meet the insane 2023 ferrari 296
Altair Club Cars Meet The INSANE 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB, A Plug-in Hybrid Ferrari

Meet The INSANE 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB, A Plug-in Hybrid Ferrari

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An insane supercar that is also good for the environment sounds impossible right well it’s actually possible the answer is a ferrari but not just any ferrari a ferrari that is a hybrid so do you guys have any guesses on which ferrari i am i’m talking about the 269 gtb in this video i’m going to tell you all that you need to know about this car and in the end you

Can decide for yourself whether this car is worth it or not welcome to above a million if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel then what are you waiting for do that with that in mind let’s get started the supposedly successful contribution of vehicle civilization is ferrari 296 gtb imagine on the spanish audubon you’re driving a ferrari 296 gtb a 1000

Horsepower phev sf90 that cost 417 890 euros of course you’re anticipating the remaining kilometers of country roads with curves of varying radii as they sneak up on you rough notion why when cruise control isn’t engaged does a mid-engine sports car automatically maintain the ideal distance from the vehicles in front maybe you drove too many mass-produced items

If that’s the case then how can you trust this one well the 296 gtb accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds from 200 kilometers an hour to a top speed of nearly 330 kilometers per hour in 7.1 seconds but it’s also obvious that it makes it possible for you to enjoy lengthier solo excursions the dual clutch transmission shifts into 8th gear

Fast and smoothly the v6 engine sound carpet is densely woven from durable fibers that remain soft at all times and the navigation system consistently functions within the bounds of a sports car yes ferrari can do something completely different which is fortunate it’s a great shame because the v6 twin turbo engine screams loudly deep and slightly metallically

As it flawlessly approaches the rpm limiter at 8 500 rpm v6 yes this ferrari really just has six cylinders and according to a reed it was the first one made because the fabled dyno didn’t have the ferrari emblem it has a complicated aerodynamics with a working back spoiler that still doesn’t allow takeoff with a carbon sight traditionally mounted firmly on the

Steering column not the steering wheel you can downshift five four three and then drive from a daring remaining speed on the uneven pavement while wearing the new michelin pilot cup sports two tires 296 gtb is given a secure hold with the r steering mix do you honestly believe that you think actually at least for the front axle it is always the case at least

The control electronics are fully operational while the car is in race mode naturally turning off everything only requires two steps a second manatino is present on the opposite side of the steering wheel however it is actually a touch sensitive surface hidden behind the left steering wheel spoke there you’ll discover hybrid performance and qualifying modes in

Addition to the electric modes which according to wltp has a range of up to 25 kilometers the fact that the mguk unit or motor generator unit dynamics developed to 315 nm and 150 kilowatts but only applies to purely electric operation mobilizes and otherwise intervenes in a supportive manner is one example of how easily you could write an article about them for

An automotive technical journal the ferrari can travel 25 kilometers on electric power alone additionally it is necessary to investigate each mode’s recycling approach to determine how much energy is returned to the 7.45 kilowatt hour battery and when consisting of 80 pouch cells do you need a shorter version in qualifying mode a few laps are all about maximizing

Power in performance mode it’s about striking a balance between endurance and maximum performance and in hybrid mode the battery typically has enough capacity to allow for quiet transportation with adam towns the question is how visible the 100 kilogram increase in weight over the f8 tributo really is sadly the combustion engine is 30 kilograms lighter thanks to the

Two cylinders what about break do you ever break yes in certain ways but with a dry weight of 1470 kilograms a break by wire system that applies brakes gradually and sticky tires that would only be apparent in direct comparison what about during a turn it works the same because aside from the never-ending performance the physics of driving seemed never to cease

Because the ferrari also contains the most crucial component quick thrust no matter the mode is chosen communication when the steering is dependable and clear with a pleasant feel in hand with a great amount of power that can be precisely divided into the proper sections with the right foot and the predictability of the vehicle’s response you can certainly drive

On the front axle but traction on the rear axle will be the first thing to go if you take on the 296 gdb mid pro however if you click the genuine manatino on the ct off to the right it will travel laterally under your control if esc is off on the other hand you have complete control when the adjustment choices are exhausted at the height of 1.9 meters the proper

Seat position still fits but it already scratches the steering wheel only the seat remains too small to accommodate lateral support the sound of a three liter turbo engine with a remarkable 120 degree cylinder bank angle delights you once more as you subsequently accelerate the 296 gtb through the proper curve of above the top in third gear engineers claim that

Compared to the v8 it helps reduce the center of gravity by 50 millimeters although the overall benefit is only 15 millimeters overall driving enjoyment is prioritized which is why the wheelbase was cut by five centimeters to improve agility around the vertical axis then what it won’t miss anything on the track of course the aceto fiorano kit which generates more

Downforce through an additional front spoiler passive dampers and titanium springs is 10 kilograms should ensure more precise body control and is included with the yellow 296 with a 250 lm memory silver lining this kit also saves 15 kilograms through the extensive use of carbon and lexan what about on rural roads though the bizarre show has vanished the solution

Can be found in far hinterlands curves with various radii and pavements with various qualities even when traveling at a legal pace ferrari always extends a spoonful of its boundless grip pot every steering angle is like a high five attached to every road surface what is going to happen and what is happening are never quite obvious additionally good suspension

Comfort is achieved albeit only marginally better than the f8 thanks to adaptive dampers and the less aggressive michelin pilot sport 4s tires the search is still ongoing by the way the manatino selection switch must be depressed in order to activate the mild dampening stage which is no longer hidden behind its own button here’s what strikes me the brakes don’t

Always react as they should with a full load everything functions as it should and driving slow results in very uniform pedal travel and deceleration only when attempting to corner from country road speeds with linear but determined pedal pressure does it feel completely proper in a split second nothing occurs you automatically apply more pressure and the brakes

Suddenly lock up although it doesn’t sound as dramatic as it is it still seems off in the end that doesn’t change the fact that you can play around with the 296 in a pretty infantile manner the ferrari’s 167 hp electric motor pairs with the 633 hp v6 twin turbo the compressor and turbine wheels on the charger are smaller than those in the v8 the compressor wheel

Is five percent smaller and the turbine wheel is 11 smaller but the working pressure is higher by 24 more and maximum speed rarely affects them 180 000 rpm there is no need to consider any driver assistance systems though as long as the curve stays on the curve now you’re perplexed by puzzling agility what about co2 emission the battery only makes the car heavier

The number of units does not depend on co2 emissions of course the boost and capability for quicker torque vectoring presents the electric motor with more dynamic potential our plug-in hybrids capable of enhancing sport cars well that at least gets it ready for potential political and regulatory incursions this technology has no negative effects on the driving

Experience for the 296 gtb because the immense power produced by the drive can be converted into lateral dynamics in a very natural way now it’s not the most perfect car but if i’m being honest then you know there’s nothing as a perfect car it has its flaws but they get overpowered by all the great things that the ferrari 296 gtb has now it’s up for you to decide

Whether this is a car that you would find intriguing or not this was all from my side we’ll catch you in the next one

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Meet The INSANE 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB, A Plug-in Hybrid Ferrari By Above A Million

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