meet the 2021 xc40 recharge at v
Altair Club Cars Meet the 2021 XC40 Recharge at Volvo Villa

Meet the 2021 XC40 Recharge at Volvo Villa

XC40 Recharge is Volvo’s first pure electric compact SUV, built for city life. Bold and expressive design meets compact efficiency. Experience it today.

Hi everyone this is don flores from volvo villa and i’m here to talk to you a little bit about the new 2021 volvo xc40 recharge this is volvo’s first fully electric vehicle and it is now available at volvo villa let’s have a closer look volvo cars has launched one of the most ambitious plans in the auto industry to reduce its life cycle carbon footprint per car

By 40 between 2018 and 2025. this plan is the first tangible step towards volvo cars aimed to become climate neutral by 2040. some of the aesthetic differences that you’re going to find in the xc40 recharge is the front grille you’ll note that it is now completely covered as there is no need to feed cool air into an intercooler behind it since there is no longer

An engine another key notable difference here is the imprinted recharge on the blacked out roof also on the side you’re going to find the charging port for your xc40 the recharge has a large 78 kilowatt battery that is estimated to give you a range of over 400 kilometers it’s great for long distance travel and perfect for inner city driving and as the battery

Lays flat on the floor it gives the xc40 a low center of gravity which greatly improves its handling characteristics and evens out weight distribution when connected to a 150 kilowatt fast charging dc station the xc40 can recharge from eight zero to eighty percent in 40 minutes see what i did there yeah anyway when charging from home you can easily charge

Overnight for next day use you can also use your volvo on-call app for your android or apple smartphone to keep track of your battery status and charging so standard on the 2021 xc40 recharge is your 19 inch alloy rims but this particular vehicle has the 20-inch alloys equipped with it this being a fully electric vehicle there’s no longer an engine underneath

The hood but what is underneath the hood is additional 21 liters of storage space it’s got a nice cover to it so it keeps all your items inside nice and clean it also has a divider in there too so you can separate some of your items if you want a little bit more space you can you can take this out okay and right underneath that you’re going to find the tire

Inflator kit as well volvo being volvo and its engineers had to rethink about the front collision and how it would absorb some of the impact and have that safely disperse around the driver and passenger so what they did was add additional reinforcement and support beams inside underneath this compartment the xc40 has an estimated horsepower of 408 and 486

Pounds of feet of torque that will launch you from zero to 60 and 4.7 seconds for a little suv that is very very quick okay so that was a small glimpse into the 2021 volvo xc 40 recharge now it is available at volvo vela so book your appointment come see us take the car for a test drive and let’s take it from there you can always reach us at 905-886-8800 to

Book your appointment and i look forward to seeing you soon next time on volvo villa we take a deep dive into the volvo xc40 recharge android infotainment system this will be the first ev vehicle of any type that will come exclusively with this infotainment system that seamlessly integrates google maps google assistant and the google play store as well as a

Host of other android supported apps hey google start navigation all right where do you want to go you

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