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Altair Club Cars Mercedes AMG GLE 43 VALUE for money

Mercedes AMG GLE 43 VALUE for money

This Beautiful AMG is the definition of value for money. The Matias Group were overwhelmed by how much car you get for this price tag! With almost all the bells and whistles of the AMG 63 but a fraction of the price, all the power and performance anyone needs with all the safety and technology you expect in an AMG!

Mercedes-amg 63 collection has been sensational for the brand it has been sensational for good reason as well it is quite expensive though mercedes have put in place the amg 43 range across both the suv’s the coupes convertibles to be honest have never done a content piece on one today we have the g le coupe amg 43 is it good we’re gonna find out mostly looks

Sensational still it’s got all the amg kit not just amg kit it’s got all the real amg work on it look look at the wheels 22 inch twin five spokes have a quick peek around the back before we jump in the quad pipes this is this is something i’m really interested in and i’ve already driven it today i’m gonna give you my opinion shortly but the gl e43 what does it

Like compared to the 63 look sensational what’s it like under the hood we’re gonna go and have a little find out one thing instantly i’ve noticed it’s got the side skirts i don’t think that’s available on the 63 i quite like it interior is just sensational we’ve gone with the woodgrain here we’ve gone with the woodgrain we’ve got the nappa leather let’s just

Turn this baby on gone with an apple leather on the inside of the seat with the regular leather on the higher wearing spots i love this thing the wood grain interior is just lovely all mercedes all class you just feel fantastic i really like it black on black for me with this little red stitching i always like a little touch of red makes me feel good good for the

Tan let us get into mercedes mode and flick this into drive and tobi we will see you soon because i’m gonna go straight into something mercedes like to call sport i’ve really been looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this thing i know it’s gonna be a good car it’s a mercedes amg but just how good and what does it mean what position is this car in the

Market let’s have a look the gl e63 both wagon and coupĂ© they’re both early 200s and they’re sensational the sound of them the visceral force and just boisterous nature are really that sensational they really are a sensational car it does have competitors things like the bmw x5m sensational car there’s some in the range rover range what do you do if you want

That boisterous engine if you want that exhaust if you want this trim you want it to look like the 63 amg but you don’t quite have early 200 to spend mercedes have done such a smart maneuver here they’ve outmaneuvered the market by bringing in the 43 range this is going to be early to mid 100’s which 140 somewhere is a new car now that’s 60 grand plus off the

63 version and there is enough car beneath this bonnet for anybody to drive the best thing is it that amg have put their beautiful exhaust on the back of this so i can burp and grunt and grizzle and snap and crackle out of the back of this car it is such a good move of course the car’s not quite as fast or rapid or it doesn’t have as much torque vectoring and

All these different things as the the range-topping 63 but there is enough car here for anyone and they’ve got that exhaust note he’s a mid late v nought to a hundred sprint time on this we’ve got 390 horsepower 280 yards kilowatts we’re in the coupe today which means it’s just like a big bear it’s just on all four paws it’s not quite as not quite as rolly as the

Wagon it is noticeable that it is a better handling car would i personally buy the car over a wagon probably not because my dog likes to stand up in the back and the the bmw x6 and the coupe in the in the gla both have the very slanted back max would not be happy with me but nevertheless when you see them on the road they look great and when i see people driving

These gl e-40 threes on the road especially now a driven one for the day i just think they’re smart these people have got obviously got taste and they’re great cars but they’re just smart this is great value for money what a great move by mercedes putting this in really really impressed instantly really impressed i don’t know what their competitors are in fact

I found aem had a i was given a stat today that the 43 range out of all the amg sold in australia there’s the the 45 s which are in the small a class versions there are the 40 threes and then there’s the the range-topping 63 s out of all jeez sold the 43 variant in the various models makes up almost 50% of sales over the last 12 months that just that just tells

You right away where the market is and yes mercedes might be cannibalizing some of their own 63 market or their own 45 market but in terms of overall sales have gone through the roof it’s such great marketing and i reckon that someone would have had there it was a big punt for mercedes because they are taking away from the 63 but this is a mass market this is

This is great this is great we’re just gonna turn down onto the freeway here and just hear these pipes open up panorama roof one-piece panorama roof this is this is the option i would choose i prefer to have the larger roof than an opening roof in terms of the back we had a good friend elliot in the back i’m a sadie’s specialist over here in melbourne and he

Is gigantic he’s a six foot and plenty and he was sat in the back quite comfortably toby pushed him in the back called called rank and threw him in the back and he was in the back quite comfortably we’ve had four people in this car today two genuine six-footers in the back and there was plenty of headspace the boot is the boots the boots massive it’s not as

Big as the the wagon obviously but what what do you want the extra the extra boot space or do you want the sleek aerodynamic look that’s for opinion i’m not sure my dog will tell me otherwise but this looks sensational technology in the car is as per the rest of the range-topping amg line in mercedes we’ve got all the lane changes it’s all the safety warnings

The laser cruise radar cruise is terrific mercedes have had their standard standalone system for many years now anything gets better and better with every iteration this is a touchpad here that i don’t know i don’t know if i was mr. mercedes going back whether i would have designed that i personally can’t get to grips with it very well but that’s a user issue

It tells me it comes with the apple carplay doesn’t have android whatever the android play is because i’m an android man at the moment you know everything else is here this sensational i’m so very glad i’m so very glad i got the opportunity to drive this there’s enough horses under the under the bonnet there’s enough sound coming out of the back the thing looks

Magnificent i love the black with the blacked-out windows as well it it’s like a beefed-up batmobile i’m so very glad i got the opportunity and to really form a personal opinion on this thing the 43 range is great the 43 range is just such a good move and when i see one on the road i understand why good buying good buying drivers at 43 s very good if you want

To get into one let us know we have access to cars on the market off the market weird supported by the best in the business and mercedes and we can make dreams come true luke for the matias group thank you once again for watching it has been another extremely fun content piece today as i drop off this beautiful gl e43 mercedes

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Mercedes AMG GLE 43! VALUE for money By Matias Group

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