot so the car we’ve driven today i’m going to give it seven and a half which gives the mercedes a-class a team test score of 32 and a half out of 40 well we’re going properly 5mp hey 150 was it

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