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Altair Club Cars Mercedes AMG C63 vs. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Speed Test | Fifth Gear

Mercedes AMG C63 vs. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Speed Test | Fifth Gear

Which is faster the Mercedes AMG C63 or Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio? Tiff and Jason find out. Taken from Series 27 of Fifth Gear, first broadcast on Quest, 6th September 2018.

Although alfa haven’t properly contested this sector for years my little quadrifoglio is putting up quite a fight now so far we’ve learned that the alfa is quite a bit better when it comes to a bit of ducking and diving but the mercedes provided the extra grunt and chassis balance to pull off a classier drift true which is all important stuff when you’re considering

Sticking your hand in your pocket to that out 60 grand on a new motor but the ultimate challenge for any high-performance car is how quick it is around a track time for a race off we’ve got two laps of the track to determine which is the faster car and the overall winner of today’s contest oh easy start this is gonna be tricky a bit again in the first corner ahead

He’s got that line is he gonna be cut you trying to get ready outside of they won’t get that let’s play dirtier that they just just push them out so aggressive i’m going to fight turkey for this one grunt talk talk down the log back straight the mercs superior pulling power just manages to hold off the alpha but approaching the slowest corner on the track means i can

Brake later due to my car’s lighter weight whereas this is gone no in fact the alpha has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution great from tech just get closer to him very pointy the cars torque vectoring system throws power to the rear wheel with a most grip and to aid the front downforce there’s an active arrow splitter which activates its 62 miles an hour defend

Coming he’s gonna block because this corner is called banking because it’s got banking tapping it out can sometimes just about fake i’ve got the line name is right there in the outside then the boy jared is not lying it down the straight although the amg engine is over a liter bigger than the alphas it revs a fraction higher which means i can accelerate that bit

Longer before changing gear wait it’s gone right the defensive him again let’s try and fox him here the long as i play dirty he’s not gonna get me about break myself you always made a mistake there i’ve got a bit wide i get the middle bits now i’m gonna get the switch back where these don’t want you busy wait was he he wasn’t ready for that lighter to be fair

Always having to fight dirty i to play as dirty as a jury haha wherefore i thought so you block you got wasn’t expecting that mind well round the bank expecting good move but so you block at the end of the state i thought right i’ll just try and get you out fox then you just couldn’t get a parent well that looks lovely it’s got a little understeer a little bit in

You can get on the parent but if you’re brave and get on the power you can make it you can go from understeer into a nice slide it’s good it’s a great little car actually i’ve still got the three pointed star move on it though i’ve still got the mercedes image but this is a faster car like what 9,000 pounds cheaper it’s been decades since alfre mayer produced a

Sports saloon worthy of their name and then out of the blue the quadrifoglio comes along and it’s not just good it’s flipping brilliant buddhist thought you

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Mercedes AMG C63 vs. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Speed Test | Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear

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