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Altair Club Cars Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Door REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Door REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Door REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

It is a weapon this car this is a v and these are eight cylinders there we go can also do what’s up everyone welcome to this pov review biota table now my name is max and today we’ve got a very very special car a car that was released i don’t know a couple of months ago introduced with a couple of videos and photos and everyone thought or at least i did what

The hell what the hell are they doing now at amg how crazy is this car it is of course the old new amg gt four-door group a and we’ve got the 63s 4matic plus today which means we’ve got a v8 biturbo with 639 horsepower and 900 newton meters it is a weapon this car it’s supposed to compete with the porsche panamera turbo and turbo s and well it is a very imposing

Car to look at it is very very aggressive and if you ask me it’s sort of the way the new cls should have looked because i think this is much cooler much better-looking than the new cls especially from the rear so we’ve made a lot of videos with this car already don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell to receive updates when we upload a new video

Today or right now i’m going to do a walk-around show you all the cool design features on this car show you the interior tell you all about the engineering and the technical stuff then we’ll take four drive along this road will do a 0 to 100 kilometers an hour measurement with our draggy over there and then take it to the ultimen for a quick blast to see what

It’s like at higher speeds and how it gets there so basically we’ll do the spec first we’ve got a graphite great magno today so that’s a matte gray with optional 21 inch amg multi spoke wheels with that that very recognizable silver edge which looks really cool on this car i think we also have the upgraded brakes so these are carbon ceramic brakes which you can

Recognize by looking at the calipers these are bronze moving along we also have the night pack so all these details are in black like this side scuttle the mirror caps the window sills the little side skirt v8 biturbo 4matic plus badge we’ve got the upgraded aerodynamic spec as well which means we have a fixed wing i think or isn’t it i don’t know it it’s supposed

To have active aerodynamics so the spoiler is active and at the front it has the same front grille or bumper as an amg gt r as you can see there are all these flaps and they can open depending on what you need more cooling more down for whatever it also has the penn americana grill also from the gtr but also available in the gts now of course but this is sort of

The four-door gt of course but it’s not on the same platform obviously it is on the same platform as the e-class and the cls so it’s sort of a combination between an amg gt or a gtr basically and sort of an cls s-class it is a four-door fastback as mercedes calls it we’ve got huge exhaust pipes huge ones and a very pronounced diffuser as well all in black with

These little winglets that is also part of the aerodynamic spec so at the rear and i think yeah well you get a more pronounced front splitter as well with these little winglets but i have to say this thing looks so badass it looks so mean and aggressive so of course we went for the top version the 63s but you can also get a 43 a 53 and a 63 arius so there it is

The beating heart built by gokul kulick cheap 4 litre v8 biturbo masterpiece it is one of the greatest v8s ever i think it’s just so so immediate even though it’s turbocharged which is really good so i’ll show you guys the rear legroom as well it is relatively spacious i would say we have the two-seat setup in the rear so get in so you really have these highly

Bolstered seats heavily bolstered seats true sport seats in the rear and this wireless charging door as well optional and there is something like a carbon fiber brace here or something like that which you don’t get if you go for the 5 seat setup so this is the four seat setup if you go for the 5 seats you get a regular bench and they are foldable but apparently

This four seat configuration is a lot stiffer as well alright well did i miss anything i think that’s it we’ll check the inside so we have some new stuff in here so there are a couple of things that are very recognizable for the amg gt line which is this center console that is shaped like a v8 like this is a v and these are eight cylinders basically we also have

A new high performance steering wheel with these little screens so i don’t know if yep there it is so you have this drive selector with a little screen and you turn a knob and goes from comfort to individual sport sport plus and race which is really cool looks awesome and we also have these configurable screens slash buttons so if you press on the screen you can

See that it changes to your traction control your exhaust your gearbox start/stop and that’s it and you can select the suspension here as well so i think we’ll go for exhaust and suspension and then you can use these buttons to adjust it so this is exhaust open exhaust valves open closed suspension sports you can see it changes there as well sport plus comfort

These are screens as well which is really cool so if you click it wait i’ll click another one this one you can see it changing which is pretty awesome i think it looks really cool and definitely brings it you know definitely makes it a lot more modern again what else well we’ve got the same dual screen setup so twelve point three inch twice one thing that is new

Is this dial setup so we’ve got a new type of dial so this is called the super sport dial with a big rev counter your gears will be in air shift indicator and your speed we’ve also got the math carbon fiber trim in here which is pretty nice and the burmester audio system which is also crazy the seat super-supportive really big actually but they are great alright

So i think that covers everything i mean not everything there’s a lot of other stuff but i don’t want to get too into it because you guys also want to see me driving it obviously before we begin don’t forget to check out our own watch brand you would be really supporting us by buying these very cool watches this is the balota limited to 50 pieces worldwide and we

Ship free worldwide as well so go check it out top right corner if you want one of these and with that out of the way we’ll get going and we’ll go for sport+ a race obviously race race hmm so it is very loud what why don’t you have it in race the car totally wakes up and just sharpens up it’s really really impressive so as i said we’ll do a 0 to 100 kilometers

An hour measurement so we’ve got a phone mount right here you get that home here so it should do 3.2 seconds to 100 kilometers an hour three point four if you have the gnome s i think my tires are warm enough so that’s setup that’s ready sport plus no race foot on the brake full throttle race start there we go woo 3.29 my kids did struggle a little bit so let’s

Do another one see oh my god it’s fast 3.14 that is intense we actually did a 3.0 to earlier so if you like how this works you can also check out in our store it’s called the draggy gps performance books ad you can buy it in our store as you can see it works really well we’ll do another one just for fun it is super violent oh that’s better that’s better i can feel

It yes 3.06 oh my god and then we’re going to go for a manual and turn off the traction at all all together this can go away and now we have drift mode if we pull both pedals lovely balance so now it changes from the 4matic car into a rear-wheel drive car so the front axle completely disengages we can go in the menu and go for dynamic select and for total oh

And we’ll go for dynamic selects and then dynamic data so you can see that the arrows indicate the amount of power so it’s just going to the rear wheels now which is awesome it is awesome because as you could see that launch was super super aggressive and super fast because it was 4matic but you can also do that i mean that’s the best of both worlds which is why

We love this kind of stuff we love it in the e63 we love it in the m5 it just works so well ok i’m going to turn on traction control drift mode aborted yes go for automatic for the gearbox ok so now we are in race mode and automatic for the gearbox the 9 speed automatic gearbox with a wet clutch to save weight because it is a heavy boy this one it is 2100 kilos

Something around that 2020 100 kilos so it is brutal absolutely brutal so a lot of grip from the abided support for s tires 315 section at the rear that’s huge all right there we go let’s see got a little opal here iii jane oh that’s quick so i actually can just use this button on the steering wheel click it once to go to to so it’s a little less hard that’s

300 gt four-door 63 you get the same engine with 585 horsepower but if you go for the 63s you get that extra power but you also get the mouths special differential at the rear so you get some more stuff so unfortunately that is when my camera night but i think i covered it all i was going to end it soon anyway you can subscribe by clicking the big button right

Here you can check out this view v review over g63 and you can check out this playlist of pv reviews thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you at the next one bye

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Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Door REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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