meet the huge 510hp 2023 grand w
Altair Club Cars Meet the HUGE 510HP 2023 Grand Wagoneer L

Meet the HUGE 510HP 2023 Grand Wagoneer L

Finally meet the MASSIVE Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer L, two SUVs that add 7in to an already long wheelbase and an overall 12in longer than a “short” wheelbase. You now get 15.8 cubic feet (0.4474 cubic meters) more cargo space behind the third row of seats for a total of 44.2 cubic feet (1.252 cubic meters). Folding down the second and third rows offers 130.9 cubic feet (3.7067 cubic meters) of storage, and there’s enough space to fit a 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of plywood. This makes it as large as the Escalade ESV. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Hello everyone finally at the end of today’s show we got a chance to look at the all-new grand wagoneer l now one of the big things about this grinding wagoneer l is not only that it is 12 inches longer in general than the current groundwater is that it features an all new engine under the hood is the gme t6 and the 510 horsepower format and this is a turbo twin

Turbocharged inline six powertrain that is going to be replacing the hemi v8s and the reason they put it in the larger ground wagoneers is mainly due to fuel economy so it’s making more power than the hemi v8s um keeping out all the towing and everything but also increasing fuel economy probably by one or two mpg but that’s going to help them in their general

Numbers otherwise this is still a very high-end and luxurious vehicle as it is the grand wagoneer we also have the wagoner l right over there this one gets a lower horsepower output of the same engine and of course it looks a little bit different we also have a new kind of full and blacked out package for this on one as well you can see all that extra width is in

That rear end so you’re going to get even more cargo space behind that third row compared to the short rail base wagon which is right here or grand wagoneer and wagon which is right over there which is really nice um so again all that space is right here so let’s open up the rear boot so we can see how much more space there is i believe if i can figure out how to

Open this thing i think that locks and unlocks the vehicle there we go so we got the giant power rear hatch and look how much space is back here so this is where all that extra um wheel base is giving you all that space right here and of course the third row is right there and of course all these seats are power which is really nice we have a power second row and

A power third row which is really high-end so you just press these buttons and of course it’ll go up and down and then you can really see how much storage you’re really going to get so this is around on par with the wheelbase i believe of the escalade esv which is around like 127 inches i believe i might be wrong on that but i’ll let you know in the comments down

Below yeah so you have a lot of storage capacity in this vehicle and of course you can lift up all the rows i think they’re only going down yeah i think they only go down you have to lift them back up yourself unfortunately but still a lot of capability so let’s go hop up in front and show you guys how nice the wagon your interior is of course this is the grand

Wagoneer so you’re gonna get even more features so you can close the trunk right here press the button hard enough maybe there you go of course it will close up for you easily right there now just quickly check in the second round you can see how long this vehicle is really really beautiful detailed jeep is done here so you have your phone running boards over

Here the materials in the ground wagoneer are really second to none that they really are top class so you have leather literally everywhere this is leather real metals um real metal door handles leather going all the way down until you get to this even even down the lower door panels there like the soft touch material really nice macintosh um speaker grille is

Going throughout the door panel i love how it’s integrated into the door panel as well and this really nice kind of blue um light tan theme is a cool combination for this wagoneer and something i noticed in this vehicle is that even the carpeting is super super thick and stitched as well in the same contrast stitching as the seats are these seats are this really

Nice kind of stitched um quilted pattern a little bit in the center which is nice as well and everything’s kind of controlled in your grand wagoneer from this center on display in the center of the seats which is huge i don’t think it’s on right now unfortunately but this entire screen lights up this is where you can have seat controls you have even more controls

For your dual screens over here which run amazon fire tv so you can have literally anything you want on there which is awesome i believe you also have some charging outlets down here both usbc and regular usb which is great as well you can just get a little bit of a taste of how beautiful the inside of this cabin is um i love this brushed metal trim as this combo

Is really doing it for me i think this is going to give the navigator a run for its money actually hopping on into the front end of the grand wagoneer again opening these doors you have the same kind of treatment that you’re going on on the door panels and then hopping on into the interior so we can make this noise be quiet let’s hop in for you guys it is a huge

Vehicle and generally i do mean huge i have to reach over have a seat even to get onto that side of the vehicle this is a beautiful beautiful interior the quality is top-notch i know there’s been a few electrical issues but everything else in here has been incredible i think and you can tell it just by looking at all the materials on the dash we have this beautiful

