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Altair Club Cars Mein NEUES Auto | AUDI R8 RWS | Abholung in Ingolstadt

Mein NEUES Auto | AUDI R8 RWS | Abholung in Ingolstadt

ENDLICH IST ES SOWEIT!! Ich hole meinen BRAND NEUEN AUDI R8 RWS direkt aus dem Audi Forum in Ingolstadt ab!

As you can see it in the video description already, today i will pickup my new audi r8 rws i can’t wait for wait, but i’m not as excited as expected i thought, once you get a new car you want to drive it for a longer distance so we’ll drive to italy. you cannot go faster than 130km/h anyway and you’ll have some nice weather. here, the weather is not so good i’m only waiting

For my honey and then we can leave we will drive to ingolstadt with this car and give it back there because we cannot take our own car when we continue the journey to italy in the new r8 the problem is that we do not come close to ingolstadt on our way back i’m really looking forward to the tour through italy because we will drive on some very nice roads where i will make

Some vlogs from this will be a very long distance and it will take us two days then we will drive to milano but i cannot tell you what i will do there, it’s still a secret you will see everything what we will do here and i make some vlogs of that we will go to bed as soon as possible, so the next day is not far away anymore i think the night will be sleepless when you know

You pick up such a car the next day especially with the black wheels it looks incredible also the black side-blades which are usually white on the rws the car was always presented with white side-blades the car opens automatically when i carry the key with me here you can see the projection lights from the door that means that these parts of the doors are in leather for

Example it’s a bit dark but i hope you can see it. the headliner is made of alcantara too which is very nice very important that you should not miss on this r8 rws is no i don’t have number one of 999, it is just one of 999 i have the satnav mmi+ which comes with this touchscreen where i can control several things with and… i have to try all functions, because i don’t

Know everything about the car yet something that i am concerned of is the available space in the car which is still at the hotel and i’m not sure if i can fit everything in here i doubt that it will all fit in so i might have to squeeze my luggage in i’m so happy, it is such a nice experience to pick up your own car here many cars are standing around and a lot of people

Collecting their cars now everyone like me has a smile on their faces and are happy to collect their new cars it is a nice experience to pick it up right from audi in ingolstadt of course it is nice to pick it up from the dealer, but this is even better you also get a voucher to have a guided tour through the factory, but we have no time for that today i don’t want to talk

To much, i will let them attach the number plates and then i’m ready to go! and of course i will start the engine for you but don’t complain about low revs, the car is still new and cold the true engine sound will come when the engine is warm and when the car has some kilometers on it you will get more of then sound within the next days! while i’m waiting here for my r8

With the number plates he wants to modify the car so that it will have up to 1000hp it has a nice spec too, especially the carbon fiber parts there will be different wheels, oh my r8 is coming as you can hear we will leave now and drive back to the hotel to grab the luggage and then we will see if all the luggage fits into the car the big one behind my seat and the small

One behind your seat finally we got all the luggage into the car and you can even move your seat back problem is that we have to do that every day, as we switch hotels every day let’s buy some water over there and then we drive on the autobahn i need to eat! i’m happier about the food than about the car i’m very surprised of the space capability of the car i haven’t put it

In dynamic mode. i should avoid that when the car is cold lake garda, rome, formula e, maybe cars & coffee brescia

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Mein NEUES Auto | AUDI R8 RWS | Abholung in Ingolstadt By Sophia Calate

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