Leather and it’s stitched on the leather as well over there again on the door panels like we saw on the rear this metal trim going all the way across and a lot of customization for your seats so you have massaging teeth cool teeth memory seats and all these different ways you can move them as well um incredible audio system as well for macintosh this was actually

A pretty um nice breakthrough for them in the industry as well and just the trim it here is just outstanding so you can see this nice brush this is real metal trim throughout the entire center console and it honestly and i’m going to be completely honest here this feels better built than the navigator not gonna lie here everything feels more solid everything feels

More sturdy um the technology is better there’s more gadgets i mean i feel like that stuff but just the general overall feel and build quality from all the touch points feel more premium than the navigator to me as well as more modern as well um this center console is also massive so not only do you get this little little um i can’t speak right now it’s a little

Like a tubby right here this whole thing opens as well so you have your fridge of course you have a fridge down here as well it’s really cold you can control it from this button right there which is awesome if you don’t want to get your items cold you can put them in this cup holder area as well and i believe this whole screen does pop up as well so you can have

Kind of like a little um storage area back there i haven’t seen that party trick already this is where you have your kind of main hub for controls over there so don’t worry about that stuff it’s all hidden back there and there is a wireless charging map back there so this screen is of course your um ac unit screen and up here is going to be your main infotainment

System screen now it’s on there we go so this is your massive screen and you also have the passenger display over there and notice how you can’t see it from this angle and that’s because you know for safety reasons the driver can’t see this this display because um passengers could watch movies on there which is really cool and access a lot of the other vehicle

Functions this vehicle is also incredibly quiet as well i know this window is open right now but even just with these windows closed i can hear my voice equine which is awesome a really big display up here just like the regular wagoneer i’m sorry regular grand wagoneer and wagoneer if you want the regular wagoners do get a smaller display on this i believe the

Other one this large one is optional for them i don’t believe they get this lower display and here you can just see all the different options from let me just tap on this it’s a very bright display um you can see your massage options for your front seats and rear seat options as well for climate controls you can turn the screen off as well if it’s bothering you

Of course like i said earlier you can just tap this and it’ll go away from you if you don’t want to see it anymore you do have to give these buttons a little bit of a force to get them in and everything in here it really has full attention to detail so even the gear selector it’s beautiful metal trim and it feels really sturdy and very i’m solid same goes with the

Start stop button it’s really beautifully kind of like displayed here and this is the kind of knurled metal finish with leather stitching around it incredible stuff jeep is doing here i really love the direction they’re going in and everything is helped by these massive um panoramic groups that even go all the way back to the rear as well so everyone’s gonna get

Some glass above them as well so no one’s going to feel cramped in here i just love being able to feel the metal the real metal trim it feels really premium to me in here um of course this is their own brand now wagner and ground wagoneer are kind of being marketed as its own brand within jeep it’s like jeep’s luxury brand so i really like how they’re doing that

You’re not gonna find a jeep badge anywhere here so you’re gonna see grand wagoneer you’re gonna see the series three trim on here this is the highest gym you can get the series two and three for the grandma generators i believe for the wagoners you can go series one two and three so there’s different stuff going on there um even the headliners and the um mirrors

Are wrapped in this micro suede material and it’s blue that matches the leather really beautiful stuff this whole beautiful grand wagoneer um kind of plinth over here is led illuminated and metal which is awesome and even this infotainment system is pretty quick and i like how they have kind of hot keys for your um seat controls for your heated steering wheel for

Your ac units i know a lot of people have been kind of getting complaining about this button control system has been a little confusing to like which one does what uh i guess it makes sense we go down for cold and hot for up but it’s a little bit strange at first other than that i think this is a really really impressive interior of course this is an expensive

Vehicle nonetheless oh here you go you can see the screen on back here now that it turned on really cool stuff awesome um but yeah this is a very expensive vehicle and now that we have this new engine under the hood i hope is going to be reliable to justify the rest of the impressive stuff that the grand wagoneer and the wagoner is offering um i don’t know if we

Can pop the hood right now as some people are taking pictures i don’t want to be rude but i do have a picture i took earlier and i’ll throw that on here if you guys can see it but yeah this is the new grand wagoneer l let me know if you guys what you guys think about it let me know in the comments down below and stay tuned for a lot more stuff coming from all car news

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